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  1. My doctor told me should I have Togo out use my oxygen concentrater with its face mask, it will protect me and I will be able to breath better
  2. Is the passion play still going to performed this year in Ajijic supposed to start in eleven days I usually can hear rehearsal from my casa, so far nada...
  3. My printer is two years old, I guess it is simpler just to buy a new one that uses the same inkcartriges
  4. I am paying both my maid and my gardener for the duration whether they come to work or not...
  5. Ajijic bancomer office is closed but ATM machines are working
  6. Is there someone I can hire to fix printer problem...
  7. I am hearin lots of rain birds singing now in Ajijic centro it is not the ringing in my ears
  8. I have all three in my orchard, the pink one is also in bloom so is my avocado tree, and my citrus are budding...
  9. My HP deskjet4535 is only printing green and yellow I tried two new color cartridges same result s. How can I fix..
  10. I need someone to help me set up TV programming system, I have contacted Derek,he has not gotten back to me...
  11. She has been found hiding in my garden...
  12. Chicka is missing again she is well known and has a dog tag with my identification. Ken 331 417 8844
  13. I should have taken a picture of the bill so I could prove it
  14. Scallions now charges 35 pesos for coffee and 25 pesos for each refill, now never included in entree
  15. I also have a fabulous painter I have been using for 18years in my current house, and he can do everything including electrical and knows how to do fancy finishes. PM me...
  16. Guichos has been my favorite to go restaurant in Chapala for over 20 years..
  17. I never heard from you, I can use on the dates you mentioned, I live in Ajijic centro a block from plaza. Contact me here.
  18. I use Costco on Lopez Mateo on Sunday morning they have it year round
  19. The ribs are definitely better than the fatty steaks they serve now..
  20. My driver uses the streets in town and I am never late for appointments, we just don’t us the carretarra any more...
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