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  1. I am closing on a house in Arkansas. I've been asked to get documents notarized. I assume I need an American notarization. How can I do that here? Ideas? Thanks
  2. More power is coming to San Antonio. The men working along the side of the road on Colon, next to the construction, are CFE. They are putting in a new transformer that will give more power to all of San Antonio. That's what they told me.
  3. Telmex arrived to our gated area yesterday carrying new modems. They said Telmex has installed new phone lines inSan Antonio and are ready to upgrade everyone in San Antonio to 10 megabytes free. You need to call them to tell them you have poor internet reception. I called Telmex Mexico City yesterday. He got my megabytes up from 3 to 7. Then said he was referring me to local service to get me to 10. WHAT"S HAPPENING! San Antonio has had many problems... Ilox knows it and they are coming... SO Telmex has improved their services! I kept saying hold on... Telmex will up their services. COMPETITION!
  4. There is a great singles community here at Lakeside. I lived in Guadalajara 15 years, much easier to meet people at Lakeside. Best suggestion- JOIN A CHURCH!
  5. Sorry... the land line is 33-3619-4364 33 is like our 376 making 10 digits
  6. If you know how to get to the Mall in Tlaquepaque, or the tourist area there is a great garage very near, and an easy return to Chapala. Address for GPS-- Rio Danubio 1521, Atlas, Guadalajara, 44870 "Afinaciones Vega" Call to be sure he has stickers, his supply goes up and down. He speaks English. Tell the nice guys 2 gals from Chapala sent you!
  7. soft, extended rain in Chapala around 8-8:30
  8. Doctors in this country have been trained with an understanding that you give back to the poor. I had a top gynecologist in Guadalajara, who told me he offered his services 3 mornings a week in poor areas. If you have a need that requires a top specialist & you belong to Seguro Popular or IMSS, you will find that the best doctors will be called. If you are concerned about a doctor you only pay 40 -50 pesos for, there are many options to pay more.
  9. These fires occur every year in the Primavera Forest on the western side of Guadalajara as you drive out toward Tepic. Coming from Calif., they are a very unfortunate yearly pattern. The smoke comes through the valley and can be seen when looking across the lake as haz.
  10. You need your CURP when renewing your drivers license.
  11. A few weeks ago I had a mammogram, 3D Diagnostic Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound in Guadalajara for $1,150 pesos. My Dra. Iliana Ramos, Quality Care sent me to Diagnosticos por Imagen on Av. Ninos Heroes. With my GPS we zipped in and out of Guadalajara. I have a lot of confidence in Dra. Iliana Ramos.
  12. Yes, I know him and have seen him more than once! You would have to talk to him about his unique training.
  13. 777

    beef jerky

    Where can I buy beef jerky...Lakeside?
  14. Benno's Computer has then in Centro Laguna, San Antonio. Across from the laundry mat.
  15. I've been advised to buy in Chapala then your warranty is local.
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