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  1. Hi Spencer,

    I am a permanent resident of Mexico and lost the top half of the FMM card I filled out upon flying out last week. Will be flying home to Ajijic on Jun 26 and wonder what I need to do to ensure I retain my permant residency status

  2. Is your maid still look8ng for additional work?

  3. Still looking for a maid. Would like to talk to yours. My contact details are: 3761062009 and charleschartier@gmail.com

  4. Hi,

    I'm going to need a house/pet sitter from Feb 28-Mar 5. We have a lovely home with casita in Chapala Haciendas (car also available) with two small dogs and a cat. Home phones are 3761062009 and cell is 3312482164

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    2. bdlngton


      I am asking people to contact my house sitter directly so she can set her own schedule before and after her commitment to me February 2-19..  Her name is Antonia and she is from Ontario. Her email address is sunseastone@yahoo.com.  I found her through housecarers.com but have not met her personally.  I can send you her profile and other information if you contact me at susyguera@yahoo.com.


    3. bdlngton


      Correction:  Antonia's email is sunseastone2@yahoo.com.  I forgot the 2 in my previous message.

    4. bdlngton


      Oops!!  Antonia's email is sunsearock@yahoo.com.  I got rock and stone confused. Sorry but I don't have phone number for her.

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