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  1. Outcome excellent with Juan Carlos Lopez Jara-Notaria on the plaza of Jocotepec to the left and upstairs of the president's building. Fast, efficient, supportive easy and only 500 pesos. Thanks for all who helped and gave suggestions.
  2. Cedros: I just found him on the web and waiting to call him at 5pm when he opens. Al Berca: I found Adriana Villasenor Pujol on corner of Villa Nova entrance. quoted 1200. (other quotes in past include 600, 800, 800, and "not much". Plus you need an apointment -late Sept. Not saying it isnt good. Had a private message from someone about using E-notary. May explore further if I must. Explored on Street going up mountain side across from Sunrise Restaurant. There is a sign on the door that lays out the requirements to even getting in there. hoop jumping paradise. No one would an
  3. oh thanks for the clarification. I think I have seen that. I'm going to check it out today.
  4. Thanks. I live in Riberas. No problem going there. If anyone knows name or number, would be helpful, but I can just go on an adventure when in that area. Thanks alot, Al Berca.
  5. I'm looking for notary in SJC or Jocotepec. Not sure anyone is operating out of those communities. But please don't recommend anyone in Chapala. Got the runaround from 3. Not returning there. Thank you aheadnof time for phone numbers and locations. I speak enough Spanish so no problem with that.
  6. Yes, Jose Luis Gonzales does it well. number listed above. He's in Chapala.
  7. I like Pepe Magana in Riberas, just before the pemex.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will sort through them and utilize one of them.
  9. Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions you can give regarding Ad Blockers. I am getting alot of ads interrupting things I watch or listen to on You tube. I had the laptop overhauled with a new hard drive so starting from scratch. I have the newest version of Windows 10. Computer is MSI A 5000.
  10. This has been a very relevant thread for me as I exited and returned in January of this year and I found the process confusing and disconcerting. At the GDL airport, I obtained the form, and an agent partially filled it out for me and some things weren't correct, so I fixed them. I was flying GDL to TJ which is a national flight and then used the CBX bridge.I could find no one to process the paperwork. I was told to just turn it in on the way back in which I did and my passport was stamped and he seemed to know what to do. But the whole process at different borders has not been consistent. I a
  11. If you put the powder in water it dissolves and does not have a bad taste. I have NOW brand powder.
  12. DUMP HSBC.. they are crazy-making on many levels. Here and in Guadalajara.
  13. You might look up David Watley through Timothy Ruff Welch. He'd be very good for that number.
  14. Does anyone know if the CFE bills will be delivered in the next 2 days? If not I guess I must go to CFE and put some credit onto my account as I will be away and don't want to trouble the housesitter.
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