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  1. Thank you Rick. I appreciate that you responded, and I suppose it is going to be a question for the lawyers. I usually don't hire them, nothing against them, but I'm a DYI, usually.
  2. I posted in what I thought was the appropriate forum for a question about having to report a title change and new plates from a different state than you imported the car with. Not getting much feedback or attention, so posting it here as well to refer you to more extensive explanation in the Customs and Immigration forum. Thanks. Virgogirl.
  3. You may want to get the Constancia de Domicilio to prove your address. this is what i used when i got the license. you go to the president's building on second floor with 50 pesos and your photographs. they need your CFE bill. we were told they required this and that the CFE bill wouldn't suffice. we also investigated Ocotlan and found out they love to fail you so they can gain mordida. some things are hearsay , we just decided to do the most official and that was go to GDL. call ahead . we went on day and they happened to be closed. not a holiday either.
  4. Last month I read in the GDL Reporter that the law changed (or is being better enforced perhaps) over expired plates on foreign vehicles. My South Dakota plates are currently on their way in the mail. Even though my insurance company still doesn't care if they are expired, and even though they have said time and again that they do not use expired plates as an excuse for not paying out an accident, I do believe the transitos are looking things over in a different way as you see them set up over motorcycles issues currently. Frequently set up near Laguna Centro. So after getting legal, I have changed my title to a di9fferent state, and plates as well,, namely South Dakota. Do I need to take a copy of my new title to the Aduana.? My friend is also getting the plates and her lawyer told her that everything goes by VIN number so no need to inform the Aduana. Somehow, it didn't seem right to me, so looking further into issue. 2nd question, last time I was at the Aduana at the airport, they told me all further renewals of my RT_Permiso para Trabajar do not require me to report to Aduana as the INM and Aduana are now connected and they will get my renewal by internet, so no need to come out there as I have done 2 years in a row. I appreciate all intelligent and topic related feedback. Thanks.
  5. no worries now alex called...he said someone on the web board notified him i wasn't reaching him and thank you whoever you are as that worked. he responded. all is well. happy new year to all.
  6. Hello! I know some of you know Alex. I booked him for a ride to the airport tonight at 730. I have tried every method of contacting him since 12:30 this afternoon just to confirm with no replies. Doesn't answer phone. I thought maybe he's driving and can't answer phone. But if something happened, then i need to scramble for another driver. The number i have for him is 33 3577 7765 and i ndo have his rapidpack email. thank you...maybe someone knows what he's up to today
  7. Prasad next to Telmex has it and so does Walmart.
  8. Thanks to all who posted about Pancho's. What a nice thing to know there's a good grocery store in Riberas. I have used Abarottes del Pilar in a pinch as well as my local OXXO. but of course it's very limited. I'm going to check this out!!! Alfa, why get your undies in a bundle. Folks in Riberas will be happy to see a close grocery option. Maybe go over there, have a beer and chill???
  9. You can buy a good esmalte-oil based paint and it will work well with the primers mentioned. Go COMEX or SAYER. Get the expensive stuff. I once tried Wamart and it was worse than a bad joke.
  10. Hello SunshineyDay: the email is fbu.guadalajara@ssa.gov. The first thing you do is let them know what you want. I made the mistake of wanting to change address as well as remove medicare. when one thing is attached to the other, thenwhatever is lacking will hold up the process. it's because i work that it spurred me to fill more forms. when you write to them, and are processing things, do only one thing at a time, and keep it all on the same thread. you cannot break from that. in other words as you go along with them, never start a new email. i had no face to face contact. they want to do these things by email. I am running into a second problem. I cannot make an account with "MY Social Security". This allows you to see what is going on with your account. I kept getting kicked out and i feel i put the correct mailing address and phone number that i had when i signed up. I tried to call a GDL number today, but all i got was a fax machine. Does anyone have workable numbers for the office in GDL?
  11. Thank you Oregonto chapala. I think my mistake was to initiate two processes at once. I asked for address change from USA address to my address here. This initiated more forms. The cancellation of medicare Part B only required one form and the copy of the passport. So I recommend anyone needing to do processes thru internet in gdl, just do one at a time, because if they need more info, then they will hold up ALL processes waiting for the info. this is where i went wrong. i just submitted the last bundle of paperwork friday night, don't know if this will satisfy them. Intercasa is right, when you are working and collecting social security if you make over the limit which is around 17,000 dollars a year it goes against your social security check. I don't come close to that kind of money, nor the limit on tax filing. Here's the bottom line, because I wanted to change my address to am mexican one, that called for the form 21. then i answered that i was working. that called for an added form 1763. It all just made me crazy but it is all submitted now, so we'll see. Kyle, I don't remember opting in to medicare part B. But maybe I did two years ago when i initially started the SS before I can back here. I think they automatically start it unless you made the effort tom opt out before 65. I just didn't think about that. Those of you who wrote to say i should be canadian or something, the banter does not belong on this thread and has nothing to do with the nature of my question. thanks to all others who answered the OP properly. Teresa
  12. I recently turned 65 and the subsequent SS check had Medicare taken out so once I noticed that, I started the process of filling out forms and dealing with having it removed. I decided to change my address with them as well to here in mexico. This triggered more form filling and a deep look into my work status down here. They were asking for work contracts which the three schools i have worked for have not given but I provided legal documents filed for INM to prove the employment. Now I have high anxiety about how much more info they will want, or will they just process it. I've talked to people who have had months of hoop jumping to get the Medicare cancelled. So far I have understood that the SS located in GDL is far quicker than trying to do it thru the states, so at least i feel on the right track that way. I'm looking for what your experience has been to get medicare cancelled and how long it took. My income is low as an English teacher, not enough to file taxes on or report against the SS check. I wonder if they are going to have me investigated by the IRS. I just hate this feeling. Comments welcomed.
  13. does anyone know when the social security officials will be visiting LCS or American legion?
  14. I know someone who overstays the tourist visa frequently, then goes to the states how this person manages that is telling them that the visa is lost and paying a fine. Now when i heard that this person was going to do that, I worried the person wouldn't get back in after the month NOB. But the person did come back without trouble. Not something I'd do. but if you overstay you could use that strategy. Not sure if it works for EVERYONE the same. Experiences could vary.
  15. Well, there are several reasons why I work in this country. First, when I lived in GDL, I found the work conditions to be decent and normal and schedules were predictable and good. I worked as a licenced psychotherapist most of my life,LAKESIDE 7. I changed careers in 2006 in GDL, getting certified in TEFL and then training teachers. I've had great jobs here and teaching motivated people English is rewarding. In 2016, I retired with small social security that doesn't make financials for the other visa options. I can live on it OK, but it doesn't allow me permanente. However, a path to permanente for me is holding a work permit for 4 consecutive years and then becoming permanente. I have a passion to teach. Usually schools are run by educators, academic types, intellectuals. The ones that are run as "money mills" are the ones that mistreat the teachers. I have worked at many schools that were excellent overall. The problem at lakeside is that the pickins are thin for incorporated schools (connected with INM) I hope that answers your question,Lakeside 1. And no, never was into self-flagellation. Just working as a professional, master degreed, certified teacher workin' my way to permanente status. I won't sue them, but certainly may pursue my severance.
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