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  1. I need someone to install my firestick. I also have a VPN Thank you Cheryl
  2. Has anyone seen a re-broad caster that will wirelessly send a Shaw recejver to a second TV wirelessly as this will hopefully be temporary 3=4 months?
  3. Will I be able to use my US Amazon account user name and pass word to my Mexico address? Or must I register a new account here? i
  4. That is up to you the law has no stipulated requirenent to PTO days or such pay.
  5. A Notary is chartered by a state and only can noterize in the state though it will generally be accepted round the country
  6. Tom paying through this US Telmex site https://www.telmexusa.com/en is quite expensive. My bill is $20.04 and the charge for paying it is $2.00. That is 10% the credit card companies charge 2%-3%. Seems excessive. I used to use it but do not now that charge is so high.
  7. I wonder if they will accept my Texas handicap hanger. I know they are signatory to an agreement to accept and honor tags from US, Canada and othere countries, won't that include the handicap tag or hanger?
  8. Telmex fiber optic is great and fast both download and up. The phone quality is very clear and works except when we have power failure due to CFE incompetence. Of course, that's because the modem is off, where previously on 2-wire copper the phone usually stayed on during these frequent outages.
  9. On my farm we shot them. if you have a cow/calf operation they are a problem. Opossums cause/spread Leptospirosis which causes the cows to abort their unborn calves. The cattle pick up the disease by grazing on grass the opossums had peed on. It can cause permanent sterility in cows as well. In that type of farm operation once a cow fails to produce a calf for 2 seasons she was sold at auction. You can't afford to feed non-producers. Dogs also get Leptospirosis from contaminated water or eating from a carcass that a possum ate from and it causes kidney and liver failure in the dog.
  10. I have seen them in Thrift stores here at times.
  11. Traveling north to Laredo pr Eagle Pass the PASE works just fine once you understand that the TXpass over powers your PASE. I figured that out and covered the chip with a foil square on the outside of the window and leave it on to the border and replace it as I head home. Now I have a TXpass mounted on plastic sheet that I move from the console to the windshield when I cross the border. You are correct, it requires a Mexican credit card to recharge online or pay cash at the 7-11 or other stops.
  12. Main you are correct. But is isn't only Mexico that doesn't know for sure. That includes Brazil and central american countries as well as Syria, Iraq, Indonesia. Then there are the countries that won't tell the truth like China, N Korea, Turkey, Iran. Even Countries like the USA have widely variable criteria for calling a death a covid death. The USA recently included a motorcycle accident and shooting death. So who really knows?
  13. Mexico beats Britain for 3 highest death toll covid 19 According to an article in Reuters, Mexico has taken over the #3 slot for highest deaths due to Covid 19 https://news.trust.org/item/20200801001214-yr80u
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