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  1. Mine is 499.00 a month with tax I paid a year in advance...
  2. Fast food corner, including McDonalds
  3. I also have many old chargers, come to my El Gallo Gallery. 30 Guadalupe Victoria. Ajijic Centro. 11 to 4 daily
  4. I unpacked some more boxes that were in storage fo 25 years, great Mexican folk art Mermaids and Roosters. Priced to sell, also have marked down all my paintings too... shown at El Gallo Gallery. 30 Guadalupe Victoria Ajijic Centro. Open. 11 to 4. Everyday
  5. All mine go to the junk folder, so easy to delete daily. I can’t change my email as I am a business with major supplies printed with that email..
  6. I do the same delete. But they are a nuisance. Is there a way to keep them getting in to my hotmail account
  7. I get at least ten a day sometimes twenty, how can I stop getting them in my email.
  8. I have been to that store 3 times and they are not open when they are supposed to be open
  9. There use to be a vitamin store on Ajijic plaza, does anyone know where they moved..
  10. Last chance I still have some fabulous folk art left...
  11. I found another box in storage, have some more fabulous stuff. Come look...
  12. Is anybody selling old fashion decorated cookie cutter cookies. I would like to buy some...
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