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  1. I need someone with a van to move some stuff from Ajijic to Mexico City, Expressway all the way, easy delivery there...Anyone know someone?
  2. We want a spectacular hybred one in red or purple
  3. We need to buy a water lilly plant, does anyone know where we might find one.
  4. What are your hours and days open to serve that FAB chicken so we can come over...
  5. I do not need a Plaumber as the leaks are caused by the heavy rainfall
  6. I have some black mold just starting in my Casa, Is there someone who I can hire to check if there is more mold in other areas and the take care of steam cleaning and fix the areas also would they be able to fix leaks too...
  7. I got lots of bats also at night, if you want to come over with a net we can catch some, but I will not give you any of my Humming Birds...
  8. I have lotz and I have flowers they like year round, and they nest in my Bougainvillas...
  9. I am watching the olympics on Ilox TV Claro Sports Channels 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004....
  10. I got mine in March for first and April for second...
  11. my neighbors would gladly donate some ants they have a hard time killing, they are going to dig into hole to spray at the source.....
  12. WE DID OURS AT THE UNIVERSITY GUADALAJARA you do not have to get out of car, took less than an hour...
  13. I got money from that ATM yesterday, Wednesday, afternoon...
  14. or put it on the roots on your side, it comes in many flavors so would smell good and do the job too
  15. try throwing a gallon of bleach over the wall, works every time...
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