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  1. hammerhead

    Nicotine Patch

    Good for you, Congratulations.
  2. hammerhead

    Nicotine Patch

    I was told that you could not buy them in Mexico because of some chemical in them that might hurt you. Like smoking may not hurt you? much less KILL you?? Give me a break!! Let's see, over 30,000 people die of lung cancer per year in the U.S. almost all from smoking. How many die trying not to die. What nonsense.
  3. hammerhead

    Where to buy: Drawer glides

    They have both sizes. Good Luck
  4. hammerhead

    Where to buy: Drawer glides

    I have bought them b/4 at both of the lumber yards in Ajijic and Chapala. You will find that they come in different sizes depending the drawer depth.
  5. hammerhead

    Hope House suffers severe hail damage

    And I'll do another $100 USD. That's TWO. Let's keep it rolling, these are a great bunch of kids.
  6. hammerhead

    Black galvanized pipe suppliers

    I think you are looking for black pipe not BLACK galvanized. Black pipe and galvanized are two different types of pipe. True, black pipe is used for gas and other things, but galvanized should never be used for gas as galvanized pipe will " flake " off and plug up the very small orifices at the appliances. I also could not find it her locally a while back, but you might try asking a local hardware store to order it for you. They come in 20 ft. lengths, but are often cut in half to 10 ft. for easy storage and transportation. For shelving, go ahead and use galvanized pipe, no problem. It may cost a bit more and the fitting you will need are available in galvanized. Make sure they have the round floor "mounts" that your 1/2 or 3/4 pipe slides into that secures the entire pipe bracket to the wall ( or floor ).
  7. hammerhead

    What to pay landscaper?

    Pay him in pesos.
  8. The kid's carpentry school Have Hammer for sure would love to have them. Thanks! I will have someone from the school contact you.
  9. hammerhead

    Consignment shops--your favorite

    Just another YES for Todo Bueno between Have Hammers and S and S auto after my experience of many items from top to bottom values being sold to my satisfaction. They have a lot of extra storage area for your extra items which I needed. This non- profit supports MANY causes around lakeside which you would recognise at a glance.
  10. hammerhead

    Outside thermometer

    Buy a plain thermostat used for heating or A/C they for sure are available, also at the same time pick up a magnifying glass to cover it with or buy a cheap pair of reading glasses to hang next to the stat.
  11. hammerhead

    Pemex Station To Avoid, You Tell Me.

    Let's see! If the gas price is $20 pesos per lt and I put into my tank 10 lt of gas and stop, the cost should indicate that I owe $200 pesos so far. If it shows more than $200 pesos, then the pump needs calibrating and you are being screwed. Simple and anyone can do it in 15 seconds.
  12. Is there any more room for more players tomorrow, 1pm at Maria Isabel Restaurant
  13. hammerhead

    SUper Lake bean sellers gone?

    We do have a carpentry trade school here called Have Hammer... will travel who I think has students who you can sponsor or a young guy or girl you know that you can sponsor like your maid or gardeners kid.
  14. If your still needing help on the 29th b/4 bingo call me Richard
  15. hammerhead

    Vist from D.I.F. - mozzies

    Well! Everytime I get nervous it ticks me off or I go and get the spray bottle of OFF. Yuck,yuck.