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  1. If you give the FULL NAME OF THE RESTAURANT people will better be able to "get" what you are talking about........it is Bobby's La Terraza Gourmet
  2. Thank you to all who replied. I was able to get a perfect Share! Joy in Mexico
  3. If you have a Shaw account and are looking for someone share it with PLEASE let me know. Will pay Pesos up through the end of the year now and continue on. Contact me with your phone number please! Thank you!
  4. LAW & ORDER SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT can be found on the NEW Shaw setup (at least the NEW Programs) on NBC (058) Thursday evening at 9PM Central. I found it myself. I will search for the reruns the best I can. Many of us do not know how to use the Shaw search system and are NOT techie as we have continually mentioned.
  5. Computer guy: You never said to go to "change provider" (on the website you directed me to) which I did, but Shaw does not come up for me. Maybe you have to be a "computer guy" to decipher it! I have been here 10 years with Shaw TV most of the time, working very well. Obviously am having problems with the new Shaw with its changing technology and it competitors. Since I am not the primary on the account I have to wait for that person to get back. Things about TV obviously are changing fast down here. Thank you everyone for your input but please do not assume someone knows what you do.
  6. WOW- I am getting it left to right! I ASKED if anyone knows on the NEW SHAW when & where (#) "Law & Order" is on and was then given a useless website with MY TV (?????) MMT which is not on any of shaw tv- then I get get told to use Amazon Prime or Stream Hulu...............if I had streaming, I don't think I would be asking! THANKS ANYWAY!
  7. OBVIOUSLY i have googled it to no avail. LAW & ORDER (there is one plain and the spin off SVU) thanks but......!
  8. Just got a my Shaw problems straightened out (better dish, box programmed) BUT I share with a gal who pays the bill who is out of town. I have the NEW (APRIL 29 2019) Shaw guide and I have NO IDEA what channel it would be on. I never paid attention before to what channel it was on before BUT positive it is not the same as before since even CNN is changed. . The channel it was on played 5 or so programs in a row a couple times a week! I am a Law & Order Junkie and it is a VERY popular show worldwide so can anyone help me? Marishka Haggerty to everyone! (Mike Myers used her name as a Indian Greeting in his movie! She loved it! Thanks in advance!
  9. What is a LNB? Not all of us know! Thank you!
  10. Regarding Gabapentin, the person looked it up and cut and past that it " has limited usefulness in the treatment of anxiety disorders such as social phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder, in treatment-resistant depression and insomnia" MANY drugs passed by the FDA were found to work for OTHER medical conditions the drug was not created for but it had not yet passed by the FDA for the other uses. For example I took injections of Pergonal for infertility (with many US doctors approval) while the FDA at the time only OK'd it for testicular cancer. Botox was used for skin wrinkles but now is passed by the FDA for migraines AND excessive under arm sweating! I am not a pharmacist. I feel persistent Google work will help. Good luck and sweet dreams.
  11. Is there CPTSD / PTSD support group here for both sexes? PLEASE do not suggest a local therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist unless they are new here. Quite frankly many SAY they can help (been to all of them ) but they just read the DSM-5,d do talk therapy, winging it. People WITH this disorder are much easier, empathetic & helpful to talk to! For those of you who think PTSD just affects the military, so many other situations can result in PTSD .Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi- My name is Cynthia and I have a landline of 766-1708 and a MeX Cel 333 903 6113

    1. Joyinmexico


      Sorry- I am the one with the Shaw red light and am dying for my program. It has been a long bad day and your email brightened it even if we get nowhere! Cynthia

    2. Joyinmexico


      Everything was working fine...listening to Music on a Canadian channel then switched to CNN and then NOTHING!


  13. My Shaw guy does not work weekends & yes, my favorite show is tonight! I had Music playing on one of the channels & then switched to CNN 500 & NOW THE RECEIVER is going through red light, flashing red light , the green light then nothing. I unplugged power started all over and about to scream! NOT a TECHIE! HELP! I will be checking for any mail if you give me a phone #! THANK YOU in advance. JoyinMexico
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