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  1. There are a lot of limitations, apticularly for us here in mexico. But, I think that the info is worth having. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp0ozSojcDg&t=352s
  2. https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/spacex-plans-to-start-selling-high-speed-home-internet-in-the-summer-of-2020/ sorry for that extra 2 in the 20222 originally posted
  3. "If you are watching NetFlix without a VPN, you are watching NetFlix Mexico. Do a search for CHEERS." A few year ago people told me they were watching Netflix USA, NOT Mexico, without a VPN. I'm not sure it is true now, butit was then. I told them look for House of Cards. Sure 'nuf, wasn't there as they were watching Netflix Mexico Some are "Very happy with Netflix Mexico & Prime Mexico. Yes there are programs available in different countries that aren't available in Mexico." I'm glad they are very happy. Just don't claim you are getting something that can't be gotten without a VPN. It just confuses everytbody. Always check with CG. He's one of the few around here who is consistently correct about this tech stuff!
  4. $1,000 I believe bought a few years ago at Costco Mexico for somewhere around $2500-$3000. Not used much but used. NON-WORKING same (I believe) model currently on e-Bay at the same price as my definitely working model. https://www.ebay.com/p/Samsung-ML-2165W-Workgroup…/112269215
  5. "If for some odd reason Ilox does not work out for you you can always go back to Telmex." SUGGESTION: DON't cancel Telemex until you are sure that Ilox has satisfied your needs. I have a good friend who is a techie. That is what he did. He discovered that he is much more satisifed with Telmex than with Ilox and when his contract with Ilox expires, he will not renew, but will stay withTelmex. I wish I had been smart enough to have done that in the beginning. I would have saved myself a lot of grief without too high of a monetary cost.
  6. Lily H: "I was trying to be helpful even if it is useful to one person but instead of gotten slammed. What an internet outrage!" I couldn't agree and sympathize with you more.
  7. google voice is basically free with obitalk https://www.amazon.com/OBi200-Adapter-Support-Service-Renewed/dp/B07SF8LYG6/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=obitalk&qid=1567260017&s=gateway&sr=8-4 a side benfit of obitalk is that it sends you an e-mail every time the internet connection is lost even if it is only lost for a few seconds that's the major reason i always knew when i lost my connection to my internet provider when one starts getting 10+ e-mails every hour that you have lost your internet connection one begins to suspect that their internet provider might not be telling them everything when they say 'everything is fine.'
  8. I have used the CBX crossing since it opened. As Paco Loco sez, maybe not the 'world,, but US-MX, 'The easiest border crossing in the world.'
  9. I'm curious how one makes unsweetend apple sauce with ' a little sugar.'
  10. It's not the best, but HEB in Leon carriestheir housebrand (I belive made by Dole) minis. It's what I have settled for in between trips to the States and Trader Joe's.
  11. What is exchange rate? Same as Schwab (about 19:1)?
  12. Sorry CG. Monopolies operate the same everywhere. I wish that I had your knowledge od this tech stuff! enuf said!
  13. 'iLox has kickstarted the anti-trust spirit here.' Sorry, CG, but an MBA course in Strategic Thinking would tell you that a major national monopoly like Telmex does does change course due to a local blip like Ilox! One can be fairly certain that whatever Telex is doing Lakeside has been in their strategic pipeline for several years. https://www.lakeforestmba.edu/academics/courses/STR-5130-Strategic-Thinking.aspx
  14. Try Victor Godinz hugogodi@mail.tvrey.com.mx
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