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  1. it's easy enuf to check the rate and usage on the bill and tehn compare.
  2. NLU

    Spago’s open

    Try this one: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g499405-d8261854-r301584941-David_s_Cafe-Ajijic.html
  3. NLU

    Spago’s open

    You ordered pasta somewhere else than Alex's? Well, what did you expect?
  4. NLU

    Lakeside Stream TV

    I ain't guessin.' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Music_Man_(1962_film) Recognize a hint when you see one?
  5. NLU

    Lakeside Stream TV

    322 is the area code for River City!
  6. NLU

    Lakeside Stream TV

    I remember the $600 deal. I haven't forgotten.
  7. At 8:15 AM No line Only one car in 4 pump lanes! None in Riberas at 8:10 Said hope truck to be there by about 10 AM
  8. Should be added to the above; And invite you and yuor wife back gratis!
  9. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/664549 God and the Saber-Toothed Tiger: Pay Attention Not one of the three people in front of me was paying enough attention to their present task to be ready to pay the grocery store cashier after their purchase had been rung up. Each of them in turn appeared as a startled dear in headlights when the cashier announced the price of their purchases. It was only then that each of them reached into their pocket or purse to extract either money or a checkbook so that they could pay their bill. This was in spite of the fact that we were all in the Express Check-Out line. At least the two who paid cash didn’t delay the rest of us any longer. The one who paid with a check, of course, had to fill it out while the rest of us waited. It doesn’t do any good to point out to these people the errors of their ways. If one has the bad sense to try to do so, what one would get in return is a “Mind your own business!” or a “What? You in a special hurry or something?” That’s if you’re lucky. It is quite possible that you would receive a vulgarism or even an offer to enter into a physical confrontation. A “This is my business!” retort to the first and a “Why do you think I am in the Express Check-Out lane?” to the second does absolutely no good. There’s little one can do if the latter two possibilities occur. It is just best to grin and bear it in the first place. It isn’t much different in the aisles. There are many shoppers who seem to have taken a course in how to abandon their shopping cart exactly in the middle of the aisle slanted in such a manner while they meander looking for, I am sure, they know not what. Such a clever maneuvering of their abandoned shopping cart makes it impossible to push your cart forward on either side of the one that has been so abandoned. Any mention of this by you to them is more than likely to receive a response similar to the ones already mentioned. Again, it is just best to grin and bear it in the first place. Now that we have cell phones to make already horrible drivers even worse, to enable them to drive as poorly as if they were intoxicated, defensive driving has become more of a chore than it already was. Walking behind an obtuse threesome stretching across the entire sidewalk has always been a problem. Walking towards that threesome who seem to be enjoying themselves and each other so much that even when they look up and see someone approaching them, they still continue on their path as if it had been preordained that they should be allowed to do so and the approaching party should be obliged to merge with the wall of the adjacent building. Now, one has to practice defensive walking like never before. Not only young people, a goodly proportion of them walking like they’re drunk, looking down instead of ahead. They’re not only texting or receiving one, they are deaf as well due to their headphones which enable them to either talk to a third party while texting or be listening to music loud enough to prevent them from hearing an “Excuse me!” Worse yet, they probably couldn’t hear a car horn warning them that they were about to be disenabled. The first time I saw someone talking to themselves like that I suspected that it might well be a person with an addled brain. Now, I am sure of it! Still waiting in that Express Check-Out line, there was an announcement over the store’s speaker system. The voice was reminiscent of George Burns, the actor. “Attention! Attention, please! I suggest that you all pay close attention. This is God speaking. I have been watching all of you, and I have come to the conclusion that the ability to pay attention seems to have been bred out of almost all of the members of the human race. That is not the way I created you. I intend to correct this evolutionary flaw. At exactly noon Greenwich Mean Time tomorrow, I will be releasing several millions of saber-toothed tigers around the world. They will be wandering this planet of ours for the next seven days. For the next seven days, I suggest that you all pay close attention.” “I repeat!” “At exactly noon Greenwich Mean Time tomorrow, I will be releasing several millions of saber-toothed tigers around the world. They will be wandering this planet of ours for the next seven days. For the next seven days, I suggest that you all pay close attention.” I was sure that a goodly number of people weren’t paying attention and didn’t hear the warning. Maybe next week, I would not have to pay so much attention to those who didn’t pay attention.
  10. Perhaps, it is cuz they don't know the routine!
  11. NLU

    Capital One

    I have a Magic Jack gratis (or a 6-pak, your choice) to the first PMer who will come and pick it up.
  12. I can never feel sorry for people who cause me delay with their unpreparedness. It isn't just their concern for the petty small talk in which they persist while waiting in line; it is that that petty small talk is indiciative of their character of disrespect for others in the world arounf them.
  13. The Haunted Monastary e-book is avaiablle at The Free Library of Phuiladelphia; I didn't find anything at The San Diego City or County Libraries or The Chicago Public Libarary. The Kindle edition of Murder in Ancient China: Two Judge Dee Mysteries (Chicago Shorts) is available for free at Amazon. Others are much more costly.
  14. Sorry about that Chillin, but I get best sellers from my library on their national release date!
  15. Ferret, Yes, libraries only lend one copy at a time of the copy that they purchased. if they purchsed 60 copies, they can lend 60 at a time, but ONLY 60. The 61st patron must wait until a copy is returned.