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  1. Thanks to all for providing this information, hope more are added, esp needed through this weekend and probably beyond.
  2. We also gave our maid paid leave during the 5 days (one visit) and asked her to come back this Thursday the 26th, another of her regular days. We all know this could change per Jalisco policy or recommendation at any time......looks like one hour at a time or at least one day at a time, folks.
  3. This place will be busier than heck.
  4. For some reason download in SE Ajijic near bottom of Wednesday market has been 11-12 for four days straight, any time of day 7am past midnight? Lucky streak? Telmex coming through? Stay tuned...
  5. All the receptacles near us, the ones placed around Ajijic, are overflowing and they aren’t picking up curbside even when placed out as directed (material, container, no matter if Saturday or our other pickup days for garbage Tuesday and Thursday). What is our recourse in Ajijic?
  6. Does this still exist in Ajijic? I am aware of the new receptacles around town, but when curb pickup was announced we bought an appropriate container, labeled it, and placed it on the curb early each Saturday AM, and then Tues and Thursday as well, with our other garbage separate. It was picked up for a few months occasionally, not at all for over a month now. If discontinued, I assume we use the designated containers but wasn’t aware that those and the center West of town were now our only options. Curious too, because I see cardboard boxes with glass, metal and plastic still placed out on many streets.
  7. Yes we noticed that which is why I posted, no word anywhere on future plans.
  8. No the one that was a house in Riberas or SA but moved a couple years ago to the lateral N of Carretera; across from Pranzos and a little west, next to Johanna’s ....went there frequently and was surprised tonight, haven’t been for a few months.
  9. What happened? Will they reopen? Closed up and construction stuff out...
  10. Thanks I read some previous posts on that and know Mainecoons but should have mentioned it’s totally unusable....
  11. I know is periodically asked but can’t find previous. Where at Lakeside can we dispose of old house paint (mostly gallon cans)? Gracias.
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