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  1. artsnob

    Ocelo sponges

    I think I saw some at the Granery next to Gossips in Ajijic
  2. artsnob

    Bottled water

    What is the best bottled water in Ajijic, I have been buying water from store across from my gallery, everybody who drank it got sick
  3. artsnob

    REALLY inconvenient!

    Every time we wanted to go there they were closed for construction or just closed, so we go to Elegante across street and very happy with choice ,their special dinners are outstanding ...
  4. artsnob

    Great painter and fixit guy

    He and His wife also house sit for, my pets and gardens love them...
  5. I have been using Alberto Omar Ochoa for 15 years he is an expert at fixing things electrical and plumbing also handy with a saw, I use him to paint inside my casa every three years. He speaks perfect English and lives Ajijic Centro 331-540-2898. Or 376-766-1441
  6. I gave up on all the lies and cancelled my account, I signed up with Netflix premium, a bargain at 199 pesos a month, I can use in all three of my residences, I cannot believe the variety and quantity of tv shows and movies. I am now a happy camper...
  7. My service has been out for a week the office says will be on every time I go there, it will be on that day I have been there six times still no service
  8. artsnob


    I need a plumber to replace old on demand water heater with a new one, anyone know good reliable one...
  9. artsnob

    Teocintle Maíz :: FABULOUS Ajijic Restaurant

    I had the same results as Maincoons, I now go to Elegante across the street everything is better there
  10. artsnob

    Ilox Update

    What are the monthly charges going to be after the first year for tv an internet plan
  11. My service is out for three days I am glade I am getting the new fiber optic service , I paid hopefully the service will start soon an I can quit telecable with 600 other lakeside customer.,I think they will have a Problem with so many cancellations
  12. artsnob

    Bryan James at the Spotlight

    Is the spotlight a restaurant I don’t know about
  13. artsnob

    Ilox Update

    What is the monthly charge going to be tv and internet do not néed phone
  14. artsnob


    Sent PM to you
  15. artsnob


    I had the problem on the sidewalk in front of my gallery, I got a spray from Vet that is meant for rugs to keep dogs away, I sprayed sidewalk ,it lasts thru about ten rains I resprayed again one more time, the dogs changed their habits and went elsewhere ...