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  1. I am looking to buy a small cargo trailer to purchase.
  2. Right Natasha, it is only available about 2 or 3 weekends a year. It is easy to miss the beginning
  3. The Burito Dahalia's restaurant just north of Ixtalacaun has the best capriotada, but only close to Easter. If you are there and happen to see that it is available in the pie case, try a piece. Then let us all know here on the board that it is available again.
  4. In Chapala, Sastreria Karla, on Del Velesco (between Degollado and Miguel Martinez) 13:00-19:00 tel 332-131-5521. Turn at Bus station on Miguel Martinez to Rt on Acapulco to Rt on Del Velasco. Brown door on left
  5. Has anyone had any luck in getting their covid vaccine certificate corrected. I have been trying since we were vaccinated in June. I have corrected our two certificates online and the response when I check back monthly is "working". Both brand of vaccine and the lot numbers are incorrect. Has anyone been successful in getting this corrected?
  6. Dr Lastra was a fine doctor and a great guy. He practically saved my life. I have heard that one of his daughters is doing her year "residency" with the Red Cross in Chapala and the other is in PV.
  7. I am seeking someone who will refinish a piece of furniture. It will be necessary to work with veneer to patch or cover the separated area. Has anyone heard of a worker in veneer and refinishing of wood furniture?
  8. Natasha, i just came down the Caraterra and saw the man with a canopy selling these paper mache birds at 1:00 today, Saturday. He is on the lake side of the road near the glorietta in La Foresta.
  9. Natasha, why don't you find a local artist to repaint the front of this McCaw? Then they could apply a sun resistant clear coat.
  10. Out west close to the Reserve it is 19.95. It is almost 21.95 in Ajijic
  11. Good post, thanks. Africa the US and Europe, have now downloaded Corona Cov3.0 I hope we are seeing the weakening of this vicious killer. I could gladly skip the updates.
  12. We save them as well. The spouse takes them to the Tuesday Market at La Huerta. Everyone leaves them on the ledge as they enter and the several folks with eggs take them away to fill them.
  13. BitCoin is up 58% YTD, but I don't have any.
  14. Yes Jaime at ViLuMa will replace one door panel or rebuild it. He has done several of mine over the years.
  15. I'm looking for Borax to treat the clay that just washed in with the flood. The new layer of clay is water impervious and cracking in the sun. Let me know where to find it if you've seen Borax.
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