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  1. This may seem naive to ask, but what can a person actually do with someone's visa? Sell it? It seems it would bereally difficult to steal someone's identity, but then the thieves are the experts, I'm not.
  2. Is there anything a person can do to be aware of counterfeit bills? What is a distinguishing feature?
  3. This food can raise your sodium levels off the chart, but to each his own. I will agree that a good burger can be hard to find. I ordered a burger once at Coffee Hour in Chapala. Mystery meat city. It was sooooooo bad I couldn't even complain and ask for something else. Whatever that was between a soggy white bun wasn't meat. This pasty kind of reddish brown stuff was unbelievably gross. When I'm hungry for a good burger, I fry one up from ground beef I get at Tony's. Can't really beat it in my opinion.
  4. Which general community do you live in.Maybe you can figure out a way to call around to some of your local shops, if you're comfortable with Spanish.
  5. I very much enjoyed this story. It is an intimate and unusual glimpse into a lakeside character. So well written that I felt like I could look right in and experience who the person was. Nice share.
  6. Thanks for your responses and the report about ejido. I suppose ejido protests are unpredictable. you could get out there on any given day and be delayed, annoyed, stranded, blocked or whatever. guess it is a risk again. Seems like Spencer knows that they don't do the kind of paperwork I need to do after 3 Thank you Spencer.
  7. I just read the thread posted by bournemouth for a heads up over backups on the carretera as the protest from ejido start again. I'm concerned about getting in and out of there. Maybe it will be better to go after 3pm if they are still open at that time.
  8. Not sure how this posted 4 times. If a mod. could remove the other three, that would be great.
  9. I need to go the Aduana at the airport to report my change of visa status as it relates to my foreign plated vehicle. I have all the paperwork together. How late are they open on a Friday for something like this? Thanks ahead of time for your response or a resource where I can check. I didn't list it on Customs and Immigration because I don't think folks view it as frequently as this one.
  10. I imagine they have already checked all the nursing homes/care facilities?
  11. You could also contact Rony. He knows about that kind of stuff. 331-313-5568
  12. another referral is Juan Martinez. He is basically the go to in Coto La Mora. Folks have told me he does clean aljibes. 33-3508-2008 I don't believe he speaks English.
  13. try the gonzales family. the boys just did mine in a couple hours. (in Riberas) -Jose Luis Gonzales and Sons (not sure the cost) but i think not as much as above. (landlord pays and that is why i don't know the cost) If you call, tell him Teresa form the Coto referred. 33 1326-4662-Jose Luis-speaks English
  14. Jose Luis Gonzales- 331-326-4662 Has worked on water system problems at my house. Guarantees work. I can't say how much he charges, as the landlord pays. But he is bilingual, and thorough. Out of Chapala-Las Redes
  15. Post Script OP: I have worked in some of the companies located between lakeside and the city teaching executives and accounts and the like business english. pays well, and your finance background would be an asset.
  16. Consider gaining the TEFL Certificate in a quality certificate course in Guadalajara. Check out programs for such at Vancouver Language Center, ITTO and used be be one of their teacher trainers. It's a quality course. One month intensive. The school promises you work after you receive the certificate, and there are schools that hire Native Speakers here at lakeside. I have been teaching in Guadalajara and lakeside on and off since 2006. I really enjoy this type of work. PM me if you like more info.
  17. I have friends working with Edward Jones. They dump clients who live abroad. Most of the financial officers and business managers get to know their clients very well, so there is no wiggle room with them. When I still lived in the states, I was aware of many issues the clients faced with Ed Jones when they left the country. Thus, I never worked with them, knowing I would soon be coming back here.
  18. Chapala is a great place to hang and putter around in the shops. I love the malecon there and sitting around reading or studying Spanish in cafes. I like the culture there. I never feel price gouged there like i would if i shopped in Ajijic. I find myself embracing the cultivation of my Spanish skills by spending my late afternoons and evenings there.
  19. Oh, and one more thing MC. Yes, Before I moved to the belly up failed frac, (very poetic), I lived up above where the Chapala Monday market ends. Ah, such a luxury to have 6 day a week garbage pick up. The only luxury over the rats, dog packs, neglected and abused animals, and a garbage throwing mentality. Music played by one set of neighbors enough to make anyone lose their minds. I'm a music lover. But not at window rattling, wall shaking levels with no end, day and night. So God bless the garbage services. The need is great for the very few residents who care and clean up tons of garbage and trash that other mindlessly throw.Havfe I mentioned the exteme amount of dog doo. You wouldn't last a day there, MC. Again, God bless the garbage men in places like that. Think of it as your charity.
  20. MC, I love this belly up failed frac!! It's good for an old hippy like me not to be living in a "gated community". The Coto La Mora- Riberas is very dollhouse, clean and friendly with Mexicans, Brits, Americans and Canadians. It feels so international. I feel like i died and went to heaven finding this.I can't get a phone or internet here, (different thread). Oh well. I adjusted. Internet from neighbor, cell phone. I find I can enjoy Ajijic better if I only visit, and I visit often. There is something cool about each and every community up and down the carretera. MC, you know New Mexico as I do. It's like discussing Taos, Santa Fe and ABQ. Different strokes for different folks. Verdad? I don't care about the politics. it's quiet with no garbage or dogshit.
  21. I jst moved to the "failed fracc".Riberas. So quiet and peaceful. great place to walk. People take care of their dogs, thus no dog shit, dog packs, and minimal barking. Why???? people take care of things. Animals are in at night. There is no garbage thrown around. Chapala is a lovely walking town. So enjoyable to walk on the main drag. Driving is easier , too, IMO. I like some of the things that go on in Ajijic, so enjoy LCS stuff and the like. Tried living there 3 years ago. Lasted 4 months. Everyone has their preferences, that's for sure, and it is nice to be able to access all the communities so easily if you want a little variety in your day.
  22. Dicho: I just moved and now have a surinam cherry tree on my front terrace and i am loving those. I haven't had those since I lived in Hawaii. Also, in Hawaii, we had the "ice cream bananas" but they were not blue. Ned Small, you questioned the ice cream quality, and I found that it was in the creamy texture that differed from ordinary bananas. I am in heaven with the surinam cherry tree. A handful a day keeps the doctor away.
  23. The LCS no longer hosts the singles group but gave me a number. Ron Bawra 766-2644. ajijicsingles.org. he says they meet about once a month.
  24. Mainecoons, the Singles group is no longer listed in the activities in the November LCS newsletter. I asked about it today in the office and I was told something like it kind of is and kind of isn't connected to LCS, whatever that meant. They dug up a number from the cardex. I haven't called it yet. To the OP. I'm 63, been back here two months and keep thinking I should move to a place with younger energy, but I have a reason to be here currently. It's easy and familiar and suits my needs. Probably will move on in 4 years. I keep filtering through lots of activities to find like-minded.
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