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  1. Traveling north to Laredo pr Eagle Pass the PASE works just fine once you understand that the TXpass over powers your PASE. I figured that out and covered the chip with a foil square on the outside of the window and leave it on to the border and replace it as I head home. Now I have a TXpass mounted on plastic sheet that I move from the console to the windshield when I cross the border. You are correct, it requires a Mexican credit card to recharge online or pay cash at the 7-11 or other stops.
  2. Main you are correct. But is isn't only Mexico that doesn't know for sure. That includes Brazil and central american countries as well as Syria, Iraq, Indonesia. Then there are the countries that won't tell the truth like China, N Korea, Turkey, Iran. Even Countries like the USA have widely variable criteria for calling a death a covid death. The USA recently included a motorcycle accident and shooting death. So who really knows?
  3. Mexico beats Britain for 3 highest death toll covid 19 According to an article in Reuters, Mexico has taken over the #3 slot for highest deaths due to Covid 19 https://news.trust.org/item/20200801001214-yr80u
  4. Inspections even in the states does not include the ease of starting. They deal only with safety equipment: brakes, lights, turn signals, wipers, seat belts.
  5. Over the years we have seen a half dozen trucks on their sides at the intersection. I always they were the ones who did not use the engine braking. The braks would fade so much fron the heat that they would not slow a loaded truck. I would suggest that the trucks are still braking on the flat in front of the hospital because their speed is still too high.
  6. Call pool guy Chuy Jesus Rodriguez 333-956-7323. He speaks english and is a good guy.
  7. I have bought them on the lake side of the caraterra in front of Guad Pharmacy and at the stand at east exit form Walmart.
  8. Costa Rica is quite expensive. Cost of living + rent Mexico is 20.91 Cost of living + rent Costa Rica is 35.31 cost of living index https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/rankings_by_country.jsp
  9. You are looking at the Telcel store, read the sign. The ATT store is on the right, not in your photo.
  10. No standing in front of Alex's Pasta it will be on your right hand
  11. There is an ATT store 2 doors toward the caraterra from Alex's Pasta Bar
  12. Using credit cards is no more risky than using cash or an ATM. If using cash you'll never get the correct change because employees are not trained to count the change, especially Walmart. Even using it for gasoline I get 4 or 5% rebate, down here that can easily be 20¢ a gallon In the states I will always drive a few miles to get fuel for 20¢ per gallon less money. I get a cell phone SMS alert every time there is a charge on the account. I also like the 2-3% rebate for using the card for other purchases. You do have to be cognizant to retrieve your card. Plus with the credit card I always get a better exchange rate than you'll get at an ATM. I had rather have the US bank on my side fighting a fraudulent charge on a credit charge than the Mexican bank who had given me $200's instead of $500s.
  13. It has always been available at the municipal offices. Last time I asked about a lot they wanted a reason that I needed the info and why I didn't sent an architect. I think the fellow wanted a tip. This has been several years ago and all records were on paper and quite incomplete. Many properties have no owner listed and have never paid taxes. The next time I needed info on a different property I sent an architect.
  14. Call a good GP like Dr. Juan Lastra Berriozabal 766-1740 or mobile 333-676-3515 and he will try to help you decide if you do have symptoms. If he recommends you come in he will instruct you as to a special time when there is no one else in waiting room. His office is at Constitution #75 in Ajijic close to corner with Aldama. Even in the USA if you suspect Covid 19, you call, they don't want you just walking into the waiting room. It is being successfully treated with drugs that are available here. It seems if you go to the hospital the chances of getting out alive decrease.
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