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  1. Thanks, I tried all that but I think I chose the country from a different page and not the Pay Bills one which didn't lead me to the CFE. At least now I can keep track of it until I can get back home. I just have to remember to check it between reading day around the 15th and autopayment date on the 28th every other month or the info will be gone.
  2. Thanks, that is all I need and I do have my account numbers. I signed up to Xoom and navigated through every part of the website but could find no way to get a CFE balance. Can you give the details on how to accomplish this please?
  3. I agree there must be a problem with some accounts in their system if some have no problems, some have partial problems, and some might have total problems like I do. I carefully followed every bit of advice given above: cleared cookies and cache, restarted laptop in Chrome, swtiched over to Edge, did the same on my Chromebook, downloaded the CFEAmigo app to my non-Apple phone, tried every link that worked for others listed above and was greeted each time with important: information not available at this moment, try again later. Anybody have any other workarounds?
  4. I've been trying to view my two bills since mid June and the site constantly says no information is available, try again later. I'm corralled on a tiny Caribbean island until at least Nov. as we are locked out for routine travel out of or into the island otherwise I might have come back but for now I feel safer right nere with no cases. My renters had to return to the US suddenly for health reasons so I'm hoping my housekeeper will find the paper bills thrown under the bodega door for me if they're still delivering them. The June ones did come but the renters couldn't find them in their rus
  5. I agree with Ferret, post info/queries on here first. (And I'm from Minnesota too!) Then if you have more personal questions to pose, you can PM the person who seems the most congenial or most likely to be sensitive to your more personal inquiries.
  6. I renewed at the Plaza las Torres location last year in June a nearly a month before expiration if that helps.
  7. I'd noticed the new look of the Bancomer website with the change to BBVA the past few weeks but everything still worked the same until this week when I could no longer sign in to my account with my laptop or cell phone. It told you to repeatedly change your password and then said that the details entered were wrong on both devices, so I went in yesterday. The bank manager told me she had been having an uptick in clients coming in with web problems. She said that only the logo had been changed on the website but I think they tinkered with some other details too. She said that "automatic 24
  8. For me that Laguna store had presented lots of problems even though I only had to go in there every two years to renew the $4188 plan plus help a friend renew his two year plan. Each time we had to come back another day as their system would be "down" and not allow any updating. I referred a second friend as well and guess what?...come back tomorrow and see if our system is back up! I had originally purchased my first two year plan from Alejandro in Chapala, the heavy set guy who eventually scammed folks out of their two year plans by paying it monthly a few months and then absconding with
  9. I have mild arthritis in my right hand from years of hand writing prescriptions and medical charts during the era preceding computer records and rare recurrence of left knee arthritis from an old injury. When I lived in Phoenix for 34 years it rarely bothered me except during the monsoon season a little but I used to make frequent trips to San Diego and by the third day there I felt miserable in all my involved joints plus others I wasn't aware of! Flying back in the plane in that dry environment made it all go away and it stayed away in the desert home climate. I've noticed the same thing
  10. Easy, he had asked someone for a referral to fix a broken Shaw box and they gave him José's number
  11. A new scam from this couple, I think. Yesterday my Shaw installer, José Anguiano from Chapala, was at my house upgrading my system and he had to drive to Guad to have my box repaired.On the way he received a call requesting a service call. The man then called back after a short while requesting he stop at Oxxo and put $100 on the man's phone. It seems that he was driving to town as well, a car stopped short in front of him and he rear-ended it. The little girl inside didn't have a seatbelt on, hit her head, blood was flowing, and they were now all at the hospital in Guad where she needed a
  12. I was at the ATM's at 8:40 this morning getting cash from my Schwab card to deposit back into my Bancomer account. There was a man huddled close to the middle ATM who never moved or completed any transaction while I was there, at least I heard no noise from his ATM. A woman was waiting along the window for him apparently as she didn't approach an ATM for use. The right hand ATM was out of money when I tried $7500 so I went to the left hand one around this man and tried $7000, which it gave me. I then went around him again to deposit the $7000 into my account using the depositing ATM on the ri
  13. When I renewed mine at their monthly visit to the Legion last year this month, the exchange rate had changed between when I got my check and the day they came. Fortunately it was in my favor, they accepted the check and when I picked up my new passport a month later, there was a little envelope with my cash change in it. I don't know what would happen if it went the other way however. They did not take my current passport because they said they realized we all could have an emergency trip come up. That I believe is new. When I got my new one, they did the punching of the old one on the sp
  14. When I said "Chapala" once late in the evening, the guy quoted me $420 automatically. I chuckled and replied "No toda la gente con piel blanca vive en Ajijic," and he laughed and corrected the price to $400. I've also used Uber which is usually about $235 initially and then afterwards a $32 extended trip charge was added on based on the time of the whole trip back to the airport. I had kind of a scary bumpy ride from an Uber driver in the dark once as he didn't seem to now where all the "baches" in the road were and swerved quickly through the tight turns entering the barricades where
  15. I think the CIBanco limit is $20,000 per transaction, at least I've gotten that amount out in the past when the exchange rate was over 20 as I have my daily Schwab limit set at $1000 US. Several friends have had their debit cards eaten by those HSBC machines in the bank across from Walmart. I've also used those occasionally in the past, I no longer do. They will not retrieve your card for you. At least Bancomer will do that for you for the highest fee Lakeside. Establishing a Schwab account before coming here or if afterwards, having a US address, bank account, and phone number to use in
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