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  1. Ahhh, a female who jokes about hijabs! You certainly are a sensitive respectful one! I do not have to "lighten up" gang, especially when there is a pandemic going on, all while you all BS here. Yes, you can wash gloves, DUH! YES you even can wash some masks or and double them up and they help in many ways. God people, READ, and I would stay off the bus (unless gloved and masked) since metal holds the virus for over a week. BTW, my census taker had both gloves and mask and I counted 3 others in the past day!
  2. With the MOST serious situation being discussed you maker a JOKE ABOUT IT? No wonder people say there are only drunk stupid old men in Ajijic!
  3. Does anyone know the phone number or info on the PHONE place next to Alex Pasta Bar? I have an Apple I Phone 6 and cannot get email, things are wacky with it. I AM NOT TECH MINDED. I want to stay inside but THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! If you know they are closed, does anyone know anyone who will do a house call under my very sanitized patio environment? (gloves, masks, wipes, etc) Thank you
  4. can someone tell me the hours Wallmart opens during this situation?
  5. OMG! you people have way too much time on your hands ( except for those who informed me of Elegante!)
  6. All this BS from one simple post asking for some information! Many of you should be RESEARCHING/learning about the virus rather than typing insane & childish postings that have no pertinence to the question. Jim Bowie, I have eaten food in every continent except one. You can get sick anywhere. "COVID-19 doesn't appear to be transmitted by eating food contaminated with the virus, however, it is important to practice good hand hygiene before preparing or eating food." "There is no evidence that COVID-19 is spread through food made by infected people." http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/about-covid-19/food-safety
  7. Gee BMH- you live here, eat here and indicate that the kitchens are not safe? WOW your comment is priceless!
  8. I AM THE PERSON who posted this. YES I read AND AM ABIDING BY the 5 day quarantine! I asked the question because I don't understand phone delivery apps (NO, NOW is not the time to get a tech person!) I just wanted to know if anyone does food delivery. Delivery can be done safely. LISTEN TO CNN's DR. GUPTA, who DOES order food in! It can be done by leaving the payment & tip outside the door. When the food arrives, wait till the delivery person leaves, take the main packing bag off and leave it in outside garbage. Bring containers in, wipe with Clorox wipes (doing all this with gloves) THEN put the food inside your own dishes. I BELIEVE this quarantine will continue! I want to prepare. Those couples with big cars who bought out the stores to fill their giant freezers don't understand a car-less person alone in tiny Ajijic living with a small freezer. Oh, and for the comments on NYC- I lived there 13 years with kind ingenious people, and they (and Dr. Gupta) said, food delivery can be done safely and enjoyed. It COULD help save many local restaurants as well. Thank you RIlady!
  9. If anyone has a current list of restaurants that deliver & can post it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Remember the Gov of Jalisco suggests we self quarantine for 5 days!
  10. I have been down here a while renting too many times with too many goofy Shaw or other shares. I presently am sharing with a really nice woman and we are looking for another person to share. Please PM me here and I will give you more info. Out of all the people I have shared with, SHE is nice and knowledgeable. She spent an hour on the phone straightening a mess I had ....something people don't usually do. It is a basic package and I have been very happy with her. You would be too!
  11. I don't have a car. I know Tonala a bit. I would love to share the day with someone who either has a "mission to get something," like me (Talavara sink/tiles) or just browse. I am a medium paced person but definitely on a mission. I do not want to hire a full time driver ( don't want time restrictions) but if you have a car & can go Wed March 4th that would also be great & obviously I would pay our way. I am located in central Ajijic near the Ajijic Clinic. I will check the board - email me with your phone #. Thanks.
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