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  1. Thank you Oregonto chapala. I think my mistake was to initiate two processes at once. I asked for address change from USA address to my address here. This initiated more forms. The cancellation of medicare Part B only required one form and the copy of the passport. So I recommend anyone needing to do processes thru internet in gdl, just do one at a time, because if they need more info, then they will hold up ALL processes waiting for the info. this is where i went wrong. i just submitted the last bundle of paperwork friday night, don't know if this will satisfy them. Intercasa is right, when you are working and collecting social security if you make over the limit which is around 17,000 dollars a year it goes against your social security check. I don't come close to that kind of money, nor the limit on tax filing. Here's the bottom line, because I wanted to change my address to am mexican one, that called for the form 21. then i answered that i was working. that called for an added form 1763. It all just made me crazy but it is all submitted now, so we'll see. Kyle, I don't remember opting in to medicare part B. But maybe I did two years ago when i initially started the SS before I can back here. I think they automatically start it unless you made the effort tom opt out before 65. I just didn't think about that. Those of you who wrote to say i should be canadian or something, the banter does not belong on this thread and has nothing to do with the nature of my question. thanks to all others who answered the OP properly. Teresa
  2. I recently turned 65 and the subsequent SS check had Medicare taken out so once I noticed that, I started the process of filling out forms and dealing with having it removed. I decided to change my address with them as well to here in mexico. This triggered more form filling and a deep look into my work status down here. They were asking for work contracts which the three schools i have worked for have not given but I provided legal documents filed for INM to prove the employment. Now I have high anxiety about how much more info they will want, or will they just process it. I've talked to people who have had months of hoop jumping to get the Medicare cancelled. So far I have understood that the SS located in GDL is far quicker than trying to do it thru the states, so at least i feel on the right track that way. I'm looking for what your experience has been to get medicare cancelled and how long it took. My income is low as an English teacher, not enough to file taxes on or report against the SS check. I wonder if they are going to have me investigated by the IRS. I just hate this feeling. Comments welcomed.
  3. does anyone know when the social security officials will be visiting LCS or American legion?
  4. I know someone who overstays the tourist visa frequently, then goes to the states how this person manages that is telling them that the visa is lost and paying a fine. Now when i heard that this person was going to do that, I worried the person wouldn't get back in after the month NOB. But the person did come back without trouble. Not something I'd do. but if you overstay you could use that strategy. Not sure if it works for EVERYONE the same. Experiences could vary.
  5. Well, there are several reasons why I work in this country. First, when I lived in GDL, I found the work conditions to be decent and normal and schedules were predictable and good. I worked as a licenced psychotherapist most of my life,LAKESIDE 7. I changed careers in 2006 in GDL, getting certified in TEFL and then training teachers. I've had great jobs here and teaching motivated people English is rewarding. In 2016, I retired with small social security that doesn't make financials for the other visa options. I can live on it OK, but it doesn't allow me permanente. However, a path to permanente for me is holding a work permit for 4 consecutive years and then becoming permanente. I have a passion to teach. Usually schools are run by educators, academic types, intellectuals. The ones that are run as "money mills" are the ones that mistreat the teachers. I have worked at many schools that were excellent overall. The problem at lakeside is that the pickins are thin for incorporated schools (connected with INM) I hope that answers your question,Lakeside 1. And no, never was into self-flagellation. Just working as a professional, master degreed, certified teacher workin' my way to permanente status. I won't sue them, but certainly may pursue my severance.
  6. I respect the use of "helpers" to take you in and out of the city; however, I speak Spanish and don't need these things. I also used to live in GDL so know my way around. My friend just got back for the states and also needs here licence. She said she was aware that if you got to Ocotlan they usually fail you on the drivers test, then you pay the mordida and get the licence. sounds a little dicey, but we have taken trips there just for the fun of it, so wouldn't be a bad drive. GDL seems easy to me. Take Chapala Plus, then a taxi, do business, take a taxi or bus back to bus station, Chapala Plus home. We are checking at the Municipal building in Chapala later this week to see when they are coming to Chapala again. I will report back. As for the person who needs a replacement card, I'd ask at the Transito Vial. I saw handout sheets in there in English some time ago.
  7. because he saved the money, he gave the savings out to the baggers who are no employees, only make tips. nice of him...
  8. I believe these are Mariana Francos' contracts. Very good job in Business English. My specialty. I spoke to her previously and she is not registered. So you would have to be permanente or Mexican national. But thanks for the tip. I had been working for "the only legal game in town". I had been overworked for over a year. There was a promise I could work a regular predictable schedule when we got the two new teachers. Lasted for 3 days. Then it was back to enslavement and abuse. Needing to be "on-call " from 8am-9pm. I pushed hard for what had been promised and got fired. I asked for the alguinaldo over being fired but did not receive it. I had been a loyal employee for over a year, never sick, calling in, always there for them. They figured I wouldn't get a lawyer and push it. They always do that there in their other business as well figuring folks will just go away and give up.
  9. Thank you Spencer. How can I get in touch with SANE, as I never heard of it, and thought i combed the area well. What I don't understand is the ins and outs of it. Do they have to pay the gov. to be registered? What do they have to report? Taxes, rosters of teachers/ students? I just want to understand the cost and time comsuming aspect to settle my mind. I have been in so many situations over the years where they see a Native speaker with my credentials and they want me in tomorrow, promising the propers and delivering nothing. In this political climate, I wonder if they realize how dire that is for the visa holder. I understand the system will slap the hand of the school and deport (at most severe) the extranjero whom is working with an entity that is not incorporated with INM. Before 2013, I had my visa and could work for the legal representative as well as other unregistered schools in GDL. They say you can't work for ANYONE not registered now. Thanks for the info on SANE and it's location if you know it.
  10. hoarding animals and then becoming depressed over caring for them is an issue in itself. it is very codependent behavior. not to judge, but i agree she assaulted him, as a fact of the matter, regardless of all else. i agree it should be resolved peacefully if possible.
  11. I have 90 days with which to re-establish a connection with an employer because i hold a Residential Temporal -Permiso para Trabajar. There is only 1 game in the Chapala area to work legally as an English teacher and they like to take you as hostage and keep you enslaved from 8am-9pm. So I am completely over that as I did it for about a year. I worked many years in GDL in the past, never encountered that. I will be seeking work in GDL and commuting by Chapala Plus if I can find something. My big question is why aren't the private language schools, or private schools in general connected and registered, licenced and permitted to hire extranjeros?? I am seeking insight as to why so few are legal. Maybe it is because they have to then pay taxes and report their accounts exactly, and whatever else, which can be costly. If they mess up they may be subject to fines. I'm not sure, and while I try to fish for information from employers who aren't on board, answers are not forthcoming. They will lie to you that they are legal because they have need for the teacher. Now I demand their work permit ahead of the game. I say I cannot be on board until the paperwork flies at INM. And this is now how it is done. Not like the "old days" before law changed in 2013. So by pushing the envelope, you can see if they REALLY have what they say. Most say "start tomorrow" and we will get this for you. Then they don't deliver. happened to me many times and all the time you are working illegally the burden is on you. The extranjero can be deported while the school gets a hand slapping. I used to work for a real nice school in GDL and they fell off the INM wagon. They lost their incorporation to the gov. At that time, earlier this year, 8 teachers made an exit due to legality. Many came from abroad and were promised visas. The school always provided and maintained that. Then they fell from grace and no one was told why. I am trying to go back there, but I am waiting for them to tell me they are back on board, and they don't reveal why they aren't. I suppose it is common not to reveal administrative issues. I can count many employers who have offered me work, very good work, and want to pay me under the table. This does not help maintain my type of visa status and while i never hear of anyone getting deported for this action, they tell me at the INM you certainly can be deported for working anywhere that is not connected to INM. ANY INSIGHT YOU HAVE WILL HELP. THANKS.
  12. i just changed address. you must also provide the change report from the government site, a letter stating the old address and the new address and a line in the letter saying this is written as the truth. without that line in the letter the submission won't fly. 1. Change report from government SEGOB site. make sure the name is exactly as on the passport and the address is exactly as on the CFE bill. or other document 2. write a letter and state what you are saying is the truth. 3. provide a copy of passport, resident card, cfe or other document and bring origianls. slam dunk if you have your ducks in a row.
  13. I agree with Cedros, but he understands if you tell him that and say you prefer only him.
  14. Maybe this can help. www.seguro-popular.gob.mx or www.seguropopularjalisco.gob.mx i searched my paperwork for exact address and could not find. not hard to find in chapala. anyone on the street could tell you. when you go in , skip the front desk. you'll be waiting in line in the second waiting room. if you have all your papers in a file folder correct and exact, you really wouldn't need a translator. it was very fast. no questions asked. if you don't have exactly what you need, then you'd need to understand what they are saying to you. for me it was cost free. i haven't used it, but i am told it is good to establish yourself, get in there and get to know the staff. 01-800-767-8527 if you have great medical needs and are going to need to speak to personnel often, i suggest taking basic spanish classes. just get some language in the medical "vein"..there are good tutors in the area.
  15. Someone PM'd me mentioning Ocotlan. Did anyone get a licence there? It's a nice town. I have been there. Any feedback on Ocotlan would help. Thanks
  16. Monte Bella is a really good place on the main drag of Chapala. Closed for siesta something like 2pm-4pm. Another good place is the vitamin store next to Superlake. Very knowledgeable people.
  17. thanks for all the information. very helpful. Yes, the parking is horrific in that area. I'd probably go by Chapala Plus to taxi or bus. Can anyone suggest what one could do to study for the written test? I'm sure it is in Spanish. I do have some command of the language, but always concerned about running into important words i don't know. Some folks have used the "helpers" to go do this, but to me it sounds expensive and like something I wouldn't need. However, I'd consider it.
  18. My license for the states is expiring mid_October. Can someone tell me if you can get the license here at Lakeside? I think one must go to Guad. Also heard about folks going to Ocotlan. I have a friend who used a helper, but I don't think I need that. Just where to go. I have the list of documents needed. Thanks for your tips and experiences.
  19. glad it all worked out for you, neighbor.... the italian girl
  20. Apparently, the storage unit place next to Walmart near Dominos Pizza and Autozone does store vehicles as well. The prices however are not listed.
  21. I looked at the web site for the storage unit place near Wal-mart. There are no prices listed. I did email them, but was hoping someone could give me a ballpark figure on the smallest unit which is the 5x5 shed. Thanks
  22. Just getting back to y'all. The agent at O'rourke researched with my insurance company ANA and said that i don't have to worry about the expired plates. I know that is controversial with many of you. but i decided to go with it. She said that does not bother the police or any payout should i have an accident. She said the cheaper mexican insurance policies use the expired plates issue as an excuse not to pay out accidents. Good enough for me.
  23. you might try genesis digital on ocampo in ajijic. ask for gerardo.
  24. Good article. My son's address is my domicile then. It is a place where I would default to if I could no longer be in residence down here. I think many people retain legitimate stateside addresses with family members, because that is who would be contacted or where you'd go in an emergency or whatever. My goal, Angus, is to get citizenship soon after I receive my permanente in 3 years or so.
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