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  1. gringohombre the tv service is different than the internet if you are getting a constant (non-staccato) signal from Ilox, you shouldn'thave any problem streaming
  2. the same poor fuzzt y picture for the few days i had it
  3. John, My Telmex phone number was ported to Ilox on a Wed I never cancelled my Telmex service So when i had to go back to telmex the following Tuesday, their office was able to port my then Ilox number back to Telmex Don't know how that affects you, but I had no problem with Telmex service being cancelled when ilox ported number
  4. Last week, CFE replaced all the poles and wires on the street where I live. I was. of course, without power for several hours. When the power came back on, the Telemex phone and modem lit up, but no dial tone or internet. i went outside and found the Telmex guy who mwas woeking alongside the CFE guys. He had already passed my house and was workig further down the block. He came back to my house to check. Lo and behold, the CFE guys had cut my Telmex wire.He was visably unhappy about it, but he said to wait a bit. He climbed the pole, installed a new wire, and I was reconnected to Telmex. I don't know wny this happened to me. I was in the house reading, minding my own business, but I lost my internet and phone service anyway. Sorry, CG. But apparently these utility guys, whether line men or CEOs, don't know or don't care about what's illegal.
  5. Mainecoons, To file a compliant with PROFECO really isn't worth it. What would I win if I won? The right to go back to where i don't want to be? The only reason i would do so would to put the occurance on record so that it can't happen to anyone else in our community. Re the contract: Not knowing much about Mexican law shouldn't stop one from thinking that no law can exist that allows a contract to be unilateraly negated when it specifically says that both parties must agree to any modification.
  6. Angus, that may be the case. But, there is NO question that I have received about the same quality of internet service that many here on this board have complained about, And, there is NO question that Ilox breached the contract. I have posted a copy of it previously. Read it. It clearly saysd that no modificarions can be made to the contarct without the consent of both parties.
  7. Fred, The quote was from cafemediterraneo Neither would I use the word 'dropped." Rathwer I would say Ilox breached their contarct.
  8. 'We changed over from Telmex to avoid such incidents' Good luck!
  9. With thanks to Mainecoons: I'm assuming you know how to go towards Lagos de Moreno using the new Macrolibremiento. THE RUN TO PHARR Shortly after you cross the Leon toll road just outside of Lagos, you will go up a long hill, at the top of which on the LEFT hand side is a very big Pemex full of trucks. Just past that, you'll see a sign directing you to turn left in order to go to San Luis Potosi. Take this left, this is what passes for a ring road around San Luis Potosi that will bring you out on the other side of town and back to Mex 80. This road is pretty bad, some say it is better to go through Lagos but you need a GPS to guide you through there. I've never done it but may try it next time. You'll cross a railroad track and wind around a bit before coming to a big intersection. You will notice that most of the traffic will angle across this slightly to the right. Do this, keep going. After this you always go straight as you slowly circle around to your right. At the end, you come to a traffic circle. Follow the signs to San Luis Potosi. You do a right hand turn followed by an immediate left across the bridge and then just go straight. From here, you are on the new toll road between Lagos and San Luis Potosi (SLP). Just keep going straight. Eventually you will end up on the new west side bypass cuota for San Luis Potosi. Follow signs to Matehuala to the exit on the north side of San Luis Potosi. That puts you back on Mexico 57 the main road to Laredo. You could go there to turn in the TIP as well. Go on this road for a ways, you come to a big police checkpoint. Just before it is a good gas and food stop on your left, "La Estacion" which you'll see railroad cars around it. Right past the police checkpoint, first major exit, you are going to exit right onto Mex 75, follow the signs for Ciudad Victoria via corta (cuota). You'll go a ways on this and approach a very big cement plant on your left, just past an exit for it. This is a speed trap area, slow down as you approach the bridge and past it. Cop sits under the bridge. Not far from the cement plant is the exit for Mex 101 north clearly marked to Ciudad Victoria. Take this right hand exit onto this toll road. You are going to ride on a long stretch of 101 to just outside of C. Victoria. Right past the big military checkpoint, you cross a bridge over a river and come to a junction. Stay RIGHT onto Tamps 126, this is the C. Victoria bypass. You take this all the way in a straight line until you come to the end of Tamps 126 which exits for a short stretch onto Mex 70 headed east. This is a right hand exit and is signed towards Matamoros, I believe and maybe San Fernando. You will come to an overpass in a couple miles and there's a big Pemex and restaurant on the left. Cross the bridge, turn left onto the ramp. At the end of the ramp you can make a left into the Pemex but be careful. We generally stop at the Pemex to gas up and potty break. You will go north on Mex 70 a few miles and see a right hand exit for Route 101 again, which you will rejoin at that point. Definitely signed towards Matamoros. You're going to ride a long time on Mex 101 until you finally come to an exit signed to Reynosa and Mex 97. This is a right hand exit onto an overpass over the 101, take it. You're now pointed straight north. Now it is almost a straight shot to just outside of Reynosa. You will pass the old and now closed Aduana checkpoint at KM 19(19 klicks south of the border) and go maybe 6-8 klicks more where you'll see a big Pemex on your left just before an overpass. Take the right hand exit before the overpass onto the Pharr shortcut. It will bring you directly to the bridge. Stay in the far left lane as you approach and circle around to the left following signs to turn in your car permit.
  10. Perhaps, GoSolar can check this out, and if the local CFE is in fact deleting credits so, if thy are doing so within existing national regulations.
  11. Mainecoons, Strangely enuf, after i was forced back to Telmex, I am having the same experience. Everything seems to be working much better, the only buffering I am experiencing is when i hook up to my NOB Xfinity. It seems to load slowly and then buffer on and off for about 10 minutes, then work perfectly for the rest of my viewing time. I don't have a signed contract with Telmex, so I hope that they don't cancel my telephone and internet connection if I should ever have a problem with their service and notify them of the problem.
  12. Tom, I had several reactions to your post, not all positive ones. But in the end, all I could do was to have a good laugh!
  13. Rick, One of us is misreading this post. I quoted the first part because that was the part that dealt with the poster's problem BEFORE he took action with additional hardware. He said: 'About a week ago I ordered the Linksys Velop Mesh system, 3 unit Whole house system, On sale now at Costco for $5,000 MXN ( i discovered this after I paid a lot more). My house has an 8,500 Sq. ft area to be covered.. It was delivered to my house at 2pm on Friday and I currently have WIFI through out my house at a stable 20 to 30 MBPS. I turned off the ILOX Wifi in their modem and hooked up the Linksys system and now I do not have the issues with my Fire Stick hanging up and stuttering any more. This is the solution to the issue with ILOX WIFI issues. There are many good Mesh systems out there but I flipped coin and went with Linksys. It appears that ILOX went on the really cheap when they purchased their modems. As a footnote, to measure the wired signal speed accurately, go to stanford.speedtest.googlefiber.net and run the speed test. I see a consistent 85 to 110 Mbps to this server in California." The KEY WORD in this second half is 'currently.' 'Currently' means NOW after he installed a $5000 MX web mesh (which by thw way I bought today. I'll let you knopw how it works for me on my current ole telmex system.) And, I don't have an agenda.. Back when i first became in the drive to bring Ilox to our community, i had an agenda: to get to the required number of pesoes. it was for that reason i signed up for the triple Double. It was higher priced and would help more to get to the magic $3 million Mx goal. Now, my only purpose in maing these posts is to advise my community as to what actually happened to a client of Ilox. I continue to wish ilox the best, not because i care anything about Ilox, because i don't and nefer eally did, but because if Ilox ultimately succeeds in delivering the services they promised to deliver, my community will benefit.
  14. Only if one gets that speed and gets it constantly, and if one is not paying for the 250/300 service. To quote Davep: 'I have had ILOX installed for 38 days and was not pleased with the quality of the WIFI (was no better than Telmex, Telcel or ATT). I bought the 100 mbps package, hoping I would get at least half of that. I could not get over 60 Mbps on any of the test programs and only sporadically. So, went to ILOX office and had a discussion with young lady (very Nice, but no help). She gave an email address to send emails. I sent emails and ILOX responded, but no help. I got an email from a Mr. Godinez (the ILOX TELECOM IP address is registered in his name), he assured me that I was getting 100 Mbps and I should take his word for it no matter what the Speed tests showed. There was a lot of BS and double redundant weasel wording involved in many responses to my emails. When I finally decided ILOX would be of NO help in resolving the issue, I decided this when he said in his last email " we do not guarantee speed delivered to residential locations".' So much for the 85/100mbpa.
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