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  1. Before they closed some months ago, Super Lake was carrying a wonderful loaf of sliced rye bread. Some days just light rye and sometimes a pumpernickel. When the store closed and reopened the bread is no longer available there. Where can I buy a nice sliced rye bread here?
  2. Gate service Francisco 331-227-7621 or Estaban at Puertas Y Sistemas Automaticos 766-4367
  3. An ATV mechanic works on small gasoline motors I believe. I guess I had the Riberas across from Pancho's in mind. Those little towns sort of run together for me. Just look for a shop that works on small engines like lawn mowers and ATVs. It the problem is the electric part of the generator you'll need someone who works on gen sets.
  4. Take it to the gas motor shop in San Antonio on the mountainside of Caraterra. It will have a dozen or so lawn mowers out front. There used to be one in Chapala across from the Soriana on lhe Lateral. I don't know if they are still there. Any lawn mower small engine can do what you are asking.
  5. A few years ago some gringos helped a group of village women east of Chapala start raising Tilapia. They were raising them in tanks to supplement the village families income. Did this endevor survive and does it continue. Anyone know where the Mexico raised Tilapia can be purchased. We checked the frozen filets and they were from China. There also used to be a frog farm near Chapala but they don't seem to have survived.
  6. Tobacco leaf mosaic virus https://www.growweedeasy.com/cannabis-plant-problems/tobacco-mosaic-virus-tmv
  7. We get ibe every year but only for a week or so.
  8. When I am not going to US or have any friends coming down, I just bite the bullet and pay more on Mercado Libre but get free shipping. Last week I bought Zinc and Selenium delivered in two days
  9. Holalola, having rescued many birds I can tell you that either it has broken bones and will not survive or it will be ok. Most likely it is now in shock. Put it in a box with cloth cover or other dark, quiet place and keep it out of drafts. It will either be ok in a few hours or dead. That is standard shock treatment for wild birds.
  10. The sirens are going west past Panteon toward San Juan Cosola
  11. San Antonio Texas reported 192 new cases of covid19 virus on Thursday. The Bexar County health chief says San Antonio is entering second wave of Covid19 virus. https://www.lmtonline.com/news/local/article/Two-new-deaths-reported-San-Antonio-chief-health-15334368.php
  12. Mostly, are you talking about Mexico's hotels will be open on July 1st
  13. Our domestic help at lakeside earn more than teachers and police so the slave wages is just not the case. The actually earn higher wages than 90% of Mexico. If I had to pay the US wage equivalent I simply wouldn't have any help. They won't thank you for causing the jobs to disappear. Actually I would just cut the hours back to what I could afford as would many folks I know. This area thrives because of the cost of living for foreigners. Most home owners simply use the inflation number as a percentage. A raise should be for better work not just attendance. Most workers do not get a COLA in the US.
  14. The problem is that CNA bills a frac for water pumped. The meters on the wells also add the volume when it is just air (which there always it). The residents think they should pay only for the metered water they recieve, The total of all the water metered to each house will be less than the CNA total from reading the well meter. The difference is delivery system (lines) loss and the air measured as water at the well head. There is an air exclusion device that can be added to the well but your managers have to know to have it added. There are always some taking water without it going through the meter. You also have remosos that don't pay the frac for the water but the frac has to pay the CNA bill anyway.
  15. About 10 years of so back one of the Condo's was monitoring their well levels. They were reporting that their well water level had dropped 90' over a few years. Those of you in condos or fracs, go to your annual meeting and ask about water levels, most monitor the levels. The Rancho de Oro well had to be shut down 7-8 years ago and pump pulled out and drilled deeper. They have to use a smaller bit and smaller casings to get it down through the current casing.
  16. I agree with you. HAving made several hundred pounds of CB Brisket over the 25 years before coming down here and 3 corned briskets since landing here. I have never had one go bad. Just follow the formula/recipe.The main problem here is the quality of beef you start with and the fact that a butcher will trim it way too close if you are not watching his work.
  17. This great article does not address risk for arson or rioting, wonder where that falls. thanks for posting
  18. If you have driven to/from Texas since the Covid Virus pandemic started, how did it go. Was crossing the same? Were Hotels at San Pedro or Monterrey open?
  19. Don't forget that the water pressure being off for most of the time because of too many leaks. in the system. When a line is pressurized and leaks and the the pressure is removed it syphons in the nasty water it has leaked into the soil, often in proximity to the black water pipe. First world countries keep the lines pressurized to insure the sanitized water stays that way.
  20. In the USA Autozone will loan one or bring it to the car and activate them
  21. I use a US Citi card for Telmex and ATT but can not with CFE, Maybe some day.
  22. Register online and you can pay online with US/CAN credit card quite easily https://mitelmex.telmex.com/web/hogar/login
  23. Lots of pyros here. The lack of enforcement vis a vi the set fires shows lack environmental priority
  24. Thank you all for your good useful answers. I go again tomorrow.
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