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  1. geeser

    Dave, I have an extra package of Natural Hog Casings. I can sell you. They are new in the pkg never opened. I'll check but think I've used all my collagen casings. I now just use plastic tubes for breakfast sausage.


  2. geeser

    Re housing for friend.

    Saw a room for rent in Guadalajara Reporter DEC 15-21 classifieds. 2 room  Casaita for $6000 pesos. call Laura at 331-804-5654

    not a recommendation I only read the ad and know nothing else about it.


  3. geeser

    Where is Benno computer located  n ow?

  4. Maincoons, please post exactly how to delete duplicate messages. This is a much more common problem than before the update. I have and I can edit but do not find any delete. Thanks

    PS might make it a sticky topic

  5. Do you recall the current price fot the Taxi


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