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  1. Why surprise, when his rate is $200-220/hr. Yes go for the 2 women because I'm sure Lupe doesn't need the agravation of another person who says he doesn't do it DEEP enough. He is booked more or less solid during snowbird season and that says more than a couple of disgruntled persons with no real legitimate complaint. his rate at his office is $160.
  2. Lupe actually told me he charges more for Ajijic because of the distance,especially if it's only once in a while or once per week. As to the bickering about the deep muscle massage all that is needed is to ask or tell Lupe what the problem is[which is actually of more import]. He is a thorough professional and can even read x-rays and MRI's well enough because of his extensive and ongoing training. He came to the same conclusion as a couple of Orthopedic surgeons on the problem with my L5 and Si and the effects on my soft tissue which he works on accordingly. I find it hard to believe that Lupe did not give PORTIMOM and her husband what they needed.
  3. Not so. I have used him for many years,3 times a week and he gives me a quantity discount here in Chapala not Ajijic which is further from his home. Perhaps your communication was not understood even though his English is good. He gives me any kind of massage I ask for or as a professional what he deems necessary for the problem at hand. Back to his price;his charge is still a lot less than what others charge to go to their business location.
  4. Lupe is a professional and even continues taking courses and courses in homeopathic. He gives you the type of massage you need not just a "lala". Why would anybody go somewhere when it's so nice and relaxing to get it in your own home? He was charging me $150p/hr and after a few years of that I now offered him $160 which he reluctantly accepted. He is less if you want to go to his office in Chapala.
  5. Lupe. He will come to your house. Cell: 333-959-8021. I have used him for several years.
  6. I know lots of mexicans and foreigners who have imported all kinds of motorcycles. Its worth a few extra dollars to keep a bike you know. A couple of friends of mine recently purchased Harleys in Texas. About a year ago a Mexican friend bought 2 relatively new Japanese crotch rockets at auction in California for the price of one in Guadalajara. I also know lots of bikers with foreign and out of state[Mexican] plates.
  7. Same experience here. Instant payment on 3rd party cheques as well. The only currency you can't get from them is Cuban,by the way.
  8. Terry's is 2 doors east of the immigration office in Chapala. Tom's consignment shop is on Morelos which is what it becomes after the light and is no longer Hidalgo, a couple of blocks before the American Legion;again in Chapala.
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