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  1. Definitely Daniel Jackson, He made my wedding rings with great design, in gold and platnum
  2. artsnob

    New Brew House

    We went tonight, our group was extremely satisfied with the beer and the food, It was great quality, the salmon outstanding with fresh vegetables, don't miss out on the lamb sliders,yummy...You now need reservation to get in, they were full and turning people away, and the noise level was not that bad...
  3. artsnob

    New Brew House

    We are going tonite with 8, the best time to get there is between 4 to 5, Even when it is totally full the noise is not that bad, we just drink more fabulous beer, and the food is great too..
  4. artsnob

    New Brew House

    We went last Friday, everything was superb served by great waiters without a hitch, Our group of 11 is going again this Friday...Love that beer...
  5. We agree..Yves´...One our favorites, consistantly good..and Burro friendly...
  6. We went there the other night, the music was sooo loud , we did no go in..
  7. I would like to have a Christmas party, before I go to my place in Mexico City I am leaving December 21, Will you be open the weekend before, If so I want to make reservation for six people at 6, Thanx Ken Gosh
  8. Is there any day you do not have entertainment, it is usually too loud for my group...
  9. Un less you are legal to work in Mexico, I will not be able to use you...
  10. I do not have a baby for you to sit with, but I would talk to you about a pet sit...
  11. I used them , they leaked and ruined my printer, had to buy new, so now buy cartriges at Costco..
  12. I take a couple sprigs of rosemary and put on table, no flies will come there
  13. All the paintings on his walls are for sale, and benefit his food program
  14. I have a Sony deluxe model, and it works any where in the world, I have the 399 pesos telcel account...
  15. El Gallo Gallery  30 Guadalupe Victoria Ajijic Centro, I am going this Thurs to my residence in Monterrey, will be back August 8th..I am here this Tues and Wed 11 to 4  331 417 8844

  16. Mona has done a lot of custumn cushions and pillows for me,if you come to my gallery I will show you, I have bought four of those bedspread also from her, superb quality, Not that pricey, considering having to spend money to go to Patzquaro...
  17. I buy all my art supplies from Lumen, in GDL, the one off Aquaducto near Andares mall is huge and has both student grade and professional supplies, I go there and never had to have them deliver...
  18. When I have my house sale, Julie Hensley is the only one I will use...
  19. I got refilled cartridges from him, They leaked and ruined my printer, so bought a new HP printer, at Costco, because they always have cartriges..
  20. I hope you live in the country, I think it is illegal to have them in towns Lakeside My neidhbors had some and they had to get rid of them or be fined, so we had a big chicken fry
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