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  1. Would anyone happen to have Gustavos cell number?. I appreciate your help thanks
  2. My vote goes to Alfonsos.........the arrechera place across from the plastic store in the second building off Lazaro Cardenas. .It is barbecued and delicious.......... it is Mexican cuisine with excellent salsas.
  3. I am in need of a house sitter from June 5 to June 12 for my house and 4 large dogs in Upper Ajijic. This is short notice, but the sitter that I have used to 12 years cannot accomodate this request.
  4. I was just quoted $100.US per cubic meter for 1/2 inch piedras para camino. The man delivers in a half ton pick up which he says holds 2.5 cubic meters.......my measurement of his truck box was 1.6 cubic meters. I do therefore need another source for delivery in Ajijic..
  5. My experience at Walmart started when I exited Walmart to go to my car. One of the car washers was washing my car. I had not asked for anything, nor had I been asked. So I re-entered Walmart and asked for the Manager..........who came out and resolved the problem. I dont know what happened to the guy who was either an opportunist or got confused over which car he had permission to clean. Bottom line for me is not to argue with these guys, get someone of authority to deal with them.
  6. For sure a thumbs up to Chef Andrew. In case he cannot help, you might try Restaurant Alberelli in Ixtlauacan. For more information, check the post "New Restaruant in Ixtlahaucan", and better yet give them a try.
  7. Happy Ending The owner has been found and both are most appreciative. Thanks to everyone who helped.
  8. We are seeking 2 persons to share(four ways) a small mailbox at ishop, Ajijic. They provide mail/parcel service from Laredo and I am told that they are approved by Mexican authorities to import live plants. If interested please PM for further infomation
  9. A white, very friendly pitbull has been staying in the vicinty of Multivalores for 3 or 4 days. It enters business property in the área( and will not leave) and seems to be accustomed to living in a house. Business people wish to locate the owners and have them recover this nice dog. The animal shelters will not accept it as they are very full at this time. If some has lost this dog or knows of a family missing this dog, please PM me for more information.
  10. We have a ISHOP box with 2 subscribers and can accept one or two more subscribers, if there is an interest. PM me if you care to join.
  11. It takes about 40 minutes to get there...........but the drive is worth while, in my opinion. 3 of us ate the rib eyes tonight and they were excellent. Cooked exactly as we ordered and with a delicious rub. The side dish of salsa too was delicious. I am going back
  12. We tried the Ixtlahuacan Italian/Mexican restaurant today and found it to be excellent. We ate pasta with pesto/chicken and lasagna.. We also had tortilla soup. All excellent and more than reasonably priced. The place is called Alberelli and is located on the south side of Ixtlahuacan, Av. del Trabajo #165.Phone: 333 903 0338 To reach the restaurant from Chapala take the retouro for Ixtlahaucan and proceed south past the Pemex. Traveling in the lateral, in the second block turn right and you will see Alberelli┬┤s sign on the wall on your left. The sign is a
  13. My brother in Alberta said he just paid $42Cdn. for a single T-bone steak.........in a grocery store. Makes our restaurant meals here look very reasonable
  14. I forgot to mention that he had a collar with no identification on it. He also had a neck scarf around his neck. He had obviously been in some sort of fight as he had a wound on his rump.
  15. Has someone lost a large light colored dog, probably Great Dane. He was wandering the streets of upper Ajijic yesterday. He is very thin, a bit timid and apparently looking for his owner as he seemed to be looking in every door as he cruised by.
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