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  1. It's fine with me that you find me tiresome. I find 2 types of Ilox posters tiresome. The first are those who keep apologizing for them, and the second, those who don't find those apologies tiresome.
  2. "a refund check you didn't request' ??? a unilateral abrogation of a contract? is 'that a Mexican cultural thing' ??? If it can happen to one, you can be sure that it can happen to more!
  3. I was with Oit1 when he signed up. I had already signed, but I heard installation included when i signed up as when as when Out1did. I also care about $20 when it;s my $20!
  4. When I was installed, i was told that I would have to pay for the cable. I guess cuz thery unilaterally cancelled my contract, they didn't think it would be worth it to send me a bill.
  5. Battery dead. Had several people look at it to no avail. If you think you can resurrect it, it is yours free to pick up. I believe this is the one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZV9PXP2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. No problems here farthest south in Lower LaFloresta. It is my hope that no one points out that i am too stupid to know that the original poster is in upper LaFloresta!
  7. I posted this only as an FYI. I have not ever used this system as I have no use for ian IPTV, but it is my surmise that it will work with any computer. Best way to get answer is to read Streams For Us Tutorial.
  8. I disagree. It is both frustrating and surprising! Read your post and so many of the posts of others. You guys sound pretty good at this stuff. Most of the rest of us, including me, aren't. We just want it to work like we paid for it to do.
  9. Why would one have to ask if dogs are allowed in a particular restaurant if there isn't a sign so forbidding it. Pets in restaurants is not allowed in Jalisco. If one wanted to bring an elephant into a restaurant and there wasn't a sign forbidding it, would one be encouraged to ask if their elephantn would be allowed?
  10. FYI FROM: Troy at TROYPOINT news@troypoint.com Streams For Us New Application Available Streams For Us is one of the most affordable IPTV services available on the Internet today and many of you have started using it. They charge only $7 per month and offer over 8,500 live channels in HD. Plus, this standard plan includes 2 connections, which means you can use their service on two devices simultaneously. They recently released their new XCIPTV App and we've updated our instructions for how to install this on the tutorial page linked below. If you've been using their service, more than likely you're streaming with their IPTV Smarters branded application and this is what most IPTV providers offer. Their new application provides a nice looking interface with all of the features that you would come to expect such as multi-screen, catch-up, etc. You can install both of these applications on the same device and then use the one that you like best. They are currently running a promotion for 35% off if you purchase their 4 Device package but this expires at midnight on Saturday evening. The link for that discount is in the tutorial that I'm linking to below. Streams For Us Tutorial No IPTV service is 100% reliable and there are problems from time-to-time. I personally subscribe to two different services and enjoy 100% "up-time". Sportz TV is my other preferred choice when it comes to IPTV.
  11. I don't use condiments so if the kids were licking them, it's someone else's problem. But, if that is the hygiene of the place, I think that its location ought to be substantially behind Mirasol, maybe about 3 or 4 miles behind!
  12. So much for plug and play!
  13. My apologies! I didn't realize that providing potential important information would be viewed by recipients of that potential important information as u favorable.
  14. Are the Ilox modems, called inadequate at best by several local computer service people and gurus amnufactured by Ninjing FiberHome StarrySky Communication Development Company Ltd.? If so, google Fengcai
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