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  1. Regarding Gabapentin, the person looked it up and cut and past that it " has limited usefulness in the treatment of anxiety disorders such as social phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder, in treatment-resistant depression and insomnia" MANY drugs passed by the FDA were found to work for OTHER medical conditions the drug was not created for but it had not yet passed by the FDA for the other uses. For example I took injections of Pergonal for infertility (with many US doctors approval) while the FDA at the time only OK'd it for testicular cancer. Botox was used for skin wrinkles but now is passed by the FDA for migraines AND excessive under arm sweating! I am not a pharmacist. I feel persistent Google work will help. Good luck and sweet dreams.
  2. Is there CPTSD / PTSD support group here for both sexes? PLEASE do not suggest a local therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist unless they are new here. Quite frankly many SAY they can help (been to all of them ) but they just read the DSM-5,d do talk therapy, winging it. People WITH this disorder are much easier, empathetic & helpful to talk to! For those of you who think PTSD just affects the military, so many other situations can result in PTSD .Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi- My name is Cynthia and I have a landline of 766-1708 and a MeX Cel 333 903 6113

    1. Joyinmexico


      Sorry- I am the one with the Shaw red light and am dying for my program. It has been a long bad day and your email brightened it even if we get nowhere! Cynthia

    2. Joyinmexico


      Everything was working fine...listening to Music on a Canadian channel then switched to CNN and then NOTHING!


  4. My Shaw guy does not work weekends & yes, my favorite show is tonight! I had Music playing on one of the channels & then switched to CNN 500 & NOW THE RECEIVER is going through red light, flashing red light , the green light then nothing. I unplugged power started all over and about to scream! NOT a TECHIE! HELP! I will be checking for any mail if you give me a phone #! THANK YOU in advance. JoyinMexico
  5. I am looking for Door Snakes, fabric tubes with sand (?) inside that look like a snake used to keep door bottoms from letting critters and cold air in as I (like many!) do not have perfectly sealed doors when closed. I saw a few a while back in a resale shop but they were in a jungle print (ick!) These are usually made by craft people here. If anyone knows where they have some please let me know. Due to my tile at my doors there are gaps and bugs come in. Of course I want them for winter. Thank you! PS- do NOT have a car!
  6. OH MY I am happy to read your post! I went through hell with Magic Jack on line which directed my question (the problem) to 'ASK ME" which is a rip off. I turned my Internet off and then on a short time later and now all is good. I used the Magic Jack to dispute the over $100.00 billing 'ASK ME" charged me. I got all screwed up but YES, Magic Jack was out.yesterday.
  7. I have been to the best flea markets in the world but never got to see what is in Mexico City. I have the basic info on the market there but would love to connect with someone who wants to go to MX City for a few days JUST to putter around the antique/junk markets and maybe catch a museum or something special all within 3 or so days and return. It is fun doing it with someone who is like minded. I used to collect smalls and who knows, I may find a bargain! Contact me through mail on this webboard. Thanks...oh, male or female or whatever and any age. No prima donna upscale trip (might squeeze in a good restaurant!) Planning on anytime from present through summer.
  8. WONDERFUL BREAKFAST! I am a critic and don't waste time writing about this and that BUT these people have great food, great presentation, great service and if I did not know I was in Ajijic I would think it would be room service at the Four Seasons! I hope they get business and last!
  9. Charter Tours and LCS as well as other travel venues do not seem to go to Tonila any longer. I am willing to go myself and hate to pay for a big tour or driver when I know I want a $35 item and want to stroll at my own leasure. Can I take the main bus to Guadalajara and catch a cab to Tonila? Is Monday a OK day? Just looking for a certain Tavalara lamp and cannot find it anywhere here. Thanks!
  10. Dental Express has taken care of me for 9 years. I had a bridge that they were worried about (wiggly, glue bad) done in the states they and very carefully took it off (could have broke it to make more $$) but saved it, cleaned it, re-glued it and said I will now have it the rest of my days, charging me next to nothing. They also did root canals and an implant. Very easy-peasy and so affordable. GREAT staff but if you are wanting special care, ask for the head dentist (sorry, forget his name) but he & his staff are VERY up on dental and care.
  11. Do you want a solid color rug or Mexican? I know a store in Tonala -" SARDES " with solid color rugs (NICE) in two sizes....lost the card phone 2466 9678 PS I want to buy a small solid area rug and would love to go with YOU! - will pay gas! Contact me!
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