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  1. Yes it is open no restriction that l had yesterday
  2. Oh i forgot to mention l like adelitas sauce too...
  3. I have bought from them , case lots only, they will not sell less, cash only...
  4. I just came back from Oxxo in my neighborhood, they let me in, l am 80, maybe it was because l am a regular, and pay all my bills there and get their great coffee
  5. Hi there,

    I have a home in West Ajijic and I am looking for someone to install Saltillo tiles. Can you recommend any reliable contractors?

    Thank you in advance! 

    Jay Jo

  6. Judy when you go to the office take all paperwork and proof of payment, sometimes it takes months to get in their computor...
  7. Mexico news daily said private clinics would be getting them, are any getting them Lakeside
  8. The Granery in Ajijic used to have it...
  9. I also have greenhouse, l would like some too, you can leave with Nancy or come to my El Gallo Gallery at 30 Guadalupe Victoria ring bell, if later in day we will have a glass of wine
  10. When will they get to remote Ajijic.???
  11. Can you come over and do mine, now that l am 80, l do not do manuel labor. Your look would be great in my yard...
  12. The egg lady is there on Fridays, but seeing it is holiday she will be there Thursday, get there early she is sold out by 11...
  13. There is a huge aquarium chain of stores, check with them ,they might have what you are looking for, you can check on line who they are..l bought stuff for our nephews in Mex City early December...
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