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  1. Ah yes, my favorite bunch of incompetent bandidos, the CFE (or as we used to call them "Can't Furnish Electricity"). I was in Riberas 7 years, in that time the CFE managed to burn out 7 wireless routers, 2 sizable UBS regulators (sacrificed themselves saving equipment) a tele answering machine, $800MXD repair to my home theater and more. In 4 years back NOB I've not burned out a single thing, I left my big UBS there, don't need it here and I've not replaced a single burned out bulb, in Riberas I used to buy them a dozen at a time. Yes, the CFE is little more than legalized bandidos.
  2. Great pics, brings back memories. Right now the lake is only 3cm short of that amount in 2008, 1" is the only difference.
  3. I joined this forum in 2006, moved to Riberas in 2007-2014 and have heard and read of a continuing stream of corruption before, during and since. My question to you is why do you expect anything different than the "business as usual" in MX?
  4. Be aware, there may be some delays. https://www.breitbart.com/border/2018/11/03/photos-u-s-military-troops-gear-up-at-international-bridges-ahead-of-migrant-caravan/
  5. Another 3.93 inches and it will match 2008 at 96.72m.
  6. Yesterday the lake was at 96.49M. My records show that back in 2008 was the previous high point at 96.72M. So, that's only about 9" short and with heavy rains from Willa you may see a new high, at least since 2007.
  7. You want to know about currents, or for that matter, anything about the lake, find Dr. Stong, he's researched the lake for years.
  8. Yes, the Llano normally flows at 100-200 cubic feet per second and that crest was almost 300,000 cubic feet per second, that's 375 olympic swimming pools per second. Lake Marble Falls where we had dinner had boats, jet skiis, floating docks, trees, you name it heading down to Travis. The only good news was that Both Buchanan and Travis were down due to drought and had capacity to absorb a lot, that's what the system is designed to do. Down there if either or both storms drop a lot of rain upstream Chapala could get a crest pushing the lake even higher, there are no flood control dams/lakes to protect you. PS: the Kingsland bridge was built to withstand a 50 year flood - it lasted 49 years.
  9. Actually, I think TS Vincente is more likely to bring you problems, both could add to our current flooding in TX.
  10. Just Google "my way hijacker" and you'll find several ways of eliminating it.
  11. No issue, I just know how people tend to twist words and I like to keep the record straight for those less enlightened, but I am pleased you know the history as your kids and Gkids, as are mine, living in the great new economy.
  12. Dear Gringal, Check your history, it was founded as a "REPUBLIC" - not a pure democracy, or monarchy. The old example is two men and one woman in a room in a "democracy" and they take a vote as to whether the woman should, shall we say be "compliant" - guess what the result was. A Representative Republic is not a pure democracy and due to the failings of humans it can never be.
  13. We voted for "hope & change" in 2008 and 2012 - and boy, we got a heapin' helping of what we ordered, be very careful what you ask for!
  14. Tomas, thanks for the kind words. And, it wasn't as much about the technology, but the additional things added, I guess you'd say "personalizations". If you look at ajijicweather.com it is the same software, the same instruments he just doesn't add the "extras" but the data is there for the most part. To be honest, there are a lot of days I miss not continuing the station, but it didn't make sense with me not returning. The domain chapalaweather.net is for sale, so if anyone wants to invest?
  15. Hope you have a great season, up here in TX it's so dry the mosquitoes are having to buy bottled water to breed in - not to mention we've been at 100 or near for several weeks already.
  16. I will say this for Mexican scorpions, the small ones really deliver a punch. I get stung from time to time up here NOB and no big deal, there I got hit on the end of my middle finger (no I wasn't?) and within a few hours I could feel it all the way to my elbow. It took a full month to completely regain feeling in that finger. And the worst part was that it happened outside and I reactively tossed him away and before I could find and kill him he vanished to live and sting again?
  17. Went to MX in Oct of 2007 for 6 months, rented the estate at #12 Santa Monica in Riberas and stayed 7 years - I liked it.
  18. I rented the estate for 7 years at what was then the end of Santa Monica between Santa Monica and Paseo del Lago. As you will notice Santa Monica is a dirt street, actually it is cobblestone but over the years flooding has washed dirt down and it's never cleaned off, so it does happen sometimes. I think our front gate was #12 Santa Monica. We had water in flower beds from heavy rain, but not a problem. Casa Abuelo
  19. I bought two Win10 PC's a couple of years ago and immediately converted them down to 8.1 - I remain happily at that level. I still have XP and Win7 systems all fully functional. Years of experience has taught me how to deal with them. However, I bought a new quadcopter because I had too much money in the bank - apparently? - that required an iPad for flight video etc. and you think you have problems with Win? - ha, I bought a 6" cable to hook the flight controller to the iPad and I'm getting an "accessory may not be compatible" etc. popup in the middle of my flight screen while I'm trying to avoid crashes etc. Turns out that somehow Apple knows when the "wires" you hook to the iPad are not pure white, Pope blessed, pure as the wind driven snow Apple etc. and so it's complaining about the wires???????? - give me a break? PS: I'm old enough to remember life without computers, it was grand - I'm on my way back!
  20. A friend's dog has some heart problems etc. and meds are pretty expensive here. I make a run to the border every few months to get inhalers for myself and he asked if these meds are available in MX at a more reasonable price, any input appreciated. 1.Vetmedin, chewable tabs 2.Optimmune 0.2% Opthalmic Ointment #108824 3.Trifexis for dogs 20.1 to 40 lbs, chewable tablets for heartworms, fleas and intestinal worms
  21. I always told my gardener to NOT water this weekend because all the Tapatios come to their "lake houses" and fill up their pools etc. and my ajibes would run dry before they could be filled again. It's the Easter Holiday, rejoice, but be prepared.
  22. Accountants have seen to that subtle little difference. ER's are a separate unit from the hospital so I was an out patient. When my wife was in the hospital years ago for neurosurgery and was then sent to the recovery unit, which was down the hall, that was a separate unit and I paid copays to both units. But Angus, if you want to come up and argue that one out, I'll split the savings with you, no problem. I've already paid for several "services" that occurred while I was sitting half dressed on the edge of an exam table waiting for someone to actually fix the problem.
  23. Yes of course, over 65 is enrolled. However, ER is not "in patient" billable. It's "out patient". I drove to the ER, I drove to the 2nd ER and I drove home. I was never admitted to a hospital so it's out patient billable. Part B covers a fair amount of it, but not all.
  24. Then why wasn't I automatically enrolled in Part A like I was in Part B?
  25. Be careful what you wish for, things change. Probably 8 years ago I was living happily in MX paying for the nearest Medicare doctor who was 700 miles away. I made several calls, of course waiting 45 minutes onhold each time, only to be told to call another number and finally I got some wet behind the ears kid who was incredulous at my request "you mean you actually want to disenroll"? - I was equally incredulous and asked "is disenroll an actual word"? - silence. I continued. He said I'd have to fill out a form, I said I darn sure didn't have to fill out one to enroll, the SS just automatically enrolled me. So, he sent the form, I completed it, returned it and the deductions continued, I called at least twice more and finally gave up. I returned to TX 3 years ago still paying monthly and intended to return to MX, but things changed and I didn't return. At that point I had paid into Medicare for about 10 years and never used it once. Then came SuperBowl Sunday this year, I spent about 6 hours in two ER's with the total bills over $6,000, Medicare says my max payments will be $1,252 - so, in retrospect, maybe it wasn't such a bad thing they wouldn't let me quit, things change.
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