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  1. Forgot to mention I am from the U.S. (but currently taking Spanish classes...so I can speak some Spanish). I will look in to a good place to meet. Anyone who is interested, please let me know what day/time of the week would work best for you. I'm thinking Thursday eves 7-9pm. something like that.
  2. I'm a 46 year old single woman who has been living permanently in Lakeside for a year. I am not in to the bar scene, only drink on occasion (don't mind others who drink lightly, socially), smoke or do drugs. I work from home and would love to meet other younger, non-retired people who work full time yet still want to make time to socialize. I'd be willing to organize a weekly get together at a central location Lakeside (evening or weekends) for those who are under 55ish and working and looking to meet others with a similar non-retired lifestyle. Areas of interest might range from urban walks to trips to Guad for exploring to book groups to computer or work networking. Please let me know if you are interested! Marina
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