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  1. Email me at kgosh365@hotmail.com. we can then schedule viewing...
  2. I went yesterday to cancel Ilox because we have much better Total Play , they said I owed 525, had to pay before I could cancel, even tho I paid up till October, but My receipts are packed and on the way to Mexico city, she would not let me look at file on computer, so I paid, to get Ilox done with....One their installers is my neighbor, He said they have lost half their clients to Total Play
  3. Ken has his paintings available for sale at his temporary casa till December, then they will be at his casa in Mexico City, PM me for location to VIEW
  4. On face book and signs at highway and on Guadalupe Victoria, we had big crowds both days both weekends...sorry you missed it, I have my paintings at my temporary casa until December, when I move to my Casa in Mexico City send PM and I will give you info...
  5. I just had a fabulous sale over two week ends, sold almost everything at good prices, Carlos Gonzales. 331 926 1832 a couple of my friends used him too with great sccess, He used to own Carlos Bazaar, he is looking for location lakeside to open new shop..
  6. Susy I have some art supplies for the children, call me when you get back, I am in a new Casa, I will give you address when you call Hugz. Ken
  7. I need two men and a truck Monday morning August 23, nothing real heavy, 4 to 5 hours. any suggestions??
  8. I got lucky today, at storage SAT they had a 10 x 10 available which is perfect for me...
  9. I guess I will take a 5x5 and with planning and 8 foot height i can make it work
  10. I see on map where it is I would prefer something more local
  11. It looks like it is in Morelia, if I am going to go there I might as well take to Mexico City Where my apartment is under construction...
  12. I tried finding on line there many ads for the one in SAT but no one else, I know there are more..
  13. I had businesses in USA that was company van that was used to transport folk art that was too fragile to ship in containers, so it ended up being in Mex, and I gave it to Mexicans who really needed it, I paid for all the legalizations and lawyer, an now I still see it around town...
  14. I donated my car to a mex charity, i had lawyer work with signing all papers to their name, and the working with them to get it legalized, if the car is in Mexico it is easy, otherwise forget it...
  15. I need a storage. locker 5 X10 0r a little larger, the place in SAT only has 5x5 , Strom White. does not have any, does anyone knw someplace else I can rent secure storage locker?...
  16. Ditto I have great service with same delivery man , always wears a mask, he carries the things to different parts of house so I give him a nice tip, My Chicka also likes him because he always has a treat for her. We are satisfied custom of Walmart delivery service
  17. yes I decided 41 years was long enough to be hear, I have also had a house in Mexico city for 20 years, so that will be my permanent home with my Partner of 20 years Antonio, It is getting too difficult to do flights back and forth..
  18. My regular driver Carlos Gonzalez can do it with his son Carlos is also doing my house sale the next two week end....
  19. Strom no longer goes to Mex City, so I need someone else
  20. I need someone with a van to move some stuff from Ajijic to Mexico City, Expressway all the way, easy delivery there...Anyone know someone?
  21. We want a spectacular hybred one in red or purple
  22. We need to buy a water lilly plant, does anyone know where we might find one.
  23. What are your hours and days open to serve that FAB chicken so we can come over...
  24. I do not need a Plaumber as the leaks are caused by the heavy rainfall
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