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  1. When building a house 20+ years ago, I had an accountant who figured the amount owed. Some weeks I had 2 maestros and 6 peons other weeks I had 4 Maestros and 11 peons. The amount went up and down with the number if employees. Every other month was a larger payment as it included a bi-monthly item or two. I paid the accountant the funds and he brought me the bank receipt before I paid the next payment. Then when construction was completed and I went to municipal for a finiquito IMSS sent 2 guys out and they measured and decided I owed $2800 USD as IMSS payments. It is a fun learning experience to have workers here. Or at least a challenge.
  2. Expats life savings have been disappearing from Monex accounts. If you have an account at Monex better read this article. BOTTOM LINE - Financial fraud is exploding in Mexico, and American expats with accounts at Monex appear to be among the latest victims. Article here
  3. I lived in Houston for years but traffic has gotten so bad I don't spend time there any more. I do fly to San Antonio for health care and find it much easier to get around in. I think the Voalris fare is $120. San Antonio has most of it's medical in a tight little area easy to get to. For my GP I have been using Dr Juan Gonzalas who accepts my part B medicare from Tennessee Farm Bureau. amoss@centerforinternalmedicine.com 1-210-200-8798, 8265 Fredricksburg Rd, San Antonio TX 78229 I do tell the office I am flying in for my appointment so they don't change me around or re-appoint. He has no problem giving you any notes or test he runs before you leave as is the custom here. I do take my labs from here and radiology reports to him.
  4. For express kidnappers however much you can get out of the machine is what the want. Kidnappers have held women for weeks forcing them to make the maximum withdrawal each day.
  5. It the banks and credit card companies really wanted to fight fraud this isn't the best way to do it. If you have foreign bank accounts you know they use an app or a small code generator. Why not send out one of those and require that generated number as a signature. It would even work on online purchases to make sure it is the card holder. Most of the world uses chip cards requiring a pin. This algorithm based generator would give you a new pin with each use. If your law makers wanted to fight express kidnappings they would require banks to let you set up a HELP code to put in the ATM that would alert authorities and send the ATM photos to the police. If you are being forced to withdraw money under duress you could enter the HELP code first, then the actual code if forced to try it again. You should be able to set up online what balance (maybe $10) is shown when you enter the HELP code.
  6. Congress has approved a new labor law requiring that IMSS and other benefits be paid to cleaners, cooks, live-in maids, babysitters and gardeners. Will we have to pay to the employee or have an account track and pay it? This will result in domestics being laid off or getting reduced hours all over Mexico but especially places like Lakeside where wages are significantly higher than other parts of Mexico story here
  7. Tiny the Tienda here has them tied up in 1 and 0,5 kilo plastic bag.
  8. I do think there will be some entertainment watching us oldies come out of the Tienda juggling a kilo of eggs without the bag. Most of us use the bags from the stores to put into small dust bins in the baths. The other day my spouse bought the lamond pastries from Panchos. They came in a kraft paper bag and sh laid them on the back seat. Latter I asked about a spot of oil on the upholstery and the seepage through the bag was all she could recall being possible. This is going to be a funny mess.
  9. The Rio Bravo-Donna International Bridge in TAMAULIPAS. in the Rio Grande Valley was abruptly closed on Sunday, May 12, after a contingent of migrants tried to break into US territory by force. This time of year the bridge is no place to spend hours. story here
  10. Rudolfo Perez rodolfoirodriguezperez@gmail.com • Work 387-763-0306 • Home 045-331-441-4581 • Mobile
  11. Right, that is a cistern not a septic tank. Those alternating open bricks are the holes that can get clogged, The bottom is also open on these cisterns.
  12. Flushing paper has little to do with the pipe size and more to do with the fact that it is a cistern and not a sewer or septic tank. The paper fibers tend to seal the lower half the tank where the openings are on the sides and bottom and eventually they liquid can't seep into the soil. Folks that flush paper in such a system just have to have them pumped out when they fill.
  13. When we worked horses they were were only watered twice a day morning and evening and infrequently at mid-day. A horse will need about 5-6 gallons two times a day. Yes, Mexicans and many others around the world do not treat animals as we would. But remember that a horse is a large investment for a young man and he will not deliberately dangerously jeopardize his investment. Many cultures live closer to their animals than we do and retain more working knowledge than many of us. Many an equine has had to be destroyed because of well intentioned intervention by people who know little more than their feelings. Use caution water if you want but NO feed or greens. The short rope is to teach a horse to stand and keep it's nose off the ground. We do not always like the local training methods but we admire the results. The locals wind up with well broke, traffic safe horses.
  14. The damp veggies at Walmart and Soriana will not stay in a paper bag. I bought heirloom tomatoes at the Tuesday market and forgot to take my reused Walmart bag so he bagged them in paper. I made it 6 steps before the bottom gave out and a kilo of very expensive, beautiful tomatoes hit the floor. In Guad the famous fish taco Felix Pescado restaurant uses thin plastic bags over rigid reused plastic plates and your food is actually on the outside of the plastic pag which they throw away so they do not wash any dishes. This probably evolved because they started as a food cart. I have NO single use bags from any store as I reuse all of them. You are supposed to carry a bag when walking your dog how many paper bags will it take and how many will you have to pickup the same mess along with the busted wet paper bag. This stupidity will force the poor who, reuse every bag they get for trash or TP and can't afford to buy bags to have to purchase them or just throw all the trash on the corner. We already have dogs and possums that remove the trash from plastic bags (many of them single use) on the corner, that look is what we'll be left with with no plastic bags. Studies have found 80%+ of the plastic in the oceans originates in Asia. How are we going to make China stop this madness when we can't even persuade them to stop stealing technology. Jalisco's law will not make things better and will cost those least able to pay. This ban is the sort of thing you pass if you don't have the huevos to enforce litter laws. If you want to reply that the people responsible can't afford to pay fines then you sentence them to picking up trash along the roads.
  15. Instead of spending $260+ for a Berkey filter why not build your own and save $200 less. You can order the parts and pick up 2 use restaurant supply 5 gallon buckets for free. Here is everything you need except the buckets for $30
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