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  1. There is a plastic store on Hidalgo west of bank in Ajijic they have them in a barrel out front, more inside, they are sooo cheap buy more than one...
  2. M&J is open everyday but Sunday, they open at 12...Great Pizza... They also deliver...
  3. I would try it if it were alacarte
  4. they were out front of Multiva this morning gettin folks when they came out of ATM
  5. That is a strange combination of stuff to eat in one meal, and a little pricey, Maybe the wine is high quality..We will wait till reviews come in before we try it
  6. Also Costco has them in their furniture department, we bought one for our Mexico city place at Costco
  7. A local bank was going to be on two level of commercial space with a branch , but pulled out and went to a better location and is now open...
  8. We checked, all the tv stations are in Spanish, so we decided not to do it, I am happy with Ilox
  9. artsnob

    Mexa Bistro

    The all time worst seafood restaurant in Mex, is Red Lobster, In My neighborhood in Mex City it was so bad even the mexicans did not go, it is now a Pizza Hut
  10. artsnob

    Mexa Bistro

    Bruno's is still good as always, I have never had a bad meal there...And I have been going there for 30 years...
  11. In my neighborhood in Mex City we do not have trucks with Loud speakers or gas trucks, of parties that blare music, If you here it in front of house, on street it is too loud an patrolmen will make the turn it down, I wish it would be like that here, We doo have alot of street musicians, but they have to have a permit..
  12. Boy are we glad we got our second Pfizer shot at University in GDL, 45 minutes, and the first one took an hour, and we did not have to get out of car...
  13. Our gang of five got our second Pfizer shot today , at the University,, it took 45 minutes total time...
  14. You can only rent them minimum for a month, that is why I bought mine, and now have for emergencies..
  15. Today we went to Tlachamulco early this morning, from when we enter university grounds and leaving after 20 minute rest took 45 minutes...Wow thats over...
  16. I had friends who went today, they were not checking last names ,they had two cars with eight people and all were vaccinated and out in one half hour...they said there were very few people there to get shots...
  17. Boy am I glad I shop at Walmart on line and have home delivery the same day, so I do not have to experience that horror area
  18. My mailman delivered mine a week ago, I put it in My Intercam account, no Problem...
  19. I went there this morning at nine,usually open at 8:30, they were closed, Tuesday is their day off, does anyone know why, no sign on door
  20. Almost all Viveros have try the one just down street from Joannas German Restaurant in La Floresta
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