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  1. Hi Spencer,

    I am a permanent resident of Mexico and lost the top half of the FMM card I filled out upon flying out last week. Will be flying home to Ajijic on Jun 26 and wonder what I need to do to ensure I retain my permant residency status

  2. Seems to only stop the messages for 24 hours
  3. Long lines at Pemex in Riberas. Closed in Ajijic and on Libramiento
  4. Have made the trips you've described with exactly the same stops many times. You may also consider going through Ciudad Juarez with overnight in Jimenez. Cuts one day off the Laredo-Matehuala route
  5. Is your maid still look8ng for additional work?

  6. Still looking for a maid. Would like to talk to yours. My contact details are: 3761062009 and charleschartier@gmail.com

  7. Live in Chapala Haciendas and looking for an experienced maid to work two dsys a week.
  8. chartiec

    Tuesday Market

    Is the market open Dec 26th?
  9. Is the Tuesday market open Dec 26th?
  10. chartiec


    A party of 10 of us ate at a this new restaurant last night and had a wonderful evening. The baked brie appetizer and lobster entre were rated most highly by five of us that ordered them but everything was good. The service was exceptional and all of us felt the value was good. My only criticism is that the decor is a little sparce, but we trust that will be remedied in time and I am happy to recommend this new addition to the lakeside dining scene
  11. Bread stale and dry. Pepper steak had been defrosred in a mictowave oven and was served ice cold in center. Escargots were tiny and onion soup only average. Loved my meals when Remy's was at Tres Leones but something has changed. If that's not enough for you, suggest you go waste your money and findout for yourself.
  12. Loved the old place and food, but the food at this new location is very bad. Ten of us ate there last night and only three were happy with their food. Venue nice, service good but food bad and pricy.
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