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  1. their Mexican style ribs are also great, and those killer Margaritas the best Lakeside
  2. My Telecable service has been on and off for almost a week now, in Ajijic Centro,, Anyone else having the same problem
  3. The Chapala plus bus does not go on the Libramente And the express bus does not stop past Black Coffee...
  4. The droppings make great fertilizer...
  5. We ate at this little Gem, Had one of the best salads, with greens,and blueberries and sliced grapes, Also the greatt spaghetti Bolonese with lots of meat and scrumptious sauce... Super friendly owners, with lotz of hugs Cant forget to go there
  6. hairysilver

    South Side

    Take a picnic basket as no restaurants just street food, eat on the lovely malecon
  7. I had the best eggs Benedict there Sunday, cooked perfectly, Cocinart is becoming my groups favorite dining spot, great food always, nice people and reasonable prices
  8. They are coming to my house to get Chicka ready for Christmas Tomorrow, PM mne I will give you more info if you need it
  9. She is at the corner of Galeanna and Guadalupe Victoria in Ajijic Centro
  10. I haave been their with my group, We had two different salmon dishes, they were fab, The owner is Arturo, who was Pedro and O chef for years, and his wife who owned Frida Azul, now they are together at last,am looking for great things, their weekly specials will be ethnic cooking as he was doing at Pedros
  11. A new restaurant has opened in back where Red piano was, Any one try it yet
  12. I gave my car that I hardly used to the Miramontes family, so another family member can drive us around, Francisco is taking me to Melaque next friday and picking up on Nov 30, I pay tolls and gas, but this family has been wondderful to me..
  13. I have no problema in Ajijic Centro
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