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  1. POST YOLANDS PHONE NUMBER HERE! This effects 1000s! Last minute disregard for my second shot is upsetting, and many cannot make it.
  2. DID ANYONE who was getting their first injection on Thursday Ajijic Malacoln get a certificate. I didn't! Nor did a married couple I know there that day. I only have word of mouth to prove I got my first injection!
  3. I am sorry but whatever humor you are using but I am legitimate. I NEED HELP! I have been here a while but the Shaw account holders move on )or away. If any one can call with help that would be appreciated! I am not a techie and do not have smart TVS and can't get them right now. I just want some major US channels.
  4. Looking to SHARE in on your SHAW SHARE! My Shaw share person is getting a new system in April and I do not want to run hers but rather share YOUR Shaw. Please contact me! Best, Cindy 3339036113
  5. THANK YOU "UPFRONT" WHERE DID I SAY WE WERE GOING TO EAT "in" a RESTAURANT? I, too, dislike animals in restaurants, especially birds,, cats and giant dogs, or multiple tiny pups! Did you ever think I was planning on takeout? What difference is it to anyone what I call myself or my puppy? This website has become SO snarkey. I was just tying to connect with someone in a similar situation and I get verbally abused for that! Thank you, the few who understand!
  6. I just wrote a lengthy thank you but it got erased. I am pooped.........no pun intended. YORKIES are known to have their own lengthy potty training situations. I OBVIOUSLY know and have done everything you mentioned but EACH home is different as is each PUP. My little superman puts down his business faster than superman. I am NOT a "WE" so chasing him is exhausting but I worth it. The doggy door gets installed tomorrow. My reason for posting is I have met Yorkie owners here in the past but do not have their contact info.
  7. Any YORKIE mommies to share help/ADVICE? I am the proud 1st time mother of a 2 1/2 month old male Yorkie. Any advice on toilet training would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. I live in Ajijic above the Ajijic Hospital Clinic. I have purchased 2 books from Amazon & their advice seems useless. HE IS A SWEETHEART yet his little bladder just does not seem to hold it very long. I would love to buy you lunch and ask questions. Bring your furbaby with! Cindy 376-766-1708 Thanks in advance!
  8. I have a bunch of 9 1/2" 9 1/2" windows to the floor= one I would love to make into a doggy door. Please answer on this page! Thanks! Mom to be!
  9. I live in central Ajijic and need a good ophthalmologist who can also set me up with glasses, preferably not someone difficult to get an appointment with. I DO NOT have a car but will cab it if I have to. I just learned mine Dr. passed away. I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you in advance!
  10. MY GOODNESS there are a lot of opinionated people here who put in their 2 cents in but never ask why my puppy/dog needs are so strict. Do you want a letter from my therapist or my orthopedic surgeon about these specific special needs? My only family, one child is a 3 hour flight and I MORE THAN qualify for an emotional needs dog but many airlines are easier to work with IF the animal can easily fit under the seat ( and I want it comfortable) and many airlines do. indeed weigh them. I hope to see my child with my pup before I die. Small request I am sure you all never thought of.
  11. Mudgirl you are probably way younger or healthier (no ladders please!) I no longer do that stuff! Lived here 11 years and never heard of an albaƱil. Hopefully the pro that came over to assess will fix all. Thank you.
  12. Sorry but she is too close to 10 pounds and also seems not a pure Yorkie in the sense a bit too large. A cutie but no thanks. Size/weight is important!
  13. Wow- with the situation around town you would think I could find a handy man but NO- EVEN THOSE ADVERTISING IN OJIO! do not answer my calls. I live in central Ajijic and had a bad leak. THAT is now repaired but mold is building up, areas have celetre (spell?) and things need to get fixed, treated and painted. If you see it and are a pro, fix it and I will pay! Does anyone know of a GOOD RELIABLE HANDY MAN that can come in, assess the situation and do the work? I do not have a handy man! Thanks!
  14. I have consulted Lakeside Advocates for Animals and Bone Voyage- no small dogs under 10 pounds. I keep trying. Thank you!
  15. Thank you all, especially Xena, for the good information. I DID indeed offer $$ for medical but was brushed away. Thank you ALL for the spelling lesson. You can always get such friendly advice here! Keep in mind It is difficult to get things correct when you head is being assaulted by constant screams. Again, thank you Xena for good practical input.
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