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  1. My service has gone out, I am paid up until February/20, so that isn’t why it is out, I am using my Telcel Moses which I keep for backups like now...I am in Ajijic Centro. Any one else out...
  2. CIBanco fills their atm machine Monday and Thursday mornings so I can get 9,000 pesos in those afternoon. Only 17 pesos
  3. I want to rent or buy a oxygen concentrater, where are available lakeside...
  4. I got mine at Costco it comes in two sizes , I got the larger one holds 20 bottles
  5. Thanx , I go away every year and am having a senior moment, could not Remember dates , I am going to beach November 18 to December 2 so am safe...Ken
  6. What are the dates for this year’s festival, so I know I can be away with my dog...
  7. I buy mine at Soriano they decaf and espresso
  8. They took my cc today, I have been going there ever since they opened years ago, I use my Mexican credit card from Bancomer..
  9. I have a Telcel account,, in the last couple weeks I have been calling cell phone numbers in USA and Spain and they have all gone through ..I don’t have a basic account, maybe that is why I have never had problems with Telcel
  10. They are also going to start ticketing drivers talking on cell phone, while driving, so be careful...
  11. I am also nearly eighty and bancomer gave me a card last year, maybe it is because My partner and I both have savings account there..
  12. My bank approved me for 10,000 pesos , but most machines won’t give that amount, so I want to 8 or 9 thousand pesos a time multiva machine does but they now charge 96 pesos per transaction so don’t use them anymore...
  13. Does anyone know what the limit amount you can get out of ATM machine at Walmart
  14. The workers say where kitchen was is going to be coffee shop and a sporting wear shop in the rest of space...
  15. I will look forward to meeting you in Ajijic, Chicka and Kitty are excited...
  16. Her cell number 333 676 2569
  17. Surprisingly I found everything at Walmart, so don’t need to go to Costco...hooray!!!
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