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  1. I don't post this information because I use any of them. I have Amazon Prime, Netflix and I alternated between Acorn TV and Britbox. I also have 4 library accounts through which I can download videos if I wish (I seldom do.). I post this information only as information which those of you who have cut the cable but haven't established a pay account.
  2. Another one! https://www.howtogeek.com/fyi/watch-free-tv-online-right-now-with-xumo.tv/
  3. https://www.howtogeek.com/fyi/watch-free-tv-and-movies-in-your-browser-with-the-roku-channel-online-no-roku-required/
  4. Ditto above. She is superb! And, if you a senior, she walks you through all the lines.😍
  5. I probably would try for next 6 months awaiting Ilox even though I most likely have to have 12 month contract. BUT according to city dropdown menu, not available here Yet, anyway
  6. Mitsubishi EX200U DLP Projector 2300 Lm HDMI-Adapter Remote TeKswamp Very lightly used • • PLUS Projector-Gear Projector Ceiling Mount for MITSUBISHI EX200U PLUS 100” wall screen $5000 MX
  7. Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple All In One Remote – Black $75 on Amazon ($70 + $5 tax) New in box, very, very slightly used one time, wife doesn’t like. $1500 MX Same price as Amazon, but it is HERE without shipping and 16% IVA
  8. NLU

    Mexico and China - the future is knocking

    I'm afraid that you don't have the differences between the REAL GDP and the NOMINAL GDP quite correct. The key isn't monies sent or not sent offshore; it is price changes, in almost all cases dues to inflation . https://www.cliffsnotes.com/study-guides/economics/gdp-inflation-and-unemployment/nominal-gdp-real-gdp-and-price-level
  9. NLU


    Mr. Google knows a lot! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_general_election,_2000
  10. NLU

    Ilox Subscription Update

    Mr. Google knows but not much different than telecable and telemex dish https://www.ilox.mx/iloxhogar/index.php/servicios/tv-digital
  11. I don't wish to be called a know-it-all, but doesn't this topic belong in Mexico General?
  12. See FREE & LEGAL Streaming Movies and TV topic Fred C. Dobbs: 'When it comes to streaming services, the words "free" and "legal" aren't usually found together. '
  13. And, we mustn't forget USATV Now http://watch.ustvnow.com/
  14. A couple more~ hoopla | streaming audiobooks, music, video & ebooks https://www.hoopladigital.com hoopla is a groundbreaking digital media service offered by your local public library (Most USA libraries; don't know about Canada or other countries.) that allows you to borrow movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, comics and magazines. Kanopy - Stream Classic Cinema, Indie Film and Top Documentaries https://www.kanopy.com/ Watch over 30000 Documentaries, Classic and Indie Films. On Desktop, Mobile and Roku for Students, Professors & Library Patrons. (Only a few USA libraries; again, don't know about Canada or other countries.)