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  1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mexico-economy-gdp/mexico-entered-recession-in-early-2019-dealing-blow-to-president-idUSKBN1XZ1JF
  2. the best person from whom to get an answer to your question is Lupe call him but, yes he does house calls
  3. Agree! Gibran is excellent. Among other things, he has installed my Ring. Unfortunately, due to thcik concrete walls, can't get strong enuf internet signal, so he is today installing an extender.
  4. Gone to deserving kids!
  5. All have combination card. PM me.
  6. I'm really sorry! I must apologize for bothering those of you that I bothered!! By the way, my paperwork from yesterday's emission testing sez "Fecha limite para la proxima verificacion: lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2020." That translates to: "Deadline for next verification; Monday 30 November 2020." I guess I must be really dumb for following the instructions rom http://siga.jalisco.gob.mx/talleres/ So, I will give up!
  7. Pardon me for trying to provide information that my Mexican wife got directly from http://siga.jalisco.gob.mx/talleres/ In the future, I will try not to inform the community.
  8. I'm not sure that I understand it correctly, but what i understand is that on january 15, 2020 the moratotium on emissions testing will end. After that, i am sure there will be a rush and crowds to get the testing done. Today, i went to Servicio Automotriz Avila CARRETERA AL VERDE #1100 LAS PINTITAS, 45680 El Salto, Jal., Mexico with an appointment. Great leady, in and out, $420 MX Done til next November!
  9. I suspect that a 60 liter solar boiler would suffice if all you are interested in is the tub. But, the prices, including installation, are quite low even for a 240 liter. I have 2 240s, 2 120s and a 60, free hot water for the tubs (I have 4) and everything else! ALL bouight from alfonso@solartechnology.com.mx I know he's in Guad, but 12 years ago, I had a bad install from someone who subcontracted from him. The damned thing blew up, but Alfonso replaced it at his expense. i have done myriads of business with him ever since and recommend him HIGHLY!
  10. I went thru the intersection about 1 hour before that complaining all the way about the new topes asking myself how is it possible that 13 new topes wouldn't slow those guys down when maybe only 6 or 7 were required to do so? then at the second batch i told myself this was dumb why are these needed when the guys are already slowed down? i guess I had better stop peculating and talking to myself and start paying more attention to reality and what happened an hour later
  11. Thanks! I figured that out. But, i suspect libriemto to Chapal and north to new periferico (knowing that further noth to first returno there as well) might be better. Though will leave around 7 AM on a Sunday so traffic won't be a big issue. But, thanks again!
  12. with the southbound exit to Colima closed (road from La Molina), any suggestions as to best route?
  13. Teknogeekz but it appears that his previous posts have been deleted
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