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  1. One must understand that when dealing with many companies here that you are always wrong and they are always correct! I sure that many of us have had that experience in our time here!
  2. Listen to Bisbee Gal. Her information and advice has been spot on. BTW, I just put on both addresses, US & MX.
  3. BE SURE to use Mexican return address on your mail-in ballot as required by poorly written instructions taped to top of ballot box!
  4. They withhold on the principal amount, not off of any earnings so it is possible to lose money If this is true, and since it came from Iintercas, I am sure that it is, what possible reason can there be for an individual to hold money in a Mexican bank?
  5. If you can, use (purchase) your own postage stamp! 55 4 2020!
  6. John, Your post is what this board is supposd to be about! Thanks for the great commentary.
  7. Does anyone know lakeside or GDl dealer, chair with lift?
  8. This is scary stuff! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/mexicos-covid-deaths-pass-30000-worlds-5th-highest-total/ar-BB16lbUJ
  9. NLU

    Keep me safe!

    If a post is edited, does that editing get reflected in the post?
  10. Build a wall! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/citing-coronavirus-fears-mexico-shuts-border-with-arizona-over-holiday-weekend/ar-BB16jilZ
  11. I don't see it as a balance. I believe that a large majority of ILOX' clients have been adequately served by them. That's just the point. It shouldn't be that a large majority of ILOX' clients have been adequately served by them. It should be that all of ILOX' clients have been well served by them.
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