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  1. Out in SE AJIJIC near lower La Floresta.
  2. Many good ones, lived here 10 hrs....the “new” 2nd floor at Letra CH with their current menu plus the pleasant surprise of the previous head waiter at Ninettes added it to our list.
  3. First check out the massive population growth and ungodly traffic situation, which none of us consider when we are thrilled with the initial appearance.
  4. Ours was always 5-7 (SE Ajijic centro near La Floresta). When new lines put in last fall? It went to 12 and has stayed there (Telmex higher end fee).....doesn’t sound like much but now our FireStick works a lot better lol.
  5. We live centro Ajijic and follow guidelines but mix with both gringos and Mexicans. We know of only one death of a friend, Mexican, centro Ajijic. Live here year round.
  6. Few but definite drops area of Constitution/Juan Alvarez for 1-2 minutes.....
  7. Agree. 11 yrs living in Ajijic village. Wait til Easter wks (2 wks) but more importantly (long term), when no COVID, possibly next year, many more US and Canadians will be here than this year.
  8. Like last spring, a 3 wk difference with Mexico first Sunday in April. Biggest problem is figuring out your Shaw schedule on the TV screen.....
  9. A pediatrist is a children’s foot doctor.
  10. Thanks to all....I knew about the rest just not clear on the location exactly. Hi to Barb, Alan. john and Kathleen
  11. Can someone give me a little more detail on the license new/renewal building location “on the east end of the malecon”. Especially coming down the street next to the malecon, west to east. Just past the yacht club?? Gracias
  12. In the US somehow they have determined that HALF of all people who actually have COVID got it from someone with NO symptoms. By doing tracking I suppose they could arrive at this and I tend to believe it.
  13. Sorry, I noticed on Google that the 5th is the actual day and assumed with it being a Friday, the puente was next weekend. Wrong.
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