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  1. At least 2 times over the last 20 years it nearly covered the west end solid down to the fish restaurants at la Barrenda SJC. The action that fixed it for years was an airboat that hand sprayed 2-4-D just on to the Lirio. The applicator has to be trained licensed and has a certification. There were no problems with the fish or birds or any of the forecast scenarios of doom, except for the Lirio. They tried for years to pull it on to the bank and load into trucks. The land owner finally said no more. These manual efforts never made any visible difference. So it comes down to work on the problem or fix it.
  2. Pappy were you hunting in the Eagle Cap Wilderness area? I took two elk out of there over the years.
  3. I miss safe good raw oysters from Bartaria Bay or Matagorda bay. I'd even take them on a po'boy. Also Fried soft shell crabs. As well the frozen biscuits from Costco or Sams that you keep in the freezer and take out just two at a time and bake ever week need it or not. They're flakey and good as home made. A country salt cured ham a couple of times a year would help too. I have tried to bring the biscuits down a couple of times but even with dry ice they thaw some, still edible but stick together and loose the shape.
  4. Don't start with that political stuff Tiny, you will get the topic shut down.
  5. In Mexico you can get one for $999mn here
  6. Natural gas is fed at a smaller pressure than propane, so to get the same heating value (usually measured in BTUs), a natural gas orifice has to be smaller than a propane one. article here I would try to get a plumber or appliance guy to install a new one.
  7. If is straight forward operation. If you have the nat gas orifices they will install them, if not they will go get some that match the size or will drill out yours to the nat gas spec. Appliance repair on Calle Colon 1 block up from the Caraterra will come out. Telephone 766-2256 Actually most any plumber could do it.
  8. Don't forget you have to run down the IMN agent to get an exit paper and fill it our and get it stamped. They are there at 03:30 mas or minus. Miramontes family business: Miramontes family 766-1142 Francisco 045-333-157-8060 Paco 045-331-303-4298 Luis 045-331-307-8289 Miguel 045-331-095-2185 Paulo 045-331-171-0639
  9. They could remove the bike lane there that doesn't care it's fair share of traffic and add a left turn lane. We know the taxis and police will never stop doing that left turn.
  10. You can buy a box of 10 for under $1200
  11. I think the more term for your "Cage" would be Lanai' Lanai (Architecture) A lanai or lānai is a type of roofed, open-sided veranda, patio or porch originating in Hawaii. Many homes, apartment buildings, hotels and restaurants in Hawaii are built with one or more lānais. I have thought someone could make a good living here at lakeside building the Lanais from aluminum extrusions and screen.
  12. Mine have come through Handi mail's Laredo address for 15 years and before that they came in fine through Mailboxes. Remember the card is not activated until you activate it on arrival.
  13. I have paid online for a couple of years for CFE and Telmex as well with a credit card and no problems. Most/all convenience stores and pharmacies charge some small commission for accepting and processing your payment. Walmart does not charge a commission. I get cash back on credit cards so I use them.
  14. To make Tequila one has to turn the eater and alcohol to steam which no bacteria can survive. If there is bactereia in the bottle it will create gas and blow the lid off or bust the bottle.
  15. If you want the phone to work all the time plug it into the modem and not the computer. Then it will work with the computer off.
  16. I got a US number from Magic Jack and it rings on my desk on line 2 just fine. Talk to Magic Jack
  17. That insurance requirement and physical inspections are exactly why most vehicles here from the USA are registered in South Dakota.
  18. Investor Kevin O'Leary has some insight into the CAD value and the causes. He may know more about it than the most of us. Good news is that he thinks it will strengthen. https://www.kitco.com/news/2019-07-18/Kevin-O-Leary-Canadians-Are-Screwed-Unless-Change-Happens.html
  19. Farmatodo.com.mx offers Metoprolol Tartrate 50 mg and 100mg for cheap in packs of 20 https://www.farmatodo.com.mx/buscar/Buscar/1/?q=Metoprolol
  20. My 1995 recliner is still in great shape after being upholstered by Oscar years ago in Chapala by Christina park 765-2366 other possibilities are: Armando near soccer field Chapala cell? 331-147-3136 Marcelo 045-331-343-5336 Miguel His cell is 331 305 7307 Carmen and Octavio Robles 766-0045. Cell is 33 3956 4852. Pinocchio uph. Arturo 331 768-2613
  21. I understand that but it isn't difficult to use your Mexican driver license in the US or Europe or South America. Of course when traveling you always have your passport as well.
  22. Thanks for that information. Sorry to hear they no longer do residential lots and homes. About !2 years ago when Stewart Title came to Mexico they sent a representative to speak to the Gringo community. Perhaps it was at LLoyds upstairs or LCS. Perhaps they just had too many problems with Mexico property rights to survive in that market.
  23. Carpenter Pablo Nunez on Calle Aldama 19, 2 blocks south of the Careterra on the right. tel 766-1339
  24. Make an appoint to meet and actually talk to Stewart Title Mexico instead of reading about title insurance. I assume you are near Guadalajara so here is their contact in Zapopan: Title insurance in the USA with clear property laws in just a numbers game like with any insurance. It is different in Mexico in that they actually research the title pedigree. Of course they will not accept all properties because of unclear title lineage, or cloud on the title. Were I shopping again I wouldn't touch a property the title company would not guarantee or insure. Mexico could clear up many of it's title problems by requiring properties to be registered in the municipal office with owner and contact information. Of course that would aid in collection of taxes. To allow an alleged owner to show up and claim a property, even though he/she, have never paid any taxes is just silly even though that is common here. In the USA there are many properties that you can not get title insurance on because of Title provenance and many or unknown owners. Stewart Title, tel 333-682-1989, Av Vallarta 6503 Cory tower, Zapopan Av. Vallarta 6503, Concentro, Corey Tower, 4th. Piso A Zapopan Jalisco , 45010 Mexico City Farm Business Phone: 3336821989
  25. May be time to go to Poncitlan or Zapopan to get a Jalisco license.
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