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  1. Do they send a bill for account payment, how do you pay for your service, installer said open App, I tried but to no success...
  2. The installers for Totalplay speak English..
  3. by Sunday morning most ATM machine limit you to 1,000, sometime 2,000 or nothing at all...
  4. The yard in my New casa is flooded 3 inches deep of water, i guess I will not have to water soon...
  6. I would like to rent a large cargo van, for moving some furniture
  7. Wewent to Walmart at nine in morning and ordered Total play, they came at four that same day afternoon and installed, Luis was installer, very efficient..
  8. I have Directvgo, most programs are in English, PBS a big plus, CNN news HBO movie channels etc...works great...
  9. I have had a house in Mexico City in Polanco for twenty five years, I breathe better there than in Ajijic...
  10. I have decided to keep an apartment in Ajijic,Centro, I would like ground floor no steps, 2 bedroom unfurnished or semi furnished must have appliances, any one know of something PM me
  11. I have had IMSS for 21 years and Have had emergency procedures done there very successfully...I am very happy with my asthma doctor and my general Cookie...
  12. Email me at kgosh365@hotmail.com. we can then schedule viewing...
  13. I went yesterday to cancel Ilox because we have much better Total Play , they said I owed 525, had to pay before I could cancel, even tho I paid up till October, but My receipts are packed and on the way to Mexico city, she would not let me look at file on computer, so I paid, to get Ilox done with....One their installers is my neighbor, He said they have lost half their clients to Total Play
  14. Ken has his paintings available for sale at his temporary casa till December, then they will be at his casa in Mexico City, PM me for location to VIEW
  15. On face book and signs at highway and on Guadalupe Victoria, we had big crowds both days both weekends...sorry you missed it, I have my paintings at my temporary casa until December, when I move to my Casa in Mexico City send PM and I will give you info...
  16. I just had a fabulous sale over two week ends, sold almost everything at good prices, Carlos Gonzales. 331 926 1832 a couple of my friends used him too with great sccess, He used to own Carlos Bazaar, he is looking for location lakeside to open new shop..
  17. Susy I have some art supplies for the children, call me when you get back, I am in a new Casa, I will give you address when you call Hugz. Ken
  18. I need two men and a truck Monday morning August 23, nothing real heavy, 4 to 5 hours. any suggestions??
  19. I got lucky today, at storage SAT they had a 10 x 10 available which is perfect for me...
  20. I guess I will take a 5x5 and with planning and 8 foot height i can make it work
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