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  1. No summer? - up here in TX, it was normal, Austin had over 40 days 100+ and then of course that little thing named Harvey, so as usual, we didn't notice, same old same old. Global hooha is a religion for folks who don't have a regular one. It has all the components to make them believers without the obvious downsides, no one passes the collection plate, Gov takes care of that?
  2. I've never ever owned an HP for those and other reasons. I use Canon exclusively. If you look at them you'll find many, if not most, use ink "tanks" not integrated with the print head. My current one uses 5 different color/black tanks, I just ordered 2 complete sets, 10 tanks, for $8.50 from eBay.
  3. Yep, there will be some smokin' deals on new and used cars. They'll show up in NE, IA, IL, CA, up east and of course MX. A friend bought one back in the 60's, couldn't believe the deal he got - except in about 3 months, small rust pits started popping out on the doors etc. and soon they became BIG rust patches, you could watch the car die daily. This morning I was in Marble Falls and as I got out of the car a guy pulled up behind me and hollered "hey, you need a home theater"? - I said no, I have one, he said he could tell by the car I was driving (a 12 year old Jeep?) that I had a big TV and this would be perfect and I kept saying NO all the time thinking it was probably directly from Houston and NOT in the original box.
  4. Oh yes, flood insurance is a $$joke, if the water doesn't come from a specific direction for a specific reason and on a non-rainy Thursday - sorry Charley. But, that's not just TX, when I lived in Louisiana it was the same. As I recall now, we prayed the roof blew off so the rain came from above, not rising water from the bayou we lived on which was connected to Lake Pontchartrain which is open to the Gulf and every time the wind blew the water came up, but whatever. The Fed response appears to be significant, but "we" tend not to depend much on them, it's better to do it with home folks and leave the pols, DC (and strings) out of it.
  5. Well, the first half of the article may be human dignity, but the last half is definitely a political jab that doesn't belong in the article except for obvious reasons. In this case, MX is helping a lot of their own people - just saying. Texas can take care of itself, HEB has sent a convoy of trucks with food, water etc. Budweiser has converted a packaging line to canned water and the lists go on and on. Utility crews are converging from all over not only TX, but the US. The Houston flooding is a disaster, but not unusual, the devastation in Rockport which everyone seems to have forgotten is far greater.
  6. It happens - several years ago now, my Visa was "grabbed" either at Walmart of Soriana for $800 in computer equip in Guad. Here NOB a year ago I was hit for $400 worth of ladies clothes at Nordstroms Calif? - and they didn't even fit? In retrospect it was a bit amusing, when I talked to Nordstroms they said I had to report it to my "local police". I said "maam, you don't understand, I'm in semi-rural TX and my local police is a sheriff and when I track him down he may be on horseback and telling him about my problem buying ladies clothes probably will cause him to laugh so hard he'll fall off his horse" - so, I didn't bother. But, I do see reports of card skimmers at gas stations in Austin, so it's the world we live in.
  7. Good advice all, but then again, nothing I don't do NOB when building, I'm the unpaid worker onsite every day and even then I worry. But you've all jumped past the most important and critical first step in the process - DO YOU ACTUALLY OWN THE LOT AND ARE YOU SURE IT'S EXACTLY THE SIZE ETC THE PAPERWORK SAYS? Now, I realize that may sound silly, but in MX - it's not! I saw it next door and heard about it more than once that people were happily building away and suddenly someone shows up and says "excuse me, you don't own this, or you're over my property line - and a dozen variations". I believe My neighbor went into Chapala and hired the official surveyor or some such person to certify his lot size and location. I watched 3 guys dig a wonderful footing for a big front wall, two foot wide and eighty foot long and then a day later a tractor was filling it in - seems the surveyor "missed" the mark by about 10', so that's my advice for the project and good luck.
  8. CCW, the weather site listed below has data from the past 10 years, tells a lot about hot/cold and wet/dry. www.chapalaweather.net
  9. We're at totality here in TX, we did drop a degree or two, but otherwise you'd never know, but I think there's another in 2024 that might be better?
  10. There's a lady about a block E of Ken Gosh's studio just E of the Ajijic Square, she does a fabulous job at silly cheap prices. Maybe around #58 Guadalupe Victoria. I have a number of beautifully framed pieces I brought back from there. Here in TX I went into Michaels and asked how much to dry mount a 24X36 poster - $75 thank you, I didn't bother to ask how much to frame.
  11. I had Telmex and fed a D-Link plus 3 additional Linksys remote routers to cover the estate for wifi and security cams. It all works if setup correctly.
  12. Oh yes, I'm 200 miles N of Corpus Christi, TX and often when I walk out in the morning I can almost taste the Gulf. It carries a long ways inland and is interesting at the very least.
  13. Often NOB the hospitals etc. don't pay any attention to the DNR, I don't know about down there.
  14. An amusing thread. Once a big tree across the street fell on the front gate taking out the CFE pole with it. I called rental mgmt and they called a tree trimmer to get it off the arch over the gate. The tree guys looked at it and said "no way" there were still live wires tangled in the fallen tree. Took 7 days to get CFE out, by then the arch was cracked and had to be replaced and they didn't replace the pole, just strung a wire about 75' from across the street and hooked it to a tree? - I was hollering at the el Jeffe "you can't do that, not even in MX" - he looked at it, smiled at me and drove off. I ended up bringing down hardware from NOB and reinstalling it myself. The power was to the casita which was vacant at the time, but another time the entire place went down for 20 hours, it was after that I bought the generator. I looked up at (Gobblers Knob) Upper Chula Vista, only once in 7 years did I see their lights go out, obviously someone from the CFE lives up there.
  15. I moved there 10 years ago Sept, lived there 7 years and returned NOB for what I expected to be 18 months max - but returning didn't happen. I wouldn't change the move I made in 2007, it was a great adventure. But now I'm on the outside of the bubble looking back in, I'm not returning. Mexico has changed, I've changed and that chapter of my life is closed. I loved the house I rented, I miss friends and of course I miss the weather. I lived there 10% of my life which I never planned or imagined I'd do, but now that time is past. I go to Cuidad Acuna every few months to shop and it brings back good memories which I'll always retain, that's Mexico's legacy gift to me.
  16. The ratchet moves up, but never down, I'd bet if/when the exchange ever goes back to 10:1 the prices won't change a peso. Get used to the "new normal" it is what it is. Personally I'm waiting for it to go to 15:1 so I can cash out and take the loss.
  17. Apparently the upstream folks aren't holding back as much, or may actually be dumping earlier this year than normal, it's certainly not due to the local rains.
  18. Times are changing NOB, I was in Acuna last week, the usual 20 mile ICE check point was N of Del Rio, but also a spontaneous checkpoint further N that wasn't there hours before. Also, I noticed several ICE vehicles here and there along the roads. But, that doesn't address the SOB supposed problem of 800,000 gringos this article would apparently have you believe are in imminent danger of being arrested and deported post haste. Journalism died years ago, the junk you see today is simply political comment and generally one sided. The sad thing is that critical thinking is also passe and far too many people are sucked in by this junk serving no one.
  19. Ah yes, but then that's the stupidity of US and Canadian governments isn't it? - and you can bet pesos, the MXN gov has less than zero interest in discovering or doing anything about it, it's pesos into MX and that's all that counts. It's like the American tax scam of claiming 14 dependent kids and getting a refund for money never paid and it goes directly to MX. I deposited my fair share there to be sure. Just as a casual observation, it's easy to give money to a MXN, but darn hard to get it back, just my observation.
  20. Alan Alan, how disappointing you have been drawn into the bleeding heart community. As noted to be there without permission is illegal and if MX or the US doesn't have a Rule of Law, then anarchy rules, is that in fact what you want? - I'm sure it's not. So, these people are an "essential heartbeat" of the communities? - really, you mean if today they were taken away the communities would just wither on the vine? - or maybe they would just disperse into the hinterlands like the Incas. So, answer this, when they die, and I can assure you we're all mortal, will these communities be decimated and unable to continue as viable parts of the MXN culture? If these people are so key and critical, why are they illegal to begin with? - oh right, I see, by someone's criteria (whom I'd guarantee you does not live there) they're illegal. I got part way into the very political video to learn that only 20% are legal???? - give me a break, that's a typical twisting of words and reality to try to make a point. I'd bet some money on only 20% of people living in MX being "legal" per these people's criteria. That would mean 800,000 are either going to the border every 6 months to reup, or living illegal and in my 7 years there I never met a single person with the unadulterated stupidity to live without a visa of some kind, that's just dumber than a box of rocks unless you have a love of MXN jails and deportation el rapido. I've often said that I'd sooner leave my compound without my pants than without my Temporal visa etc. No Alan, you fell into the honey trap of a typical clap trap article directed primarily at bad mouthing the elected Pres of the US for some perceived thing happening 700 miles S of the Border. Please do a bit more research and critical thinking before you post nonsense such as this again.
  21. You don't have to go to the hills, there was an old lady 2 doors down from us who diligently swept her sidewalks and street every day into a nice pile and then got out her matchbook and lit it, we named her Mrs. Burner.
  22. I have asthma and lived there 7 years, inhalers are cheap. But, the burning is the biggest problem, Mexicans have a penchant for burning things, anything, anytime and anywhere, I swear they're born with a noise maker in one hand and a book of matches in the other.
  23. There is now a franchise, apparently, in TX called DRIVE TANKS with several locations where you can go drive a tank, yes, a real tank, not a stock pond etc. BTW, the daily rain gauges on the weather page are called "tanks" vs columns, or tubes etc.
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