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  1. I don't know about reset on the ilox modem, didn't do anything to mine. My NordVPN works just fine with ilox, connecting to US, no speed loss still 65mbps down 12 up. I'm using the PC desktop app from Nord, Supports recommendation, their Chrome extension is flaky and drops out randomly. ymmv
  2. I've got my Ilox installed and after a week of under performance I made support request. The next non-holiday work day, a three man tech support team arrived at 9:30am to diagnosis the issue. In less than an hour I had my 65-70mb Down and a 15+mb up Ethernet. 40mb Wifi down, 15+ mb up. All with Speedtest.net over Triana (telmex). Ajijic Centro Awesome support from Ilox. Ymmv
  3. Speeds posted are all without VPN, unless stated otherwise. This morning 9am, 5mbps Down 15.19mbps up, no VPN.
  4. As stated I'm getting 4-5mb down 12-15 up, so I'm pluggng in the Telmex router mostly until iLox gets it together to consistently deliver the advertised speed. I was a early adopter and I'm in Ajijic Centro, so after half a dozen installation calls/confirmation and no shows, the cable and modem showed up.
  5. As this OP is a bit dated, I don't know if anyone's looking at this anymore, BUT I'm in need of a driver making a "run" to the border for whatever, and interested in bring some herbal supplements back. This could be a monthly gig as I can't get the vendor to Ship to Mexico yet, or a least until my order increases to a four figure demand. PM me if there a "Transporter" out there.
  6. I've had the service for a week, and so far Telmex has better Download speed, at least according to Speedtest.net. So what I'm experiencing with iLox, and yes I have talked with the Office staff at El Torito, is maybe 5mb Down and 12-15 Up. But, and here's the weird part, when I toggle on my NordVpn to Mexico @ Queretaro, the ilox blasts to 65mb Down and 14+Up, go figure. Anyway, yes the modem is basic and wiring is a thin optical fiber filament, but I'm porting/cascading CAT6 out to my Asus router for the entire house + extenders. Still got the Telmex as a backup, since it's good for 8-10mb Down in Centro. At this point I'm not going to attempt a Dual WAN set up unless iLox doesn't get the server fixed, I need that 60+mb Down for 1080p streaming and I don't want to even fantasize about 4K yet. LOL
  7. Yes, with Data Roaming ON the Telcel 199 plan uses it's Data and Calls no problema US and Canada.
  8. I found the most effective relief from Sciatica pain was an Inversion Table. Used in combination with the usual regime of stretches, worked for me to where I now just routinely do the stretches. Haven't seen a table here in Mx but they're probably out there in some garages.
  9. Check out No-Ip.com. They can broadcast any change in your IP to your VPN provider.
  10. The Telcel 199 plan with unlimited text and talk works fine, BUT you must dial 001 + Area code + number in the US to connect. Check with Anne Maria @ Telcel on Juan Alvarez about calling US cells in the US there might be another prefix. The Data side works fine as long as you've got Roaming On and don't go too crazy. I used Google Maps all over the NE and Canada for navigation, no problem and no extra charges. ymmv
  11. Wow, Actinver takes your checks but doesn't make the pesos available for 6 weeks? FWIW, I opened an account with CI Banco, deposited my Schwab USD check, which they showed in my account same day but was not accessible for 10 biz days. All subsequent deposits made, have the pesos available in 48 hrs. on the Debit Card with any ATM, regardless of my acct. balance. Good interest rates on savings, better than US, and full online access, SIPA transfers, ie Bill Pay. IMO it's the best local MX bank around. ymmv
  12. I've been happy with CI Banco. Deposit US checks for reasonable exchange rates and after initial setup period, 2 weeks, deposited funds are available in 48 hrs. YMMV
  13. I've had friends use iShop in San Antonio Tlay..
  14. I've been with Schwab for 10 years, and for the past 3 yrs full-timer in MX . They do everything they say they will, all ATM fees refunded monthly. I do maintain investment accounts and their Investor Checking. I can deposit my USD checks into my CI Banco bank, no problema, in 48 hrs, pesos are credited. But I use the ATMs at Banamex, Banorte also, no problems. Schwab knows I'm in at Lakeside 11 months/year, tho I do have a US address but no documents ever go there, everything comes in my email inboxes. All the features you'd ever want, Intl Wire Transfers, Bill Pay, etc... IMO, they're the best.
  15. I know this is a bit last minute, I'd like get a housesitter for the month of May. Watering the garden and plants will be required, as well as feeding and maintenance of my cat. Note, there are stairs, 30 steps, 1st floor to Mirador. Ajijic Centro. PM me if available.
  16. I'm very happy with Ironsocket - good DNS services plus OpenVPN apps. Netflix works fine as does Pandora
  17. I'd recommend you bring both. A good router is a treasured asset in MX, and a Roku is an excellent streamer.
  18. FWIW, Just to be clear with Kodi, Kodi is a media center application, like Plex, Windows Media Center, so you can watch your videos, photos, etc.. The grey area is what non-personal content YOU choose to watch. This is IPTV, so the sources, website URLs, of the content "may be" violating someone's copy rights of the content, ie. Movies, TV shows, etc.. Kinda like those DVDs sold in the parking lot of Superlake. The application KODI can be downloaded to almost any internet connected device, smartphones, tablets, PCs, Roku, AppleTV(?), and Fire sticks, it's an APP. Kodi can be configured to Cast to TV via Google Home aka ChromeCast, or other casting apps.
  19. One technique that can/could work is to Cascade or Tier a personal router behind IP providers router. (see Senior Google) For example, with a Telmex router, as the primary router, has an IP If you add your own personal router, Linksys, Asus, Dlink, where you can set it's IP to, then connect one of the primary router's LAN port to the WAN port of the Second router with ethernet cable. Now you can run a VPN on the second router, most have it built in, and your computer and network won't have a MX IP. I find this technique works since these newer Telmex routers don't allow configuring DNS and other settings easily. YMMV
  20. Your best bet is to use a VPN associated with a US location. A Telmex IP with 8-10 mbps band width should be adequate to stream most movies from Amazon Prime without buffering. ymmv
  21. If your mailbox share is still available, please email me the costs and other info. I've received no response from you, email only please.

  22. I'd be interested in a long term mailbox. I don't have much mail coming in, so very light use.  Email me gfresh13@gmail.com


  23. Call Luzma Grande, 333 452 1670, she's a concierge and facilitates many services.
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