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  1. It is west of Donas not east...
  2. I had the all time worst eggs Benedict there, the English muffin must have been stale, so it was soaked in some liquid, not hollandase, the ham was slice so thin it was hardly there ,the eggs were over cooked hard, the hollandase was acceptable, the potatoes were cold and dry, this was my third and last time going there...
  3. Does anyone know their hours, they are not answering their phones
  4. I remember there is photographer on Ocampo near Mannix restaurant any one know the address.
  5. Ok I will call him tomorrow. Thanxk
  6. I live Ajijic centro, I need English speaking person to do maintenance 2 hours a week, occasionally do some planting....
  7. Out does not work on my apple phone
  8. I would like a source for audio books
  9. How can I block those messages I get 5 or 6 daily, some times more...
  10. I have been using Miramontes taxi service for thirty years. All of a sudden they have become very unreliable. Can someone recommend a taxi service ,I use a taxi regularly.
  11. Very dry and tasteless
  12. We went for breakfast, potatoes over cook, dry and no seasoning, the worst eggs Benedict I have ever had the sauce was strange, eggs and ham over cooked, I complained about over cook eggs, the waiter said that is the way they make them. Won’t be going back there till they get their act together..
  13. Big parade at four today down Guadalupe to old church on Plaza in Ajijic lots of cohetes
  14. artsnob

    La Peceña

    Their Calamari is outstanding, the best lakeside also Japanese taco with tuna,very different and excellent...
  15. Another restaurant. We don’t have enough
  16. No problem with any service Ajijic centro...
  17. Soriano has larger ones, I got my replacement pot there
  18. I have been paying 100 pesos from Ajijic centro to imss in chapala for a couple months now
  19. What are the dates for Chili Cookoffh
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