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  1. Here at Lakeside, I continually ask Mexicans, do you know anyone who is sick? The response has been NO. I've heard of no one in the expat community who is sick. But we are still being cautious. Locally we seem to be well!
  2. Yes, this drug can be dangerous if too much is taken. That is why there is a delay of its use in USA. Scientists are working in determining correct dosage.
  3. This information comes from doctors currently on the front line fighting the virus who can help a large number of people. "We don't stop the virus with panic, but with intelligence. Here is new information from a researcher from Shenzhen transferred to Wuhan to work with the Coronavirus epidemic task force. The following information is clear, simple and accessible to everyone, describing exactly what the virus is, how it is spread from person to person and how it can be neutralized in everyday life. Coronavirus infection does not present itself as the usual cold, with a runny nose or a cough with cathars and sputum, but on the contrary with a dry cough. This is the first sign to identify properly. Important to know: the virus does not resist heat and it dies if it is exposed to temperatures of 26-27 ° and above. It is therefore very important to consume during the day all possible hot drinks such as tea, herbal tea, broth, soups, or simply hot water. The hot liquid neutralizes the virus and it is not difficult to absorb them. Important: Especially avoid drinking iced water or sucking on ice or snow for those who are in the mountains, especially children. For those who can, it is important to expose yourself as much as possible to the sun in accordance with your current climatic conditions. Number 1. The Coronavirus is quite large, it has a diameter of about 400 to 500 nm. This means that any type of mask can stop it. In day to day life, therefore, it is not necessary to have special masks. The situation is different if you are a doctor or medical staff and you have to be exposed to strong discharges of the virus and in this case it is essential to use special masks. If someone who has already been infected sneezes in front of you, and they are 3 m away, it will cause the virus to fall to the ground and therefore prevent it from reaching you. This is the reason why a safe distance is important between people. Number 2. When the virus is found on metallic surfaces, it survives for about 12 hours! It is therefore extremely important when you touch metal surfaces such as doorknobs, doors, household appliances, grab handles on trams, etc. wash your hands well and disinfect yourself carefully. Number 3: the virus can live hidden in clothes and on fabrics for around 6 to 12 hours. Normal detergents can destroy it. For clothes that cannot be washed every day, if you can expose them to the sun or a source of great heat which will kill the virus. How the virus manifests: 1. The virus first settles in the throat, causing inflammation and a feeling of a dry throat: this symptom can last 3 to 4 days. 2. The virus travels using the moisture that is present in the airways, it travels down the windpipe and settles in the lungs causing polmonitis. This passage lasted approximately 5 to 6 days. 3. Polmonitis manifests with high fever and difficulty breathing, and it looks nothing like an ordinary cold. You may even feel like you are drowning due to difficulty breathing. In this case, it is essential to immediately call an emergency care service. How to avoid the virus: 1. The transmission of the virus occurs in the majority of the cases by direct contact, by touching fabrics or materials on which the virus is present: to wash the hands frequently is absolutely essential. The virus survives on your hands for about 10 minutes, but during these 10 minutes a lot can happen: rub your eyes or scratch your nose for example and allow the virus to enter your throat! So, for your well-being and that of others, wash your hands as often as possible and disinfect them! 2. you can gargle with a disinfectant solution that eliminates or reduces the quota of the virus that might have entered your throat. By doing this you will eliminate the virus before it enters the windpipe and then into your lungs. 3. disinfect your computer keyboard and mouse, not to mention your cell phone and desk phone. We all need to pay close attention and take care of ourselves for our well-being and that of others. " Source: Association for the fight against thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases. Milan. www.trombosi.org / Dr.sse Lidia Rota Vender
  4. I read that Cov 19 tests are available at Hospital Puerto Hiero $5,000. Hand sanitizer is available at the health store next to Super Lake... hospital grade sanitizer. I hope he picks up many on his supply run Monday!
  5. This happens at all ATM's. Notify your home bank (US, Canada, or?) and they will adjust the amount they deducted from your account to the amount you withdrew. Amazing how simple the correction is. It is scary at first! Machine do make errors!
  6. We need suggestions for someone who can replace two sections of our chain link fence. Thanks!
  7. Try this... https://serviciosdigitales.imss.gob.mx/portal-ciudadano-web-externo/home
  8. It is late to make reservations for the beach... We are looking for suggestions about places to stay in Sayulita. We would be 5 or 6 women (5 or 6 double beds) with a kitchenette. A pool would be great! Not expensive. Or Cuyutlan We would like Monday through Friday! Jan. or Feb. Thanks!
  9. A friend needs to find a dentist who is a specialist with root canals. We need to have some recommendations. Thank you!
  10. Ken Gosh has put many of his personal items on sale to pay some recent bills. Nice place for a look around. Ken Gosh's studio, El Gallo Gallery, 30 Guadalupe Victoria, Ajijic. Thanks Ken for the charger that I needed!
  11. Thank you Nolajoe and BMH for offering to help me find a charger. I just drove over to Ken Gosh's studio, El Gallo Gallery. He had the charger I needed. Thank you again for your help!
  12. Yes it is a small, round entrance! That would be great! thanks!
  13. Any ideas on where I might find a charger for an old, very simple Telcel phone. It does not connect to the internet. Telcel no longer carries them. I tried Sterns. One solution is buy a new phone. But I'd rather use the one I have. Thanks!
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