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  1. My typo, Charged 39.90 Bartlets were on sale for 31.90 I didn't find any other pears in town or at the tiangus.
  2. At Walmart today Anjou Pears are 39.90mn per K and Bartlett right next to them are 31.90mn/K. The Bartlets carry small tags saying "Bartlet". For me and the person behind me they charged our Bartlets as Anjou. No accident, as I had pointed out the Pera was Bartlett. Walmart produce is bad at mixing a bin of apples when they are dumped roughly onto the table. If you pick at random they will search through bag and find one they say is the higher price and the whole lot is billed at the higher rate. Whey you pay by cash they will not give you the proper change and when challenged they say they don't have the change. Why is it always rounded up and never rounded down when they don't have the change? When you mention to managers in the US what is going on at the Mexico stores they can't believe it.
  3. Well if you're one of the tens of thousands that has finally gotten a job, gotten a raise, gotten a future you can see, I can well understand how you think like that.
  4. Yes, he is certainly loved for what he has accomplished in at least 30 states, and probably many more.
  5. Go to the farmer's market on Tuesdays on the Carretera to the west near the Pantheon at 10:00 AM. Lots of talkative expats, coffee available. Also go the the Wednesday Tiangus runs off the caratera. It will be crowded with expats. There is also the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic to visit as well as a VFW in Chapala.
  6. In 1529 The folks in Vienna Austria refused entry or assistance to a couple of hundred Ottoman immigrants fleeing the mess they had made elsewhere in Hungary and what is today Turkey. The feelings of the Austrians was that these immigrants should have stayed where they were and enjoyed that mess instead of making one of Vienna.
  7. I received a promotion by email for Telmex Wireless Internet suggesting that you get speeds of 10mbps. Is anyone using this service for wireless Infinitum, if so what speeds are you seeing?
  8. If they wanted to do something for safety's sake they wouldn't have posted signs telling trucks not to brake with their engines by gearing down. Heavy trucks on steep hills have to use lower gears and allow their engines to slow them down. The gringos in the area complained about the noise of trucks using engines for braking. This stupidity led to the ban and higher speeds on down the hill. We should all remember that hill with trucks engine braking was there before any of those complainers bought their property. Brakes on any vehicle overheat on long down hill routes and stop working. That is why they use the engine braking. It's a lot like buying a house near the airport because they are cheaper then demanding they stop the planes from making noise.
  9. Concrete or brick columns and panel wall will be less expensive and last much longer. Wood is quite expensive here.
  10. The sheer stupidity of rebuilding/repairing the bike lane (ciclopista) in La Floresta is simply stunning. The bike land carries 1/2000 of the people that the regular lanes carry. Why wasn't the money spent repairing pot holes. Why wasn't it spent to bring the most good to the most people?
  11. Hey, I got that email too. I didn't know that was your address Computer guy.
  12. Also several for sale on MercadoLibre here Although I have found none of them as accurate as using a sling psychrometer
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