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  1. And eat at Las Brisas restaurant across hwy from Las Palmas hotel
  2. Looking for someone to cook evening meals for an elderly couple in Riviera Alta, Ajijic
  3. Where have they moved?
  4. Have written checks for $5000 for deposit to my BBVA account
  5. Perhaps it's one particular day manager
  6. So disappointed with the consistency of dishes at Min Wah. Chef specialty dishes like orange beef range from delicious to blah. Itt's embarass8ng when you tout dishs to experienced diners before taking them to the restaurant and they really drop the ball. So wish they would get their act together.
  7. Hi Spencer,

    I am a permanent resident of Mexico and lost the top half of the FMM card I filled out upon flying out last week. Will be flying home to Ajijic on Jun 26 and wonder what I need to do to ensure I retain my permant residency status

  8. Seems to only stop the messages for 24 hours
  9. Long lines at Pemex in Riberas. Closed in Ajijic and on Libramiento
  10. Have made the trips you've described with exactly the same stops many times. You may also consider going through Ciudad Juarez with overnight in Jimenez. Cuts one day off the Laredo-Matehuala route
  11. Is your maid still look8ng for additional work?

  12. Still looking for a maid. Would like to talk to yours. My contact details are: 3761062009 and charleschartier@gmail.com

  13. Live in Chapala Haciendas and looking for an experienced maid to work two dsys a week.
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