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  1. The health store next to Super Lake, and I saw it at Pancho's
  2. Where can you get pictures developed that are on your phone? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone have the phone number for the upholsterer in Chapala? Thanks!
  4. Call the gas company. They check for leaks!
  5. Because I am a renter, when I renew mt driver's license, I need proof of residence. I go to the 2nd floor of city hall in Chapala. Go upstairs. Directly across from the stairs on the 2nd floor there is a desk outside an office. Present all the regular documents (2copies) and an infantile photo. Return same day and they will give you a proof of residency letter.
  6. Is there a place Lakeside where a crack in the windshield can be sealed? thank you!
  7. Does anyone know where to buy custom made shoe inserts. Is there a place in Chapala? I've heard there is aplace in Guadalajara at one of the malls. Thank you>
  8. Does any one have recent information about when Tel Mex might install the fiber optic upgrade. I'm in San Antonio. Thanks!
  9. There is a new question on the ATM machine at CI Banco. At the end it asks you to accept this additional (?) rate or reject it. What does this mean? How does this choice affect the exchange rate you receive? Thanks!
  10. You can also call 050. No one has been answering the phones. We called about 20 times today!
  11. Tthank you all! I ll look into your suggestions!
  12. My vonage phone adaptor is not working due to a damaged cord. I've heard if I get a new phone and adaptor from vonage in the States, it will have a new number, but that number can be changed to my old number on my existing account. I thought first... I'd ask... DOES ANYONE HAVE A VONAGE PHONE AND ADAPTOR THEY ARE NO LONGER USING? I'M LOOKING FOR ONE! Thanks!
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