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  1. ARE YOU POSITIVE you can use a US credit card to pay Telmex? I have gone through hell with both CFE and Telmex. I never get my bills even though I own. Long story. A week ago I went to Telmex to have them send me a bill and they threw me out (they were closed as the poster said) saying from now on do it on line (I do not speak Spanish) and that day and often the outside pay kiosk is often without paper for a receipt. I cannot read the Spanish page. FUN!
  2. For sale: Microphone set up (I did an audio book with it) USED ONCE- comes with manual! TONOR BRAND STUDIO MICROPHONE – ORIGINALLY $70.00 USD - Make an offer! 333 903 6113
  3. PLEASE PEOPLE when responding to an IMPORTANT post like this I find NO reason to post a humorous response. It is rude & insensitive. NOW, for those who are curious (we all are, face facts) of those who locally got CV, perhaps we can keep stress at a minimum by obviously wearing a mask, hand washing and the rest of what experts say. On top of that: EACH OF US should keep a calendar diary of where we were out shopping, what day and for how long/the time. This would be a good way to trace the virus if we or others get it! Stay well, and keep 6 ft away from me!
  4. Does anyone know the phone number of Salvador, the gentleman in Chapala who make "Mexican equipale furniture"? I also need his hours and if he OR ANYONE ELSE CLOSE BY makes Equipales Chase Lounges? Thanks!
  5. Hi: I am looking for a Mexican equipale chaise lounge and it CAN BE USED! It is for outside but under a Brick roofed patio. They say the leather ones should not be outside-- don't know. DO YOU? If used and ugly worn fabric, I will recover it. I would buy a new one if I knew where and if they delivered. Thanks! 766-1708 Ajijic landline (sorry- I have trouble getting messages so call again if not home which I usually am these days !) Also- do not have a car.
  6. My SPELER DVD player worked fine and then today the door will not open..NO no disc in there....I tried everything. Does anyone know anyone OPEN who fixes them? Thanks
  7. HP Ink cartridges for sale My HP Printer died after 20 years (?) SO I have 3 HP 122 Ink cartridges for sale. I stocked up & took them out of their box but they are still in their foil wrapper. TWO are black and ONE is color. I paid $1,077. Pesos for all from Walmart. You can have all 3 for $500 pesos if you come to me (near Ajjic clinic) with the $ so I can hand them to you with gloves on or what you require. Cindy 766-1708 DO NOT leave a message (don’t know how to get it!)
  8. I went to the Ajijic Hospital this morning and a woman entered without a mask. I said to her (through my mask) "Where is your mask?" and she moved right in my face and said "Huh?" & THEN put one on & went on her merry way. THEN I went to Multiva across the street and a woman got right next to me (had a mask but....) and I said "PLEASE stay your distance" and a man NOT wearing a mask across the way asked me "What is your problem?" and then left. I don't have a problem. I think it is rude to not follow rules made to help ALL of us.
  9. OK I got my answer on the DOLLAR STORE ........HOWEVER both gals, in the stores, were NOT WEARING MASKS & (all this, in an after thought) like WHAT? And now that I am at it, why are people not wearing masks?
  10. Jeannie - thank you for your project that will help us all in some way or another!
  11. Is the Dollar Store open? *The store off the Ajijic Square)I mean they have everything needed. A yes if no answer will do. Thanks!
  12. Ahhh, a female who jokes about hijabs! You certainly are a sensitive respectful one! I do not have to "lighten up" gang, especially when there is a pandemic going on, all while you all BS here. Yes, you can wash gloves, DUH! YES you even can wash some masks or and double them up and they help in many ways. God people, READ, and I would stay off the bus (unless gloved and masked) since metal holds the virus for over a week. BTW, my census taker had both gloves and mask and I counted 3 others in the past day!
  13. With the MOST serious situation being discussed you maker a JOKE ABOUT IT? No wonder people say there are only drunk stupid old men in Ajijic!
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