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  1. artsnob


    Kitty corner from xoxo in Ajijic centro
  2. My telcel emails and what’s app not working in Ajijic centro, I am switching iPhone to ilox with my tv, tablet and phone and not using telcel modem any more
  3. Mine are working fine in Ajijic centro
  4. Susana’s. Guadalupe Victoria 26. 376-766-5540. Very reasonable. I have been going to her for over 15 years...
  5. I have not had sound on tv since Sunday morning..
  6. I got installed a week after signing up, I also have 24 stations in English and some that have now and then, I have never had such fast internet speed lakeside, I am happy with this service...
  7. I understand Spanish subtitles, so most station are viewable for me.. I haven’t even checked what station are in English, will do it tonight....
  8. Last Friday I signed up for tv and internet service,,today in only one week they came to install, my tv service is not fuzzy,and I have never had such fast internet service lakeside., I am very satisfied customer..
  9. My internet, modem and phone all working fine in Ajijic centro
  10. artsnob

    Spagos closed

    Cafe Mediterranean has large enough to share with two or three other people; and they have the best home made pasta lakeside..
  11. Julio and his father Jesus, nice cars, very reliable. 331 680 6002
  12. I went to Telcel and they told me that so paid 100 pesos Monday my month starts new,
  13. My Telcel internet is so slow that programs won’t open or when I try to buy air tickets the time expires, also my Netflix keeps going off, I have a Telcel modem which I bought..any body else having this problem. Or do I have to switch to Ilox
  14. Yes IMSS just asked me for it when I renewed for the 18 th year..
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