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  1. Jim Bowie has the video posted right below your thread.
  2. We have our RFC numbers on phone and IPad, showing it’s from SAT officially and are going to try that. Sorry, haven’t been yet to be able to fully answer. Definitely looks like in person. Excellent YouTube specifically on this, look up “what CFE wants by June 30” and you will find the video.
  3. Many thanks to InChapala1 on page 2 of this thread. Link was great if you have your CURP (year of issue is on CURP), know your phone #, postal code, and Jalisco, etc. It verified the RFC I had but I hadn’t been sure it was correct after reading about all the bogus ones😂
  4. 8 hrs out here in SE Ajijic. Any place else?
  5. Down for 2-3 hrs and continuing SE Ajijic village near Wednesday market…..
  6. At Costco last week when I was holding too much at the back of the store, a young Mexican with wife and child ran to the front to get me a cart. Same week when car battery died in Ajijic, a young Mexican and his wife diagnosed the problem, started the car and followed me to Autozone for new battery. This kind of stuff happens often; wonderful people.
  7. 8:23 pm no power or land line in SE Ajiiic near lower LF. No Telmex internet except hot spot on phone, Pete😉.
  8. Don’t know for sure, but after 12 yrs living here, my immediate thought was dollar store on Ajijic plaza.
  9. I appreciate your sitting it out and using those guidelines. We always get 1-2 heavy rains the end of May at which some think it’s an early “rainy season”. That happened dramatically 6-8 years ago and then there was not a drop of rain the first 2 weeks of June. It’s in the official records. That year, rainy season started June 14-17 when it always does! I’ll say June 15.
  10. Jorge as your first choice was heaven sent.
  11. Also Rick, the old line between high season and low is getting somewhat blurred the last few years with the temporary but long visits by Sunbirds from Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, NM, Florida, etc. visiting for our cooler weather during onset of rainy season mid June.
  12. Should be available most places Friday afternoon….a few that morning.
  13. Anywhere else? SE Ajijic near lower La Floresta/Wednesday market bottom. Using hot spot on phone. Gracias.
  14. Electric out on and off all day in extreme SE Ajijic centro near La Bodega and Wednesday market bottom. Anyplace else, just curious. Multiple calls, fairly rapid response with truck but continues on and off x 12 hrs. Easter visitors usage?
  15. We usually get 2-3 heavy rains at end of May where people call it early rainy season. Then we have the usual 2 weeks of little or no rain until rainy season starts June 14-16.
  16. Down in SE Ajijic near lower La Floresta….using phone hotspot
  17. We are not looking for a new gardener but would appreciate the name(s) of anyone good at identifying and advising re various outdoor plant infestations; in person “house call(s)”.
  18. Another rumor? Heard COVID test now required for flights within Mexico or ?Jalisco…. Nonstop Puerto Vallarta to GDL…immunized and boosted, question only re antigen testing. Gracias.
  19. Great event, love Zeni and family! Try to go!
  20. Those people might shift to several auto drivers in lower La Floresta and probably elsewhere who drive their cars with leash out the window while the dog runs next to the car…..
  21. Oops also one dessert, an apple tart….
  22. Just ate there. Nice clean, bright, friendly staff, great service, rapid delivery of food. I had enchiladas membrillo (plenty of beef, great sauce and cheese) and she had a very good Philly cheesesteak sandwich, fries also good. 2 other tables dining at 5pm. Will definitely be back. Extensive menu, including breakfast. The above with 2 bottled waters was 400 pesos.
  23. We rode the provided gondola to get up the steps at El Charro on Colon.
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