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  1. Coons, I have the same passe you have, but the other one is available by telephone sent to your home 01-800-111-0088. The Passe is invaluable going north to Texas.
  2. You can order it on MercadoLibre and have it in a few days Fly Trap here https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-678851155-desechables-fly-trap-catcher-prctico-control-de-plagas-_JM?quantity=1
  3. I have bought plastic sheets of 1/4" and 3/8" at glass store in Ajijic on north side of the Carretera between Juarez and Colon
  4. I did take for a couple of years and the generic is just fine. I only take generics, many from India or Great Britain and they work just fine..
  5. I personally knew nortenos who lost property or money buying there. There is often a cloud on the title. I think it is beautiful and less crowded over there. I would want Title Insurance on any property there. Unlike the USA where title insurance is only a numbers game, here in Mexico Stewart Title actually does title research and if they declined to insure it, I wouldn't buy it . Stewart Title here
  6. Handi-mail will send out letters if you get them in on Menday before 11:00 for 20 pesos each. They will sell you US postage. You can not send checks or currency and must not seal it before they inspect that it is check free. Only departure is on Mondays. Seems to take normal mail time +3 days. So most US addresses will arrive the next monday or Tue if no holiday occurs that week.
  7. I guess I really don't know what the hell you are talking about?
  8. I am looking for a critical review of dental prophylaxis locally. If you know a good procedure, what office delivers a good product locally? I don't suppose I'll find a good hand scaling here, I don't even think it is taught here anymore.
  9. Corruption is just for nacionals. The laws are fairly strict for foreigners and generally enforced as they should for foreigners in the north. You can watch the police in Guad or here let 5 cars go through a red light but the foreigner will be the one caught. As for domestic's pay, they are quite savvy and can get a union man wearing a pistol to help them collect for a percentage. I have seen it happen. They don't have to be a "union" member to get this help. The best you could hope for is they complain to the municipality. Don't be a nastycheap foreigner! Don't make the hired help split their money they are entitled to with a thug.
  10. I have used one for the last 21 years. The only problem is when I bubble citrus and so not immediately juice them. The next morning they are dried out as the ozone has removed all the oils. Makes no physical difference with lettuce, greens, tomatos or other fruits or vegies. If you put a raw chicken in the bubble water you can see the fat boil off of it into the cold water. The items to be sterilized take only 5 to 10 minutes in the water. You can put this water in a spray bottle for berries. You have to be careful not to get the water on your colored clothes while it is bubbling as it will bleach many of them. All bottled water uses ozone to sterilize water and bottle.
  11. The best thing to disinfect with is an Ozone Generator. They have a 1/4" hose and an airstone. Put water in bucket or sink drop in the bubbler and put in your fruit or vegies. Not only does it kill 99.8% of bacteria and virus it also removes insecticides and other contaminants, They are fairly cheap at $600-1200 pesos and last for years. check out these.
  12. Why don't you give the details and price on the MH. Someone might be interested in buying it and could drive you with it to the border for the transfer
  13. Best to drive down the road off the Carretera at the pawnshop by Soriana. Take it to the end and turn right to the glorietta and look for parking or continue on the one way looking. This road in front of Parque Christina is C. Gonzolas Gallo and it continues down to the fish restaurants on the lake.
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