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  1. I am planning ahead towards getting my tiny bano retiled with talavera tiles to match the house. I understand the workers who do this MUST know what they are doing since there are TWO kinds of Talavera tiles, ONE specific for a bathtub. If you had success with this type of renovation, please let me know their name & contact info. Thanks in advance
  2. The Guad Reporter said (pg 16) That I can pay property taxes January 2nd, meaning they are open. Can anyone confirm this for me? Not a day I want to bus it and find out they are closed. Thanks!
  3. To pay CFE by internet/phone you MUST have a Mexican Credit Card. Although they have photos in their lobby about paying your CFE with American Express, no way Jose. Best to pay forward at their machine in the lobby, which takes time to learn. CFE is easy if you speak Spanish, actually GET your bill to you house, or have a Mexican credit card. Otherwise, not easy and a real pain.
  4. Does anyone know where I can get a Pumpkin or Pecan Pie for US Thanksgiving Day that morning? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the two answers but OBVIOUSLY i did a Google search which leads me to auctions and Amazon Prime and are all in Spanish which I neglected to say I cannot read. I am exhausted. An American full is different than a matrimonial AND I don't want to pay for US shipping if they are available here.
  6. Where can I buy a CASPER MATRIMONIAL Colchón (MATTRESS) ? NO, I do not have Amazon Prime US or Mexican nor want to get it right now. Is there a store in Guadalajara that sell them? Thanks in advance. Joy
  7. Before you book a session ASK what their specialty is, and ask for their credentials. A former child psychologist from Ohio most likely does not know a darn thing about EMDR for PTSD, nor qualified for marital or grief counseling. I highly suggest you do diligent research (Internet) before booking ANY session with any psychologist, counselor etc. I know the price is right here but it can be frustrating and a terrible waste of time. I have been there, done that. On-line counseling may be your answer. Best wishes!
  8. I have been to the Guad Airport at all times of day and night, and on all days ) and have NEVER seen it slow or empty. However if you are an American and must fill out an Immigration form BEFORE your flight at the Immigration window at the very right, often it is closed (when they take a break and you must cue up, waiting for them) which delays many. Plan ahead. It is a busy place and like ALL airports, the airline info desk areas change often. As far a wheelchairs are concerned, they are usually run by a private company at most airports. MOST airlines ask ahead if you need special assistance. You have to tip/pay at many airports for this service. I have only used one ONCE when I actually need it. Guad has MANY elderly Mexicans seniors flying and their disability is obvious.
  9. If you give the FULL NAME OF THE RESTAURANT people will better be able to "get" what you are talking about........it is Bobby's La Terraza Gourmet
  10. Thank you to all who replied. I was able to get a perfect Share! Joy in Mexico
  11. If you have a Shaw account and are looking for someone share it with PLEASE let me know. Will pay Pesos up through the end of the year now and continue on. Contact me with your phone number please! Thank you!
  12. LAW & ORDER SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT can be found on the NEW Shaw setup (at least the NEW Programs) on NBC (058) Thursday evening at 9PM Central. I found it myself. I will search for the reruns the best I can. Many of us do not know how to use the Shaw search system and are NOT techie as we have continually mentioned.
  13. Computer guy: You never said to go to "change provider" (on the website you directed me to) which I did, but Shaw does not come up for me. Maybe you have to be a "computer guy" to decipher it! I have been here 10 years with Shaw TV most of the time, working very well. Obviously am having problems with the new Shaw with its changing technology and it competitors. Since I am not the primary on the account I have to wait for that person to get back. Things about TV obviously are changing fast down here. Thank you everyone for your input but please do not assume someone knows what you do.
  14. WOW- I am getting it left to right! I ASKED if anyone knows on the NEW SHAW when & where (#) "Law & Order" is on and was then given a useless website with MY TV (?????) MMT which is not on any of shaw tv- then I get get told to use Amazon Prime or Stream Hulu...............if I had streaming, I don't think I would be asking! THANKS ANYWAY!
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