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  1. My experience re place by temex---incompetent------------woman who works part time at LCS is very good------------there may be others i am not aware of.
  2. My experience using multiva bank is that occasionally an order goes thru, but most of the time the bank declines the payment. As a customer of mercado libre, can you recommend a local bank which is very reliable in processing this type of transaction---from your own personal experience------please name the bank-------i use a debit card.
  3. My experience using a debit card is that sometimes an order goes thru with no problem, but at other times orders are denied for unknown reason. Would a credit card be a better choice when ordering from Mercado Libre?
  4. Re Pancho------if enough people request organic produce and he sees that there is demand for it, im sure he would get it; otherwise, you can expect the usual commercial product. When he first opened his small store he gave out some fresh vegetables; when i looked at the label, i was surprised to see it was organic, and grown in mexico-------ive never seen that item again.
  5. Location is on the Libramiento---Centro Laguna, behind the sports store----------333 841 0553.
  6. Try Integrity Clinic by telmex----766 5154.
  7. An english speaking young couple sell it at the tues (organic) market---------enter the main entrance and immediately turn right and walk to the end; turn left and you will see them-----------thats all they sell.
  8. This vitamin shop used to be opposite superlake, and recently moved--------i have looked on Paseo de las brisas but can not find the store--------if you have been to the new location, please post the address and directions.
  9. Talk to Evelia Lara; she has a table at the tues farmers market at la huerta.
  10. Consider Tai Chi Chih---a simplified version of tai chi; explained on youtube.
  11. The Guad. Reporter classified section lists, each week, at least two chi gong classes.
  12. Where to buy gold?--------inquire at your local mexican bank.
  13. "UFOs are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head." Paul Hellyer, Canada Defence Minister 1963-67, in a Sept 05 speech, Univ of Toronto.
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