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  1. I Went today also, It was great with lots of variety and tastes, We will definitly go back, yummy
  2. San Pedro Garza Garcia. High desert, no humidity and very cosmopolitan City
  3. dollar store on Ajijic plaza has many varieties
  4. I am interested in this tour, but want to know what charity it benefits
  5. That same man came to my gallery wanting change for a 500 pesonote so he could buy produce across the street, fortunately I told him I don't keep cash in gallery.....
  6. artsnob

    Wine bar?

    How much was pricey
  7. My cards were stolen yesterday with some money, by a worker painting my casa, he is nowhere to be found, I need someone to help me replace permanente card...
  8. I only have an old card and number no longer, Does anyone have new number and email address
  9. I take sprigs of rosemary and put on table when I am there, No flys...
  10. artsnob


    We go to joco to buy roses from vivero at edge of town near this restaurant, so we stopped in, I took them 30 minutes to bring our cocoa lights, and still did not take our food order, another half hour finally came to take order, the table next to us were leaving after waiting too long for food, so we asked waiter when our food would be coming, he said he would check and after another half hour we paid for cokes and left and also went to Viva Mexico for a fabulous late lunch with killer Margaritas, so Fridas will never see us again after our experience and the other bad reviews
  11. I used my Multiva card yesterday and B&A card today. both with chips, no problem
  12. What ever happened to Johanna?
  13. I am at my Casa in San Pedro Garza Garcia, will return July 4th to Ajijic, I would be willing to go to GDL with you next Thursday or Friday or next Sunday when there is less traffic... Let me know, also if you are in Ajijic,stop and meet the artista who paint with me Tuesday and Wednesday 11 to 3 PM me and I will give you info on Location
  14. There is no quality art supplies, Only in Ajijic or Lumen in GDL where I buy my supplies, better than anything local and worth the drive
  15. I bought some last week at Chedra market near Andares mall
  16. it is a couple miles from Clinica Ajijic so exactly where is it..
  17. i have had the yummy calzone from the Italo Hotel
  18. Yes I have tried Hotel Italo yummy calzone
  19. Amanda, I would like to meet you too, I would love for you to come and paint watercolor with my 18 students, as my guest, We are the No Stress School of Art, and have lots of fun, I talked to everyone, and they are interested in meeting You, I am going away tomorrow, will be back July 4th, PM me...Ken
  20. The dollar store on Ajijic Plaza has a lot of their product, they also have store in west Ajijic
  21. Yes They have a doggie menue, Chicka had a small waffle with bacon on top, and she let me have the supreme combo, with nutella, no more for me for awhile, not on my diet, I also love the décor, Cant wait to go back..
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