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  1. This has been a very relevant thread for me as I exited and returned in January of this year and I found the process confusing and disconcerting. At the GDL airport, I obtained the form, and an agent partially filled it out for me and some things weren't correct, so I fixed them. I was flying GDL to TJ which is a national flight and then used the CBX bridge.I could find no one to process the paperwork. I was told to just turn it in on the way back in which I did and my passport was stamped and he seemed to know what to do. But the whole process at different borders has not been consistent. I am RT with a work permit and do not wish to lose the status as 1 1/2 more years and I will gain a permanente. I'm going to try to find this office and make an effort before entering the USA. I believe it is the best thing to do. I just may go in there tomorrow to INM and double check for advice.
  2. If you put the powder in water it dissolves and does not have a bad taste. I have NOW brand powder.
  3. DUMP HSBC.. they are crazy-making on many levels. Here and in Guadalajara.
  4. You might look up David Watley through Timothy Ruff Welch. He'd be very good for that number.
  5. Does anyone know if the CFE bills will be delivered in the next 2 days? If not I guess I must go to CFE and put some credit onto my account as I will be away and don't want to trouble the housesitter.
  6. It simply means that the group doing the show/presentation takes turns playing a song, giving the song a little intro, saying why they like it. I believe the term began in nashville. oh, and by the way, i'm never insulted if folks don't like me using lower case to chat on posts and the like. i have to be so perfect in the classroom, that i go very slack on these social media things.
  7. don't worry... this board is always snarky, take it or leave it. i use it maybe 1 or 2x a year if i really need an answer to something, as for example Rick is always smart on car talk. There are the smart, mature ones. When i see myself sliding into an online dispute over some crap, i know it is time for me to let go and reframe myself and stay the hell off the web board. some people never leave the house, and love this venue for the arm chair know it all forum it provides them. all day every day....and really you can't blame some folks who are generally positive for getting annoyed by these "chrons" who are always off topic and say useless things.
  8. Clear! Saturdays 3-5pm 60 pesos in exact change. Thanks!
  9. bd is a real good friend of mine. He referenced it to Monday night(implied because El Patio is the Thursday night) which mine used to be for years, but it has been changed to Friday night since he dropped out of the scene. sometime in 2018. thank you.
  10. wow... i haven't been on the webboard in two months of sundays...but today my neighbor turned me on to postings on a new violinist and comedy improv workshops.INTERESTED!!!!and then you start plowing thru all the creepy negative bullshit on here. this is why i have stayed off. what was the original post? oh i already fricking forgot as i was buriED in a mudslide of crap.
  11. As an English teacher and student of spanish, i welcome corrections. good for learning, gobble up the learning. I got Amber's" improv-ing"...that how i woulda spelled it. see" woulda",very casual blended speech.no don't kill me for it!!!! But the real subject is a comedy improv workshop which i want to go to and so sorry i missed the first one. Please inform if there was sufficient interest for it to continue. I want this skill! Teresa
  12. I went thru that way in January this year. No place to check out of the country, but I did check back in correctly when i came thru the CBX and way back to GDL. no problems but it did scare me that there was no place to "check out". I tried several places, they refused. It was confusing and made me worry as i have a work permit that cannot be cancelled or you start over. That means all the years of work don't count toward permanente and you have to pay all fees and do paperwork as if you never had that visa. Thankfully, no problems.
  13. Hello: BDmowers was a little off on the Chapala open mics. yes the El Patio is on Thursday but my Open Mic which is more in a coffeehouse setting is on Friday at Historica Buenos Ayres Cafe, corner of Morelos and Zaragoza a few blocks before American Legion, same side of street. This Friday, we have open mic from 6-7pm and a special show from 7-8 where James Martin and I are playing country songs in the round. You should come and check us out. it would be great to have a fiddle player around. also you can go on the following sites to see what's up in the entertainment listings. Facebook: Lakeside Open Mics Lakeside and Ajijic Entertainment, a great listing by Sharon Stavrof(SP?) Teresa Trigiani-vocalist/guitarist/hostess of open mic/student of jazz
  14. Thank you Rick. I appreciate that you responded, and I suppose it is going to be a question for the lawyers. I usually don't hire them, nothing against them, but I'm a DYI, usually.
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