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  1. "I have seen survey teams in and around the area but don't really know what that means. I have zero problems with my septic tank in the 7 years we have lived here. Never had an overflow nor ever had it pumped. So I suspect it is a hit and miss thing." Couldn't agree more, this property has never had a problem nor has anyone else I have met around here. To be honest, it's actually hard to have a problem except for blatant incompetence in installation. Seems in CO some 40 years ago, the rule was dig a hole, pour in a gallon of water and if it percolates in 1 minute or maybe more (sorry?) it's good. Here? - my gosh, about once a month during the dry season, out at my back gate, it moves and jams as the ground dries, so I have a certain place I put the hose to run overnight and hundreds of gallons leave a "wet spot" no larger than a dinner plate and the gate moves back. Yes, I know, don't start, my point is that the ground here is so porous it's hard to imagine having a septic problem - other than total incompetence. I rent, but I'd bet the owners will be facing a bill for much $$$$ thousands of dollars of assessment for something they don't need.
  2. "Lower Riberas" seems to be a very nebulous term. It stretches from San Antonio to the curve at the Carretera before the park. So, maybe before we cast too many aspersions we should be a bit more specific as to location? The property I live on is so porous I have a problem with my gardeners, they work in the evening and leave on a sprinkler or hose and the next morning there is hardly a trace? - no place I've ever lived could you leave a hose running over night without flooding the place, so it's a bit hard to imagine an actual "septic system" (properly installed - yes, I know?) that would have a problem here. And as rehashed from times recent, I'd hate to imagine dealing with the traffic and street disruption, plus the cost to the owners of that sort of project, but then, that's why my bag is packed and next to the front door.
  3. Welcome to Mexico and especially welcome to Riberas. There are several wells and you may not be on the "new" well, I certainly am not and as far as the sewer project, I understand they've been "promising" that since Poncho Villa was around. Personally I want to see where they build the plant because I'm in the lowest part of Riberas.
  4. for the most part, tags are not the problem, you drivers license must be up to date, but I've seen tags that are ancient. Now, I'm sure someone has a different story, but it's one of those things that seems "variable". I don't ever remember being asked for current registration, license yes, in fact, that's the first thing they want, they grab it and then you're on the slippery end of the stick until you get it back.
  5. True on the insurance, but it's available online for about $50. If you're not going to drive there, why bother with inspection? I keep my TX residency with HandyMail as the address for credit cards etc. and I go up once a year anyway. But, one year I was out of cycle on inspection and drove through TX to CO and back to Austin before renewing my sticker. But, if you have no particular loyalty then SD is a good option.
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