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  1. I forgot add that l have some furniture pieces for sale also...
  2. I am giving away hardcover mostly mystery books FREE. At El Gallo Gallery. 30 Guadalupe Victoria. Ajijic Centro. Every day 11 to 3 Also all my painting 25%/ to 50% off Ken Gosh
  3. As l had the life time pneumonia shot my doctor told me to get this shot. I usually get flu every year in October, last year it developed to pneumonia and l spent three nights in hospital, so this shot is better than nothing..
  4. I got mine today at SAH in record time 3 minutes...for free!
  5. artsnob

    The Wok

    I really like them too and their cooking so l will try soon too
  6. El Gallo Gallery at 30 Guadalupe Victoria is having a starving artist sale, will also be closing up shop soon, besides art from five artists, furniture will be for sale too, open Monday thru Saturday. Eleven to Three....
  7. Is the rainy season over, l am having to water my gardens today...
  8. Where are you flying to, that they require those test, l have a friend who flew to houston last week, he didnt need those tests
  9. Is the tv service in English now, it used to be only in Spanish
  10. Some of my snowbird friends have said they are not coming till march or not at all, l will miss them...
  11. Yes l got the same message, so l am going to be taking my money out at ATM until down to zero, and cancel account and open new account at at Intercam l deposit checks at least three times a year, they also make you wait 20 working days to have access, Intercam lets you have it in 4...
  12. Boy am l glad l have Telcel phone service, and my Ilox service has never been better in Ajijic centro..
  13. Never heard about senior flu shot...
  14. It is available everywhere even the dollar store on ajijic plaza has it
  15. I have some books i will give away for free...in Ajijic centro
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