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  1. The first week of June this number jumped from 3-4 to 11. It means that since late May there have been a total of 54 REPORTED cases in the Chapala municipality. Of course there is constant concern about if there are many more unreported (likely) but this is what the 54 means.
  2. 9 months ago our download was always 3-5. Then Telmex did some work in our area of SW Ajijic without us changing anything and it went to 11-12 continuously and ever since.. Helps the old Firestick....
  3. I’m interested because had to get from Amazon as well when Walmart was out. The 2 local places mentioned above would be one on Hidalgo (west from Bancomer) and then other would be on Ocampo as described, the street below Hidalgo towards lake. Are there really 2??
  4. More of these lately in different forms...see Valerieleighs recent report and we have 2 other friends recently. All people who have lived here a while so all beware. Maybe worse from even more Covid unemployment issues. Thanks for the heads up...others were all in the store.
  5. I live 2 blocks away, same place as mentioned above, and made appt for Jackie for tomorrow (Wednesday)....don’t know phone, sorry but his asst is always there. I walked in this AM.
  6. Féria definitely cancelled and several weeks ago.
  7. Walked the dog on malecon 8:30 am. Saw about 25 gringos and a out 40 Mexicans. None in groups more than 3, all walking. 90% gringos wore masks and correctly, about 35% of Mexicans had masks on in any manner. Probably not significant in a statistics class, but subjectively very notable.
  8. I appreciate your effort big time.
  9. Please send her down to the eastern 3 blocks of Constitución in SE Ajijic.....
  10. Have used all providers Esteban is the best.
  11. BG has it right. I’m not on FB personally but can still follow Hector and the Chapala “mayor’s” data which is official because it is from the Jalisco health service, the federal was always a few days behind. 33 was the number of cases today.
  12. Ours is finally shot, think we got it at “dollar store” Luz by Ajijic plaza. Wife thinks she’s seen them at hardware stores. Plastic, recharges, and zaps bugs when hit with face of racket...any help appreciated.
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