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  1. The last Joe biden spoke about it he said he would not do a travel ban on China. Do those checks have to be hand carried?`
  2. Actually it has more to do with the number if citizens traveling internationally. No one cruises or travels more than nortenos. I am sure when it all settles down we will see the survival and infection rates.
  3. I have used www.efax.com with success. For free your cover sheet has an advertisement, for pay you get a clean cover sheet.
  4. Why do you need topes in order to slow down? Can't you just respect the limits of velocity?
  5. Many of the world's finest 5 star are or were partly owned by their governments. This is always superior to letting them go under due to a market turndown like we are seeing. Air Canada, Lufthansa, Emirates, JAL, KAL, Kawaiti, Quansa and many others have been "bailed out" or had investments by their government. Perhaps it's not fair that our carriers compete with government backed carriers. I do think that any investment in an airline should be accompanied by rules including fees and penalties and checked bags included. The FAA should make rules that require seats be 26" pitch and 20" wide at least as a safety measure. Are you sure you want to loose 621K union jobs? Other carriers partially owned by the governments here
  6. So the Spanish Flu didn't originate in Spain? The Ebola virus is named after the Ebola River. This is a long standing naming tradition and won't be changed by the politically correct.. Do you understand that Wuhan is in China?
  7. If anyone needs a turn by turn log for the Ajijic Libramiento to Columbia Solidarity Bridge please PM me with your email and I will send you my log that was updated in Feb 2020.
  8. If you need a turn by turn from Ajijic Libramiento to Columbia Solidarity bridge PM me with your email and I will send you mine from 2 months ago.
  9. Printer & Cartridge repair Ocampo 32a, 45920 Ajijic, Jal., Mexico +52 376 766 1788 Repaired a friend's HP deskjet that was not recognizing HP brand expensive new cartridges. As with my own Canon she couldn't fix it and sent it to Guadalajara and it was repaired and returned. Take someone else to circle block as parking is almost impossible on Ocampo
  10. The thing Customs might have been saying was that they always close at midnight and no one can cross between 24:00 & 08:00 any day
  11. If you are sure you have such a leak the ear is the best instrument. Th plumber can put an air compressor on the line and put a little more pressure on it that he water pressure. The pressure will fall as it goes out the leak. You go through each room and listed carefully. They located my gas leak by such a method withing a foot under the slab. Then the cure is to cut through the floor. Of course you may find it in the wall or outside as well. Good luck! Last good number was 331-361-6610 Also there is a plumber who has fixed pool leaks for people I know, who are happy with his work, Ivan Torres 331-149-3864
  12. Call a plumber as they are the experts. It won't cost much and get a receipt to give to the owner for reimbursement if it exceeds the maintenance you agreed to be responsible for.
  13. Hell yes I am serious! We are one of the best prepared countries for a pandemic. You must be reading comprehension challenged. NO WHERE did I say it was adequate, it is not, but we do have one of the best ventilator and ICU bed ratios in the world. No country has enough.
  14. This is an interesting article. I would point out that the USA is one of the very best prepared countries for this pandemic in the world. Death tolls are inevitable but the US will be one of the lowest per capita. The USA has 20+ ICU beds per 100K and 17.7 mechanical ventilators per 100K and was quicker to close som travel from high risk locations than others. The ICU ratio and Ventilator ratio is near the best in the world. I wonder what happened to the equipment like ventilators from the 248 hospitals closed by Affordable Care Act? The USA also has 8900 ventilators in ready reserve.
  15. Didn't many of these same posters say the closing of travel was wrong thing to do? Now it is universal and may help control the spread. Large numbers of Chinese illegal immigrant invaders come across the Mexico/USA border without being checked for anything, yet universally these posters are against hardening the border. I believe most countries in the world will firm up their borders and take back control of them.
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