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  1. My husband suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has for years. He has had both his feet reconstructed, both his hands are badly deformed. We lived in Ajijic for 6 years, but unfortunately he had absolutely no relief from pain whatsoever. No difference for him between Canadian winters and the beautiful Mexican weather we had in Ajijic.
  2. We also adopted a senior dog Petunia from The Ranch she was 10 when we adopted her, she had also spent all her life at The Ranch. We took her home, she settled in right away as if she had been with us all her life. We had her for 4 years, 4 very special years. She was the most amazing dog we ever owned. Keep up the good work you wonderful people at The Ranch.
  3. This happened to me at HSBC bank. I took a translator with me to the bank, they told me they could do nothing and to contact my bank , which I did. It took two weeks for them to refund the money back into my account.
  4. I had the PRP injections done in my left knee in Guadalajara a year ago. The doctor draws blood, then separates the plasma from the blood and injects the plasma into the knee. The doctor told me it would last 9-12 months which it did, actually 12 months. The cost was 2500 pesos for 2 injections. I should have had three but had to return to Canada before I had the third. The doctor told me of the placenta injections they would be using in the future which were supposed to last a lifetime and no surgery would be necessary. If Dr. Justina does this procedure in Ajijic I would definitely give it a try. Good luck.
  5. Look into the cost of medical in Mexico, unfortunately we didn't do our homework very well and had to return to Canada after 6 years because of medical expenses for my husband. I miss Ajijic so much and all the wonderful people we met down there, this first winter back in Canada has been a big adjustment but medical coverage has been worth it.
  6. We would hear birds (we thought) late at night, until we went out one night with a flashlight and found a frog that was making all the noise. This happened once the rainy season started.
  7. I buy mine at Walmart they have a few flavours lemon is my favourite. They are made with Stevia.
  8. Yes, Hugo does speak some English.
  9. Alex drove us to the airport on Friday, he is still around. If I email him during the day, I normally have a reply from him on my computer first thing next morning.
  10. Alfonsos' Silver Star Jewellers, Morelos 13-B in Ajijic, he has the most amazing inventory of silver jewellery in his store.
  11. Also the armed guy who stands outside the C I Banco does a great job of advising people if there is a problem with the machine or if there is no money, also advises if the machine is being filled with money and approx. how long it will take.
  12. I used the machine early this morning, no problems at all. I think this machine is very popular because of the low rate of the transaction fee, also no parking problems. I have found they are the cheapest in town at a charge of 17.40 pesos.
  13. It is always great to know the outcome of animals looking for forever homes. Sometimes often wonder whatever happened to them, always good to know of a happy ending. Thanks for letting us know that this cute little guy has been adopted. Wishing happiness to new owners and a very handsome boy.
  14. They are back at El Ancla Restaurant and Bar, West Ajijic
  15. I had heard that it was a going to be a two storey mall.
  16. We used a dog stroller back in Canada a few years ago. It worked extremely well, just like a baby stroller. We could not buy one in Canada at that time that would take the weight of our Cocker Spaniel, had to order one from the States. The money was well spent. Good luck, I do hope you find something that will meet the needs of your precious Boxer.
  17. I second Oscar, they moved us a couple of years ago, and moved our friends last week. They do a great job at a very reasonable price.
  18. Two dogs lying on the lakeside of the carratera just west of where the Tuesday market is held. One a black lab and a little west of that a beige dog in the grass. No sign of being hit by a car both look as if they are sleeping. Have been there for two days, maybe poisoned?
  19. I bought mine at the hardware store in the block east of Superlake.
  20. I had heard (a while ago) that there was a two storey mall going to be built at Juarez and the Carretera with a lot of parking. I guess time will tell.
  21. ComputerGuy, he is no longer there, I think he has moved to where WideSky suggested near Tobolandia.
  22. Definitely Rosie, she does such great work.
  23. She is so gorgeous, I do hope you find her a good home soon. Thank you so much for taking her into your home and taking such good care of her, and helping her to become the beautiful girl that she is.
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