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  1. Yes, and a "stock pond" in the pasture is a "tank", in NE a tank is a galvanized metal tank? - so again I ask, what does it matter?
  2. You call it potatos? - etc. Here in TX we're on the Colorado river and there are a chain of 7 lakes - YES, LAKES. You them what you like, but here they are lakes and what difference does it make - I ask again?
  3. Wow, when I lived there I realized I was living the middle of a bunch of old cranky people who no longer get their way in the business world etc. and so are determined to be experts in something - ANYTHING! So, who cares is if a caldera or a rift, or a ditch or a giant pothole that's filled with water? - I mean really, what difference does it make that someone can scratch a mark on his computer screen as "THE WINNER"? Get real people, I knew it when I lived there, but looking back into the fishbowl is really - - - well, really pathetic. I think if I were to return to MX I'd move to Acuna, I was there today and didn't see or hear a single crabby gringo determined to impose his opinion on anyone - it was refreshing, my kind of place, everyone smiled and was friendly.
  4. Thanks Jim, looks interesting, I'm sure Angus will totally immerse himself in educating himself about MXN calderas.
  5. Actually, weather became the new cash cow when researchers figured out that Gov would give them million$ to crank out negative data the Gov could then use to tax and control. It's been a comfy symbiotic relationship - until now, when the truth about the data is coming out and absolutely zero of the gloom and doom warnings of the last 20 years have come true. Weather is the most commonly discussed subject worldwide in all cultures, in part because it used to be nether political or religious?
  6. There was a palm seed in the funnel. So, you carefully take down the cone, pour the contents in a pan, remove the seed and replace the cone and then pour the water back into the cone. The amount is accurate, the time obviously isn't. Why would you imagine that I don't have that data?
  7. MC, you can't "lose" rain, the rain gauge mechanism is basically fail safe. It's a cone that's probably 6" deep with a small hole at the bottom. The water trickles down through that hole onto the tipping cups which fill and dump, each time they fill and dump it registers .01". If you completely plugged the "drain" hole all the water collected would just sit there in the cone, it has no where else to go, you can't "lose" it. If you let it set there it would eventually begin to evaporate, but that would take days. When mine gets plugged by the mocking birds I notice because the rain has stopped and yet an hour later a tiny amount of water is still trickling down past the blockage and registering. The total is ultimately correct, the time line is not. But, the rain gauge doesn't "lose" any rain, Riberas simply doesn't get as much, it's pretty much always been that way. Some of you old timers may remember "John" the expert on everything, a cell dumped 4" over near the W side of Ajijic, we got very little and he went ballistic, I said fine and shut down the station and told him to get one and create a web site and put it on line, of course we had a good time poking at him, but these discussions are nothing new.
  8. Ok, looks like our amount for the day came out to be 1. 15", less than some other places, but Riberas is always a bit dry, being the red headed orphans we're always on the short end of things - ha.
  9. We're working on a "fix". There was an obstruction in the funnel, but we think we have a fix, the time line won't be accurate, but the quantity will be. It happens from time to time.
  10. If you look at the bottom of chapalaweather.net you'll see Rainy Day calendars for the past 5 years, it gives a good visual of the rain distribution.
  11. But, these are the same people who are sure global warming is going to kill us all in 20, 30 or 50 years for sure?
  12. Without doubt it's lifestyle. I do miss my gardener when it comes time to mow an acre and a half in 90+ degree temps, I don't miss my pool guy because I don't have one here and in the 7 years there I estimated the big pool cost about $150 a month overall and I was never in it once. I did pull out enough palm fronds to make a couple of trees, a dead cat, rat, bat, several scorpions, a baby bird or two etc, but it did look nice (when it wasn't green?). And, when the CFE hamsters weren't providing juice to run pressure pumps, I could dip a bucket of "flush" water. I had a DC/AC inverter to connect to the Jeep so I could open the front gate to exit and hundreds of feet of extension cords depending on which legs of the power were operational. But, the power is better than 10 years ago when I got there I'll admit, no less expensive and yes, I'd have had solar day one - except I rented. I did have to chuckle about street maintenance. As you know I lived at the end of 3 blocks of "dirt road". As it turned out it was actually all cobblestone except floods over the years washed down mud and of course no one ever scrapped it off? - so, we had dirt. One day I came out to see an actual road grader (1st sighting ever down there) and all the neighbors were out on the street watching the rare eventos, turned out the Gov was dedicating the school 2 blocks N and we never saw the grader again.
  13. There are a lot of "hidden" costs we don't think much about, but they all add up. - Car insurance: About half NOB costs IF you have US plates - Annual visa: depending on if you do it, or hire a lawyer (much easier by far) You want to go permanent, cost of visa + nationalizing car (if possible) meaning a 3 day trip to the border + $3K USD for broker then return and get your plates and your insurance jumps 50% for the same car with MXN plates - CFE (electric) IS NOT CHEAP: Not even subsidized is cheap and gosh help you if you get booted into the DAC rates which, last time I checked were the 3rd highest in the world. Plus power is intermittent (the weather station was offline this morning). Power is "dirty" so you need to have regulators on anything of value and even then the CFE can burn those out as well. I went through 7 wireless routers in 7 years + 2 UPS regulators and replacement down there is full list plus 16%. Any electronic thing is expensive, any power tool is expensive and the power to run them is DARN expensive. - Mailbox: I wanted to keep a US address, $240 USD a year + mailing Christmas cards to NOB was $10MXD each plus stamp (it did help trim my mailing list significantly) - Shopping NOB?: many of us go NOB at least once a year to shop, travel expenses, lodging expenses - Vet is cheap, pet food isn't: canned cat food 2X cost NOB - Diet Coke at Costco: about 3X NOB generic brand at HEB - Tequila is dirt cheap, beer not so much: you'd think Corona etc. would be dirt cheap, not at all, but tequila by the gallon is darn cheap Food is important, but many of the "hidden" costs add up to be significant to maintain a gringo lifestyle. You can live gringo, or you can live Mexican, if the average Mexican needs/uses it, it's probably reasonable, if not? - get out the PE$O$.
  14. The flags are out on the weather sites and in front of my home, it's a grand day to be sure.
  15. Today's reading from the CEA shows an increase of .02M. Does that mean yesterday's 94.08M was the low for the year? - or is this a mistake, guess we'll watch and see.
  16. To all the Canadian friends of ChapalaWeather we extend our best wishes for another 150 years.
  17. I thought the Chamber of Commerce said it only rains at night?
  18. It's nearly the end of June, normally, for the year, we should have 8.7" by this time, we have 3.83", not looking good. Of course it could open up and catch up, but for now?
  19. We've actually had EPA "bad air" days up here in central TX from burning of the fields in Eastern MX. I lived in Riberas and I have asthma so I often scrambled to close up the house, but MX is what it is. There was a little old lady at the corner near us and almost every day she'd clean up and rake up fallen leaves etc. and make a nice little pile in the street and then burn it, we called her "Ms. Burner".
  20. Lots of windows, YUUUUGE windows and a big wall around to create your own world which you can share with others, or? - my example, lived there 7 years and while MX has it's challenges no matter where you live, I'd not trade this place for any place I ever visited.
  21. I had a 4M volt stun gun and it was legal, when you hit the key it arched between the contacts making a very very loud snapping, crackling electrical arching noise, plus you see the arch and I would hope that would be enough to interrupt the event, if not you use it, shouldn't take more than once to make the point.
  22. Didn't you ever wonder why there are so many battery powered clocks in MX? - well, thank you CFE, they screw with not only with slamming on/off, but frequency variations and I had several devices that were destroyed by that little trick. When they are off, or pull in another source they often don't match frequency and we get the results. Many things are not sensitive to frequency, but some are. Just as a general statement, in MX in 7 years, I lost 7 routers, 2 UPS regulators, 1 answering machine, 1 phone caller selector, paid $800MXD repair on a new home theater, 1 pump motor, and more. Since returning to TX 23 months ago - zip, nada. Plus my power is about $0.10 per KWH. And guess what, it's just electricity running down two wires to my house, no magic, nothing different than MX. So, you have to ask, why?
  23. Yeah, just get a killAwatt they measure frequency no problem, lots of them around lakeside. Funny side story, many many years ago when I was in metrology in Calif we were having no end of problems and the line checked out at 60CPS (in those days) and finally we discovered a big liquid Oxy plant down the road was causing the entire line to fluctuate at something like 5CPS which we found with an ocilloscope.
  24. In my case we had eight foot compound walls, so that didn't work out - although it didn't stop me from chucking fallen palm fronds over the wall into the vacant lot next door as is traditional locally - and to be fair, several of the palms were on the lot line so depending on the wind, most fell over there anyway, I just added to the collection.
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