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  1. I vote for McDonalds...
  2. I bought some at Walmart on Tuesday, nice ones too, a friend got some at Soriana
  3. I had the same problem, three bags of dog bones did not arrive in delivery but I was charged 520 pesos for them and now can’t get refund for the amount,so won’t be ordering on line again..
  4. My real estate agent told to photograph with my iPhone a send email, they will accept that...
  5. I need to send some legal papers to Mexico City. Who has FAX machine in Ajijic
  6. My doctor told me should I have Togo out use my oxygen concentrater with its face mask, it will protect me and I will be able to breath better
  7. Is the passion play still going to performed this year in Ajijic supposed to start in eleven days I usually can hear rehearsal from my casa, so far nada...
  8. My printer is two years old, I guess it is simpler just to buy a new one that uses the same inkcartriges
  9. I am paying both my maid and my gardener for the duration whether they come to work or not...
  10. Ajijic bancomer office is closed but ATM machines are working
  11. Is there someone I can hire to fix printer problem...
  12. My ink shows both full...
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