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  1. Telmex and or CFE don't own the underground tubes in our gated community. Each homeowner paid his own contractor to install them. Ask CFE or Telmex about a problem and they say their responsibility stops at the gate, and we should call our own contractor. Note where your meter is, ours are on the gate bodega.
  2. Most pool maintenance guys here don't really understand that water PH vs Cloro. If the total alkalinity is off too far no amount of chlorine will kill algae effectively. Start with a water sample to be tested. To be a stable pool TA should be between 80 and 110. This will keep your chlorine working and you should be able to get rid of algae stains. The acid will have to be added in very specific way. Salt water pools are even more picky about having the exact correct TA range.
  3. My wife says it was in the early half of the 80s. But it happened.
  4. "I have never lost any money or sleep over any Mexican banking activity." You should have been in a Mexican bank in 1994 when you could have USD accounts. The government forced all those accounts to convert one night to equivalent peso accounts then immediately devalued the peso massively.
  5. The tiles have a little taper so that the end of the lower course fits under/inside of the upper course as it has to overlap.
  6. You have Telmex there is also Telcel, AT&T, Wizz, Ilox. Thank goodness we are getting past this monopoly mess.
  7. Buy that auto insurance online from Lewis and Lewis Insurance
  8. People wind up with these old threads because they research topics before posting as they should.
  9. I was covered for a back surgery by Farm Bureau Blue Cross a dozen years ago. When Hospital San Javier said they would accept the US insurance they raised the price to US levels $41,000 USD. The hospital included the surgeon's cost. I didn't pay anything. But the truth is there would be no savings to Medicare. I was just thankful the insurance covered it.
  10. Home Services will look and quote you a price. They are at Handimail just east of SuperLake tel 765-2569
  11. Several years ago this Walmart practice of never making correct or previously not having any change forced me to start using a credit card. This is safer with the chipped card but MC and Visa in the USA need to implement the pin requirement as Maestro in South America does and CCs do in Europe.
  12. Not sure where that many people would find employment. From El Chante you can bus to a Guadalajara factory or pick berries. I don't see that happening from across the lake.
  13. There is a shop with a sign "Bomba" in Chapala as you enter past the Guadalajara Pharmacy they are on the mountain side. The have repaired my pool and fountain pumps satisfactorily.
  14. Does anyone know what is being built across the lake where the long dozer scars run up the mountain west of the Mazamitla turn off? It could be a huge mess when we get a really big rain storm.
  15. Yes, they provide US Notary service at their LCS visits. They are expensive compared to being in the US but it may be worth it.
  16. I have grown okra in seasons past and produced enough for the freezer for later use in gumbo, stewed and fried durning producing season. Trick is to plant it in late Feb as the it will be up and ready when the heat hits in March, April and May. After May the production is light and you may want to pull it up in favor of something else.
  17. I usually buy at Abastos at the Asian's vegie booth at mid rear of second building. There are all the way through on the outside. I haven't been there for a month or two but they usually have it this time of year.
  18. Choices here are Dish satellite TV, HD, Shaw TV, Streaming TV over internet, Direct TV satellite.
  19. Well that's not exactly right. You pay in advance for what you will use, but they don't deliver. So you buy trucks of water and pay again. "haven't lost anything" Well we lost the money for the last week we've been having to re-buy the water delivery from someone else.
  20. If you live in Rancho de Oro check your aljibe before using much water. Our normal Friday night delivery was only 1/4 of the Aljibe. Our Sunday delivery hasn't taken place as of Monday at 08:45. And to think we paid for the water we were to use this year. Shows you should never pay in advance in Mexico. Other friends have been without delivery for 12 days.
  21. I suppose it depends on where you live. Here in Rancho de Oro you have to have two ways to access internet if one is Telmex Infinitum. At 10:03 AM the Telmex infinitum is just now back up and the speed test shows 5.01Mbps download and0.27 upload. But right now the AT&T shows 10.21Mbps download and 11.03 Mbps upload. Telmex Infinitum is down quite a bit every morning. The AT&T cost is $349 mn per month and is down infrequently.
  22. When building a house 20+ years ago, I had an accountant who figured the amount owed. Some weeks I had 2 maestros and 6 peons other weeks I had 4 Maestros and 11 peons. The amount went up and down with the number if employees. Every other month was a larger payment as it included a bi-monthly item or two. I paid the accountant the funds and he brought me the bank receipt before I paid the next payment. Then when construction was completed and I went to municipal for a finiquito IMSS sent 2 guys out and they measured and decided I owed $2800 USD as IMSS payments. It is a fun learning experience to have workers here. Or at least a challenge.
  23. Expats life savings have been disappearing from Monex accounts. If you have an account at Monex better read this article. BOTTOM LINE - Financial fraud is exploding in Mexico, and American expats with accounts at Monex appear to be among the latest victims. Article here
  24. I lived in Houston for years but traffic has gotten so bad I don't spend time there any more. I do fly to San Antonio for health care and find it much easier to get around in. I think the Voalris fare is $120. San Antonio has most of it's medical in a tight little area easy to get to. For my GP I have been using Dr Juan Gonzalas who accepts my part B medicare from Tennessee Farm Bureau. amoss@centerforinternalmedicine.com 1-210-200-8798, 8265 Fredricksburg Rd, San Antonio TX 78229 I do tell the office I am flying in for my appointment so they don't change me around or re-appoint. He has no problem giving you any notes or test he runs before you leave as is the custom here. I do take my labs from here and radiology reports to him.
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