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    Hard to tell because Chapala municipio may loosen up even more Monday June 1 but Arileo is in Joco and not sure what Joco will do....
  2. 11-4 closed sat and sun, new Covid hrs
  3. The hardware store across from toritos/Cristina pharmacy just west of Telmex has them in Ajijic. I have used 2 different sizes, they’re the exact same as up North and work well, cheap but don’t remember the price.....have caught many mice and rats. Just ask, their English is good. Open today.
  4. It’s not the legality or the copyright, etc, it’s only the confusion due to the one on the “west side” known by that name locally for years.
  5. Reads to me that starting Monday, restaurants open at 50% capacity?
  6. Separate from hardware stores, before Covid (BC), Superlake used to have it. Now not sure....
  7. adolphsj

    Min Wah

    We did the preorder Peking Yuck as well......
  8. “IN HIGH TRANSMISSION AREAS..”. our Governor MIGHT do the May 17 thing.....
  9. 70 an hr plus occ. extra for special work.
  10. Where near Walmart? Gracias
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