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  1. artsnob

    Deli 8

    Gee I have been there with Chicka my dog, They catered a party for me too, and Chicka was the hit of the party with the workers and guests
  2. Flora Exotica is open Sunday, and have lots of the kind of pot you want, I bought some there like that
  3. artsnob

    Deli 8

    where is this place
  4. I have one like yours, come to my gallery, I had my pot custom made from a picture, if it is what you want I will track down the artist who made it PM Me
  5. I could also use the service, I do most of my work, need someone to clean out invasive ground cover, and trim back bouganvilla and sweep up debris
  6. I go to Susannahs on Guadalupe Victoria and Galiana in Ajijic, I have curly hair, and she is the best I have ever had, I have been going to her for 6 years
  7. How about painting the yellow no parking on curbs around town the ones on my corner are hardly visible, people park there and the bases can not make the turn..
  8. Ajijic ... price optional for the right place
  9. I am looking for a friend, single lady with grand daughter, no pets or smoking, 2 bedroom furnished would be nice but not necessary, long term from May 2017
  10. I found it on Google..376 0764
  11. Does anyone have their phone number?
  12. Pick pocket heaven on those days too, a lot of the main stores are closed on those days as everything is out on the street
  13. Thursday and Sunday are the days you do not want to go, big market days...
  14. My Telecable went out last night, anyone else having the same problem
  15. Mine went from 450 for two month to 720 for two months
  16. Our group went last night, fantastic setting great location, we all can walk there, we had Pompano, which was superb with all the trimmings, David had Calamari last night also great, He will be serving traditional Spanish breakfasts in a clay pot, starting next Tuesday at 8 am
  17. I have been going there regularly for years sometimes twice a week,I have always great service and hot food,you must have hit an off night, Also I helped plant the garden in the nineties..
  18. What days are they closed, I forgot to ask
  19. If you sign up for the 199 plan do you get discount if you need to purchase new phone or do you pay regularprice
  20. We went to Charlottes yesterday before the rain, it is on the Libramente, We had the best Chamorro ever, and the pork Ribs, both cooked to perfection, with killer sauces..,Also the Calamari was great with light breading, the spice rolls very different and tasty, very efficient staff, also good Margaritas, Great addition to Lakeside dining, we will be regulars there...
  21. Un less you are legal to work in Mexico, I will not be able to use you...
  22. I do not have a baby for you to sit with, but I would talk to you about a pet sit...
  23. I take a couple sprigs of rosemary and put on table, no flies will come there
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