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  1. they will have four regular height tables in front room, I met their delivery man yesterday, they hope to be open tomorrow
  2. El Jarden on Ajijic plaza uses them on their tables at night. Really neat
  3. news flash M and J pizza is opening in a week across street from my Gallery at 45 Guadalupe Victoria. Hooray!!!!
  4. artsnob


    Yum yum, when can we come over for some, I will supply the cinnamon sticks...
  5. I also had green curry, it was sooo salty we could not eat it, I also had pad Thai, it was tasteless and no peanuts, we paid for it and the next night went next door to Tepatate Thai and ordered same thing, it was superb, so you know which one I will not go back to...
  6. Great now Chicka will go back, the smoke before was impossible for my asthma
  7. Ponchos has it in his big store
  8. There are so many tempting choices , I think I will have to come twice...ken
  9. Does anyone know what ATM machines are at Walmart and are they working
  10. Try Melaque. We are currently here and there are lots available in you price range
  11. I need new cards made. I will try Sikers the other guys made them wrong twice and wanted me to pay for their mistakes...
  12. Mine was unlocked when I bought it from Telcel in Laguna mall
  13. http://Glad you are staying could you sit for Chicka and Allie December 26 to January 8 do not need to garden stuff except doing photos. Hugz Ken
  14. Some one must know code without my having to go to Telcel office
  15. There is a code you can use to stop Telcel advertising on Apple cell phone. Anyone know what it isn
  16. I have right side hinge door microwave in red from Sears in GDL
  17. On Hidalgo just past David’s restaurant..
  18. Goshas is 250 pesos and superb, I had it last year...will go again this year with my gang...
  19. Does anyone do Holistic ear cleaning Lakeside, I get it done when I am in Melaque
  20. I think I saw some at the Granery next to Gossips in Ajijic
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