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  1. Thanks to all....I knew about the rest just not clear on the location exactly. Hi to Barb, Alan. john and Kathleen
  2. Can someone give me a little more detail on the license new/renewal building location “on the east end of the malecon”. Especially coming down the street next to the malecon, west to east. Just past the yacht club?? Gracias
  3. In the US somehow they have determined that HALF of all people who actually have COVID got it from someone with NO symptoms. By doing tracking I suppose they could arrive at this and I tend to believe it.
  4. Sorry, I noticed on Google that the 5th is the actual day and assumed with it being a Friday, the puente was next weekend. Wrong.
  5. With Constitution Day this coming Friday 5 Feb., I wonder if anything will change with another puente or 3 day weekend, as far as Tapatio and other Lakeside activity.....yeah, sure.
  6. Thanks, yes. A friend who ordered from them 1-2 weeks ago just told us she believes they are “on vacation this week”. Tried their email and did find their phone #, will call tomorrow.
  7. Has anyone used this service recently? We used them in the past but haven’t for 7 months and are having some trouble connecting with them. I am referring specifically to “Lakeside Shopping Services”....they deliver from Costco. Gracias.
  8. I’m sure they will. No different than the last 2 weeks.
  9. Anyone over 60 who, under previous buttons could go out for groceries or to pharmacy or other necessary place, medical, etc. (and still can), theoretically now must “stay at home” and not go to the restaurants, which are 50% open.....probably won’t happen Lakeside.
  10. Does anyone know why there was no garbage pickup Saturday, at least in southeast Ajijic? Just wondered if it’s likely to be picked up Monday or Tuesday so I can put it out again. Really piling up on the corners.
  11. Carlos is excellent and we used him for the same problem. Has been back as a general electrician as well but is a fire log pro. Polite, friendly, excellent English.
  12. Terrible news, we are in shock. COVID is all around but so hard to take; he and his sons have driven us for 11 years.
  13. We had an excellent experience in late May there with a total knee replacement, including the docs, nurses, meals, and business office and COVID precautions.
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