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  1. If you ever wanted a pool and will actually use it, this is the place. Cost to maintain a pool here is less than half of Florida. I pay less than $50 USD per month including chemicals in Ajijic. My pool is actually used daily from Mid March to mid November after that pool is too cold to use unless you are Canadian. I do run my pump more than just filtering in order to get needed solar into the pool, 4 to 5 hours a day to keep the pool at 87°. In December Jan and Feb I can clean and filter with only 3.5 hours a day. I do not have a two speed pump which would be nice and more economical. I have 8 solar pool panels that cost me about $158 per panel 4'x8' with 1000 btu per sqft. But the cold nights drop it to 80° right now. Either swimming or exercising is the best exercise you will get. After back surgery they recommended walking in pool 30 min a day as it was impossible to fall and injure oneself. I have kept it up for 10 years. sent PM
  2. Harry how many signatures do we have as of today?
  3. Do make an appointment with Dr Birch as he has to make another payment on this magic table. Anything you see him for, from sinus to sciatica the cure is inevitably several rides on the table. When you have a hammer; everything looks like a nail.
  4. That is a strange phobia since nearly all Mexican long haul buses carry a second driver in a compartment below forward of the luggage area.
  5. Yes they are elaborate, but the money would have been better spent on patching pot holes and removing topes.
  6. Parking will be difficult to find on the street. Just pull in at the front door and use valet parking.
  7. You will be issued another temporal at Mexico Customs. It will be good for 30 days to be registered at the INM. Also don't panic but they will also issue the TIP car paper for 30 days. Remember the car permit is valid as long as your immigration is legal and current. Register it soon as you get down here but it may well expire before thirty days is up, no problem. You won't have any problem with those items of personal property. I have tried to drive on down with my shiney newly issued Temporal but they caught me at beh border because I had to get new TIP. But it is OK. They will want about $435 deposit on your car to guaranteed return, cash or credit card. They have failed to return deposits in the past if overdue on return. Remember the car title must be in your name and be free of loan imcumberences. If you have a lone on the car you must have a permission from lien holder allowing it to leave the country.
  8. I received my bill this AM by email and this PM by post.
  9. The menaje is not necessary when driving down and entering as a tourist. Avoid the new boxes. They may want to look and if it looks reasonable they won't care. If you have more than $300 USD worth of goods they can charge you 16%. If over $1000 they can send you to get an importer to do the paper work. Lately they haven't been too picky. Are you entering through Nuevo Laredo? Good luck, avoid driving at night.
  10. It has been a while but we have used Edgar 331-068-6029 or 765-3559 Hidalgo 234A Riberas del Pilar. I don't know if he is still around. There is also a marble & granite shop in west Ajijic before the fish market. I tis on the south (lake) side lateral facing the Carretera. It used to belong to Rudy Rentreia and you can see marble and granite in the front. Granite doesn't much stain so you probably have marble or marmol which stains easily.
  11. They have stated that it will run into the homes that are ready (have polyducto to the location where the FO will terminate). Must be no short radius turns.
  12. The "Trained" in Spain work mainly on the sprained
  13. Basically you can make an appointment for tomorrow if you will drive or taxi to Guadalajara for the appointment.
  14. We have had an offer from Telmex to install the fiber optic internet to a group of houses. The install will have to be paid up front and is expensive. After 20+ years I just don't trust Telmex to deliver the "up to" 30,000 mbs they promise. I think their ads should include an "at least" figure. Does anyone have this Fiber Optic from Telmex and what is your speed experience and outage history? Also do they throttle your speed after a couple of weeks of streaming?
  15. If you are looking for a less expensive wall consider Panel Wall with concrete foundation and brick post with rebar post. I have some close to me that I watched being built 21 years ago. The are stucco finished and the bricks left natural. They look fine and were much less expensive than my brick walls. The look the same after 20 years. They will have to be kept painted every 4-5 years.
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