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  1. Luis had a fall that left him with serious back and head injuries. He underwent back surgery and is now home in a body cast. The prognosis is not too encouraging. He will be immobile for at least four to six months. This is the man who found a wallet in his box when he arrived home from begging at Super Lake. The story was written in the Guadalajara Reporter. Luis found someone to help him see who the wallet belonged to and then he paid a cab, went to the person´s home and returned the wallet. Right now Luis needs all the help he can get. Despite his blindness he has helped himself and his elderly mother as much as he has been capable of. Now he is laying in a bed paralyzed and unable to fend for himself.. Thanks to the selfless and tireless efforts of Aurora Michel, Ileana & Julio Lopez and Pete, a secure bank account has finally been opened for Luis to receive donations from anyone wishing to help him in his plight and until he recovers. He needs (and will continue to need for the next several months) medicines, food, diapers and a companion to bathe him, feed etc.. If you wish to make a donation. you can do so at his newly opened DIF account: Bank: Actinver Account # 722-50.22 Luis´s full name: Jose Luis Vasquez Rios If you need further assistance or information, please contact: Pete at 766-4179 after 4 PM (except Wednesdays). God Bless !
  2. English/Spanish Four years experience Contact e-mail: BeatrizSocorro1@yahoo.com
  3. Professional Interpreter/Translator 4 years experience Contact e-mail: BeatrizSocorro1@yahoo.com
  4. Four years experience. Contact e-mail: BeatrizSocorro1@yahoo.com
  5. Que viva la comunidad unida de la Ribera de Chapala!!!!
  6. Arturo Arceo García Espiritu ha sido positivamente identificado como el asesino.... http://www.informador.com.mx/jalisco/2011/344370/6/detienen-a-tres-hombres-tras-cometer-un-asalto.htm
  7. Gracias a las autoridades gubernamentales, a la policía de Guadalajara y a la comunidad unida de Ajijic y Chapala. Buen trabajo!!!!
  8. para discutir posibles soluciones al crimen y la delincuencia. El Presidente de Chapala quiere, además, invitar a la reunión al Gobernador, Jefe de Policía, Jefe de Turísmo y al Jefe del Ministerio Público. La nueva fecha y ubicación son: Mier 7 de Dic. a las 4 pm Hotel Real de Chapala, La Floresta Ajijic. Nos piden que llevemos sugerencias e ideas para posibles soluciones para el problema del crimen, pero la realidad es que con solo un acto de presencia es mas que suficiente. Si realmente amas a Mexico, a Chapala y sobre todo a tus hijos no dejes de venir. En la unión hay fuerza. Una comunidad unida puede lograr grandes cosas. Esta es nuestra oportunidad de ponerle frenos al problema del crimen y la delincuencia para nuestro propio bien y sobre todo para el bien y la seguridad de nuestros hijos. Por favor avísenle a todos sus amigos y vecinos. Si un gran número de personas nos presentámos ante las autoridades, nos escucharan. No desperdiciemos esta gran oportunidad!!
  9. The President of Chapala will try to bring to the meeting the Governor, Chief of Police, Head of Tourism and Head of Ministerio Público. So the meeting has been re-scheduled to: Wed. December 7 at 4 pm at Hotel Real de Chapala, la Floresta, Ajijic We´re asked to bring along ideas and suggestions. Please come. We need you. There´s strength in numbers. As a united community we can bring about changes. Be sure to tell everyone about the meeting, specially your Mexican friends and neighbors. Many of us are opposed to the crime but don´t usually have a platform nor the community support to express ourselves. Now we have one. Please, tell everyone you know.
  10. FECHA: Martes 6 de Dic. 2011 en el centro cultural de Ajijic a las 10 am. Junta con el presidente de Chapala dando soluciones para crear mejor seguridad y afirmar la union de todos en contra de la delincuencia. Si amas a tu ciudad, a tu pais y a tus hijos asegúrate de asistir. No olvides que en la unidad está la fuerza. Esta es tu oportunidad para hacer algo en contra del crimen impune. Solo se requiere tu presencia. Si, por cuestiones de trabajo, no puedes ir, avísale a tus amigos y vecinos para que asistan.
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