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  1. I'm looking at Earth Google and maybe I was looking in the wrong place, was it between bridge #2 and #1 or East of #2? There is still a long building between the bridges, maybe I was looking in the wrong place? After dodging traffic and picking my way through Nuevo Laredo and getting diverted into the Sentri lane by the policia I was frazzled.
  2. I was in Nuevo Laredo yesterday and it appears the white building where we used to get TIP's is gone, where you you go now to get an import sticker? Just curious.
  3. Ha, no, that song is on my 40's XMradio channel. We're all old enough to remember odd seasons in the past, too hot, too cold, too? - In 2001 (I think?) I was traveling New England, that was the year, up there, with no summer, I left Austin at 110 degrees and landed in New Hampshire at 55 degrees, they hated it - we accepted it. The point is that seasons vary hot to cold to hot for more reasons than a super computer can precinct - that's life and weather. Look back in scientific terms and see the entire migration of the human species moving with the weather and climate change, it happens. Fortunately we live in technological times when we can moderate our personal spaces to fit our requirements.
  4. Looks like a guess and a miss, Ajijic Weather is showing 29.6 which is expected this time of year. 99% of these kinds of predictions are done remotely with no factoring of the Lake's unique moderating climate. It's warm in TX today at 84, it's good for our blue bonnets, in 2 months we'll pray for 84. Weather happens, enjoy it. They say that an 80% chance of rain is because someone stuck their head in the backroom and asked and 8 of the 10 people thought it would rain - same here.
  5. You know, I've been "saving" daylight for 75 years now, but the daylight time seems to be the same as it was back in the 40's, the sun comes up, the sun goes down, I don't get it?
  6. Be aware of the "seasons". April/May the first part of June are the July/August of north of the border climes. It's dry, not so green and hot. Once the rain starts mid June everything is green and almost cool at times.
  7. Looks like another border run will be necessary, I tried to get into my online and the token doesn't give a working number. Am I surprised?
  8. As it turns out they're new currency, but I didn't even take them with me, so maybe next time. The two main purposes of the trip were to get a new debit card which I did eventually manage and then to get some inhalers for my asthma. I took the new card directly from the bank to a farmacia on the other side of the block and it was rejected 3 times and of course locked? - so, I paid in USD, just another typical day in MX.
  9. It's only some 50's and 20's. I'm heading down to Acuna tomorrow and thought if any good I'd use them for tolls etc. They have Juarez and Morelos on them, so probably old.
  10. I found some folding pesos in a box, how do I tell if they're current or the old ones no longer valid?
  11. You're probably looking for ajijicweather.com which is the website. This and several others are transmitted to Wunderground Weather, but ajijicweather is the only one with a "personal" website.
  12. I let my Garmin take me through town - once? - never ever again, it was horrendous.
  13. It would immediately be outlawed in MX. Why? - because it doesn't employ nearly enough people, you know how that works, you can't eliminate MXN jobs, you can create them, but not the other way, so basically forget it. There would be a 10,000% import fee just to make sure.
  14. It's happening all over, yesterday morning up here in TX we "warmed" to 13 degrees with a 10 degree wind chill, but we'll be 75 Saturday, winters don't last long here.
  15. I'm looking for someone willing to bring a few small items N into TX, passing anywhere through the San Antonio - Austin areas, or Del Rio. Timing not critical. PM me for details. Thanks
  16. cafeterraneo, pm me with the links you need and I'll see what I can do. Other than death and taxes, all things are ephemeral, it was an interesting thing which now remains in yesterday.
  17. La Floresta is a different station with different weather equipment, it's IJALISCO63 in WU with no website, while the original ChapalaWeather was IJALISCO25. The original CW has ceased operations. An attempt to continue it was made, it wasn't successful.
  18. I'd bet more than 50% depend on that to qualify for their temporal visas.
  19. Steve doesn't live here anymore. The weather station is under new management.
  20. The credit for its return and its continuation belongs to others now.
  21. Hi Pete,

    Just a note to say thanks for all your support over the years, Max and I won't forget. Spencer and I tried, but he has a career and being a weather guy doesn't fit in. We'll run the station to the end of the month and then pull the plug one final time. It's sad, but all things begin and end.

    Thanks again,

    Steve and Max the WeatherCat

  22. They say a camel is a horse designed by a committee. From just these few comments you can begin to see what is involved. The current weather site is a composite of 10 years of comments and suggestions (and creative license). The Canucks wanted metric, the Americans could care less, some want detail, some could care less. Take for example a basic jpg created by VWS. It has most everything you need, little history, no webcam (which requires no work at all) and many folks would be happy with this. But, over the years people have requested things that made sense to incorporate. As for historic data, years ago one fellows awning over his mirador was burned by a falling globas, he was trying to prove to the insurance company what happened, with data showing prevailing winds etc. he was able to do that. Dr. Stong has used some of the data when creating the "fish farm" E of Chapala. Recently one fellow wanted to see the "wet bulb" temp, so a page was created for that. Of course the solar guys like the radiation page, so you see the range of possibility is wide and there are dozens and dozens of readings available in VWS we never used. It's a diverse community and serving it isn't really a simple single solution. Actually this station uploads to Wunderground as do several others in the local area, you can get a lot of data from this alone, is it enough? - I chose to expand the options.
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