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  1. They had five medium size and nine large size one, so I bought them all , because I use them in my kitchen and my gallery to store paints and stuff to keep rainy season moisture getting to them...
  2. At Walmart this morning at ten, there was a person going around telling people to put their masks back on, and all the checkers had them on correctly..great I hope they keep it up...
  3. I bring my own bagger to Walmart I bring my own bags, He is also my driver..
  4. I used both of those numbers, on the third call the tech did something, told me to check my internet, it has been on ever since Saturday, I guess you just have to be a pest to get service
  5. After the glitch last week, and three calls to techs my service has been back to normal as of Saturday, hopefully my problem is solved, I own a Telcel modem and used it before I got Ilox, I am paid up till November, but if the problem continues I will reactivate Telcel modem and drop Ilox..
  6. There is an art supply store in Ajijic, on Hidalgo one block west of th bank. He has them in bulk and all kinds of colors...
  7. Last night in Ajijic a speaker truck announced at eight that the sprayer would come at nine and it did...
  8. My check was mailed to my address in Mexico on May 15 th. It has not arrived yet, who knows maybe never...
  9. Can’t you nationalize it when you get here...
  10. Mine came on at one. Finally got the speed up...the tv never went out...
  11. I got mine at fabric shop across street from Guadalajara Farmacia in Ajijic. Lots of fabric choices I took mine to my Casa in Mexico City...
  12. Yes they are reissue them they are a little different but still confusing.
  13. At Walmart they gave me two twenties instead of two tens I didn’t realize it till I got home and counted my change..
  14. I think Farmacia Christina will order it foryou, she has ordered numerous prescriptions for me that I couldn’t find any where
  15. I came here in 1980 for my 40 birthday trip, And now I am 80 and still in love with the place, when I came the old posada was the hangout, and the plaza was a gazebo in a field, there were maybe four or five restaurants some bars and lots of vacant land , everybody knew each other, then th building boom started and has never stopped, all my five casas we not more than five blocks to the plaza, I am here to stay..
  16. I got mine at the Dif office in Chapala 20 years ago, and use it all over mexico, also on busses and free entrance to most museums...they still issue them there..today is my 80 th birthday
  17. I would like to buy a not tooo old apple computer. PM me if you have one..
  18. There is a shop up the street from the meat market in Ajijic, next to plaza, they usually have a board out in front and have many fabulous ones inside
  19. Email my tech wizard. gonzalez10diego@hotmil.com. If he can’t do it then nobody can. Tell him Ken sent you to him..
  20. Diego González just did miracle setting up Directvgo on my new smart tv, and putting my neighbors on my Netflix account, three others could not figure it out including the new computer store He also did some gardening planting in half the time my Gardner could do it and better. He speaks better English than me, he is now available,for whatever you need him for...he lives in Ajijic centro but can go anywhere by bus...best to email him. gonzalez10diego@hotmail.com....tell him Ken sent you
  21. My asthma doctor recommended I stay at home and use my respirator when short of breath
  22. Check the local consignment resale shops usually they have them, I saw a red one about six months ago in Riberas
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