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  1. Wallet was stolen. Thief took my Bancomer debit card and spent 11,000 pesos at Walmart, Pharmacia Guadalajara and Oxxo within a few hours of the theft. It was a Saturday afternoon on a holiday weekend when I noticed it was gone. Bancomer already closed. I looked for a number online.... sorry, only Spanish. Sunday, Monday bank closed. I went in Tuesday morning, reported the theft. Adalbeto canceled the card and issued a new card on the spot. That's when I noticed that there is NO NAME on the card. How simple for the holder to use it without the need for any kind of ID! Adalbeto said they would refund the 11,000 pesos no problem. Well, they didn't. They said the theft wasn't reported timely. No amount of explanation about holiday weekend, etc. etc. could get them to change their minds. I guess it could have been worse. The thief could have kept spending on the card till the account was bled dry. So the message is - if you have a Mexican debit card... keep it in a safe place. Your American and Canadian credit cards have your name on them. Not so Mexican (at least Bancomer) debit cards.
  2. I live in Ajijic, and I do some web design / development. Couple of recent sites: Mas Musica website Independent Living website (in progress) Workshop website - English Workshop website - Spanish PM me if you'd like to talk about your project.
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