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  1. Is this restaurant open on Mondays?
  2. Can anyone tell me an approximate cost ot tolls Lakeside to Manzanillo? Thanks
  3. Guadalajara Reporter has times for Chapala Christmas activities.
  4. I am looking for a Kia Soul. I'd like more information. Thank you, Priscilla
  5. Hello, I am looking for a Kia Soul. I'd like information. Thank you! pgreermexico1@gmail.com
  6. Does anyone have experience buying soil? Where is the best place to buy bags of dirt for the garden? Thank you!
  7. I'm looking for old magazines. I'm teaching English to children. I want them to cut out the pictures to practice vocabulary. I'd be glad to pick them up! thanks!
  8. Dr. Quesandra was at Dental Express. She is no longer there. Is she practicing somewhere in the area. She is an excellent dentist. Thanks!
  9. If Dr. B is in the area, does anyone have her phone number, what's app, or email? Thank you.
  10. The internet gives 33 2785 0259
  11. I live behind th construction site next to Walmart. I have spoken to the head engineer, who was here a few days ago. He said the money has come in. This company has projects in Guadalajara. What they did in the past was bring their team in from Guadalajara daily. They probably need to finis what they are doing in Guad. Small taks are being worked on now. A worker there estimated the work will begin agin in Sept. TIME WILL TELL. The engineer said the plan is complete the commercial - 2nd, 3rd floor condos first and then the building on Colon. No plans to finish th 3rd building in the back. I've been told the company doing this has an excellent reputation. Finance has been thr problem.
  12. How long is the drive taking? Has any one driven today to Costco on Lazaro Cardenas/ Vallarta? I have an appointment to get tires installed at 12:00 Wed. They have a tolerance of 10 minutes. Thanks!
  13. We had a dead tree cut down. There is a rehab group that sells firewood every year. Does anyone know how to contact them?
  14. The health store next to Super Lake, and I saw it at Pancho's
  15. Where can you get pictures developed that are on your phone? Thanks!
  16. Does anyone have the phone number for the upholsterer in Chapala? Thanks!
  17. Call the gas company. They check for leaks!
  18. Because I am a renter, when I renew mt driver's license, I need proof of residence. I go to the 2nd floor of city hall in Chapala. Go upstairs. Directly across from the stairs on the 2nd floor there is a desk outside an office. Present all the regular documents (2copies) and an infantile photo. Return same day and they will give you a proof of residency letter.
  19. Is there a place Lakeside where a crack in the windshield can be sealed? thank you!
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