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  1. I have a fabulous Gardner and he uses my tools, it is not a matter of trust, just want the best work done in my fabulous garden and greenhouse, who cares if he has his own tools..
  2. Mine was mailed to me May 15 th and has not arrived, maybe it will show one day soon...
  3. I had Chapala tree service last week and they took all the air plants so the ones I have are too high up to get to, sorry. Ken
  4. It bit the dust...
  5. I filled my large tank which was close to empty. The bill came out almost half of what I paid 18 months ago on last fill, and I paid with credit card..Global Gas...
  6. I see red and green where is the yellow, oh maybe inside..
  7. I need a small cilinder for my oxygen concentrater brought to me in Ajijic, the last time I shipped it from medical supply and it never came, Customs kept it I think..
  8. Oh no, does that mean going out once a week will have to stop, but to be safe I will do it...
  9. There were some boys selling them Sunday on the Ajijic plaza. Yum yum. I bought some and made jelly. The recepe is in Dianes book
  10. I think she moved to San Miguel de Allende
  11. The poly sealer I used is acrylic and water based, they make a product undercoat you put on to make the top coat work better...
  12. are any of the drivers going to USA to pick up goods and return Lakeside...
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