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  1. Forget that forecast up above we are Getting downpour rain in Ajijic centro...lots of wind too
  2. There is a chorus of rain birds in my garden right now I had to turn up sound on tv to drowned them out. Rain must be happening soon..
  3. Call Ricardo Galindo Cordova. 331 746 2959. Tell him Ken sent you..
  4. I just installed Directvgo most stations in English CNN news and PBS amount favorites 15:00 US dollars a month. Bargain
  5. I don’t remember the specific, they have larger screens one is three years old, the other is five years old, both apple
  6. He is coming to do more work on Thursday I will ask him about not showing maybe you scared him away...
  7. I have two, but they are stuck in my casa in Mexico City, and I have the in Locke closet, and I have keys in Ajijic so can’t have someone send them here, right now it is too dangerous for me to go there so will wait till August
  8. I just want the WiFi on my Samsung tv to play with out interruptions ...
  9. Where can I buy lakeside a router to work with my WiFi on Ilox modem...
  10. Mine is fine up here on Guadalupe Victoria, If you need to take shower come on up. Ken
  11. I did the hand washing as directed and it ate the fabric, with all the holes I can breath better
  12. Go on line it will come right up, I did Friday and Saturday
  13. I am also staying in until June 27 th, when I am having my 80 th birthday party, hopefully we will be in good shape then but if not will have a belated birthday party..
  14. I have Directvgo and it is a regular movie on two of the channels or you can get on demand..
  15. I would participate in a memorial he was an expert pruner for me, I am going to miss him and my Chicka and garden will too
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