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  1. I am interested in Sky are the tv programs in English
  2. Yes mine came this week to my BOA account in USA where my SS check goes monthly..
  3. I plan on flying to Mexico City June 24 to 30, my 80 birthday. Hopefully we will have some level of freedom then. We will just have to wait and see..
  4. Does your SS check go to a USA account, if so you will get check..
  5. Also the dollar store on Ajijic plaza has them too but just in white or green...
  6. There is an art supply store on the corner of Hidalgo and Juárez in Ajijic centro, he has them in all kinds of colors..
  7. I went yesterday at 4 no line and not a lot of shoppers...
  8. She lives in Gdl in fact she is bringing my renewed IMSS today, it only took a week, she is usually at LCS, but it is closed this will be the 15 th year she has done it for me..
  9. Not if you use Veronica she does it all in Gdl
  10. Call Veronica or Lucy 331 109 5985 they just renewed mine, they are usually at LCS but it is all closed up.. I have been using them for ten years, never a problem..
  11. I gave up on them a long time ago they cancelled flights three times, alway late getting out of GDL,one time three hours late, also asked at gate for cancelled flight for refund. Never came so I now fly Aeromexico never a problem
  12. There are certain poster who are rude and nasty, I just skip over them and don’t read them...
  13. I had some people call yesterday, they wanted to come to my gallery after lunch, I told no restaurants open and they would have to wear face masks, I also told them about road blocks, they said don’t worry money talks, they never showed. At four I called them, they could not get past road block...Great...
  14. I have him every week fo two hours 200 pesos and he does everything I cannot do for half hour, getting on ladder,weeding ,planting etc. and watering. And 1000 bonus at Christmas
  15. Does the San Antonio hospital have dentists Johansson. News to me I was there in October with pneumonia....
  16. Which ones please I have a toothache that is getting worse
  17. El Torino will quit selling liquor Monday
  18. Are there any dentist open...
  19. Walmart has more different beers than they ever had,maybe because they have no competition
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