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  1. Lots of pyros here. The lack of enforcement vis a vi the set fires shows lack environmental priority
  2. Thank you all for your good useful answers. I go again tomorrow.
  3. Yes that is perhaps the name of it. Yellow building on south side of Careterrera.
  4. I mean the on eht careterra out west Ajijic by the cementerio and La Huerta
  5. Went by Smokys yesterday looking for take-away brisket. No luck closed up tight. Know any other smokers and days available for pickup on Brisket
  6. I have taken meds from Farmica Similars chain for many years without any problem. There are many drugs they do not have. They only have generics. Their cost is lower. They have many stores across Mexico. Often stores a block apart will have different stock items, perhaps the stores are franchses and order what they want. Farmicia Christina is a sole enterprise as opposed to a chain. Remember we were told for years not to order foreign manufactured drugs. Turns out China makes most of the active ingredients anyway even for name brand pharmaceuticals.
  7. Eric does that mean you have this ifibra and it is down frequently?
  8. They were there and motioned several people approaching the door over to spray thier hands. Sorry you were't there.
  9. The young man manned the spray bottle and did the basket handles when I asked him.
  10. The only accurate way to count Covid19 fatalities since they are being so miss allocated will be when it is all over. Then you look at the death toll last couple of years and average. Then subtract these previous death numbers from the total 2010 death toll and you can figure the increase is the actual Covid19 total. The government is paying a physician to label a death as CVD. Then look at how many covid 19 deaths per capita around the world. This will give you a real answer without the politics. I certainly think it has been too many deaths.
  11. Fake News. I shopped at opening yesterday and I am 75. The need the mature folks to. When they spray sanitizer on your hands make sure they spray basket handles as well. Though it might be interesting to be carded again,
  12. I have bought some locally from Carol Curtis from Jocotepc Operation Feed she delivered them. 2onadventure@gmail.com Also the tepuaha thrift store
  13. Trraivs, why don't you count the Bike Path users and count those driving or riding in cars in the regular lane, any day, for any set period of time and give everyone a true sense of the value of the bike path. I hope it carries the same or even more people that the lane of traffic. Then maybe we can get oldies to toss those walkers and canes and buy a bike.
  14. The body bags were shipped by King county Wa. In what they said was a mistake. The funding for Federal Indian Health Board for the covid pandemic was passed by the House of Reps but stalled for more than a month in some legal dispute. The Federal Gov started distributing Billions of dollars Tuesday to Native American Tribal government. Read more
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