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  1. I also haven't had much luck finding good quality essential oils and mostly order from iherb.com (delivery to Mexico takes around 4-5 weeks). But there is a small organic store in Guadalajara where I have seen some http://www.tiendasentidocomun.com/product/aceite-escencial-de-eucalipto/, they also have neem and might be very open in helping to find others, the owner is very talkative, also always answers in their facebook page and has lots of contacts with local suppliers. The rest essential oils I've seen does not really look not on the quality side but proclaim themselves as aromatherapy, so there should be some part of essence in the oils For example, there's a store in Guadalajara center, a little bit further from Teatro Degollado, Les Sens and apart from refillable perfumes they carry a big variety of essential oils - Vert Foret, here are some pictures http://www.lessens.com.mx/PrincipalLsNs.html. I use peppermint and eucalyptus oil from there for cleaning.
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