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  1. I used to work in a health food store in the states and we sold Biotene in that type of context; thus the suggestion to check at Prasad. He ordered something for me and may be able to get it for you. Worth a try, eh?
  2. You may be able to get Gil from Prasad to order it for you. Across from Bugambilias mall.
  3. who did you have do it? (install drain) I loved BDL's post. I always soaked the clothes in the alberca with soap, then rubbed on was board side. then used hose to rinse, then ran to clothes line after ringing out with clothes still dripping. sloppy as it was , i made i work. nice to know how the real deal is done.
  4. Miriam, that was an awesome explanation. I have used mine in many houses i have lived in. I'm with Kosika. Why aren't they constructed with a drain? Who knows... I am wondering if there is a way someone could take the proper tool and cut out a drain. I'll admit that i use the laundermat because i live on second floor and have really nowhere to hang the laundry. I can use the downstairs line until the place gets rented then back to hanging on patio railings. I did not mind using mine exclusively when it was in an open air patio in other houses and the lines were right there. I used to challenge myself, and then the money I saved I used for fun money. I realize the majority of people would not at all be entertained by this. I am losing interest myself and plan to buy a washer when I move to my next casa soon. I do like using the lavadero for many other things though and am going to explore having a drain hole cut into it.
  5. I spoke to my neighbors and they said the price of Monte Carlo is about 450 pesos a month pass which is about what you pay for one day at the San Juan Cosala Hotsprings. We are going on Monday so I will report daily prices later.
  6. Ned Small and Cedros: Could you please give some directional orientations to those pools. I'd sure appreciate it. TIA
  7. Say I am managing my stay by having to return to the border every 6 months to renew the FMM. It seems obvious from what I read that you cannot just fly to the border, get a new FMM, and come back expecting the TIP to continue to be good. It appears from what the people are saying that one must renew the TIP every 6 months as well which means driving the car to the border, not flying there and back for a quick renewal. If that isn't so please impress me with the truth. It seems to make sense from the many posts. I would rather fly than drive to do a renewal but it doesn't seem like that is what you do.
  8. Thank you. Very, very useful information that I have made a note of. I would have not realized if you fly out and leave the car in there could be trouble, even if you come back with the fresh FMM. Now I know if i want to keep refreshing the FMM, that I have to show up with the car to also get a new Tip. Is there a number of days you have to stay in the states before getting a new TIP and FMM?
  9. I have used homeopathy both in New Mexico and Mexico. It works for me sometimes. It is worth a try for certain things. I have been mostly a lifetime herbalist, so it took me awhile to get on board with this alternative. I learned a great deal while working in a vitamin/herb store. It opened me up when I heard stories of positive results from customers. I began trying it for a few things with mixed results. The thing I like is that if it doesn't work, it doesn't harm you, unlike many pharmaceuticals. I have actually had great results for several things where I was at the end of my rope and nothing else had been working.
  10. I don't care for Ajijic. Already tried that. Many of my friends call Jocotepec Joco for short. very common. 

  11. Hi Mainecoons:

    Don't know how long you've been out of ABQ now but thank GOD  you got out of that hellhole. I have lived between TAOS and SF since back these three years. All you here on news about ABQ is helacious carjackings and revolving door thugs. I could never live there.

    Trying to put in 4 more years, then retire, but who knows. 


    hope the mainecoon kitty is still livin'

    Cheers, Teresa (virgogirl)


  12. GA356, I'm with you. I like having a car here. I had an old car down here for the last 2 and a half years. In GDL I used it lightly. Here in Ajijic, I used it lightly. But when I needed to use it to ease my work routine (client in Chula Vista Norte or El Parque for example) I was glad to be able to use it. Then the laws changed about legally being able to drive the USA plated vehicles on a RES TEMP work visa. My car was in no shape to drive back to the border, but a good puttputt for around here. I took the risk and sold it on a Carta Responsiva and will never be able to remove the TIP. Now if I was anything but a worker bee living from hand to mouth, I would have made different choices about my car. I would have driven it back, and then bought a mexican oldie. For the last two weeks I've been without a car now. And it is a pain in the rump. For those jobs I used to buzz to in a car, now I am dinking around with hours of time in transport, It's not even worth it. I need to return to the border for family matters, but the car thing was really the deal breaker. While I put up with the ever changing English teacher gigs, always grabbing for jobs, visa problems, and this and that, the car thing soured me. I will always love Mexico. But when I decide to live abraod again, I will be looking for another country.
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