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  1. Nope, June 12th, just like always. I know because that's when we start to dry up?
  2. Well? - attempting to sort out your dissociated comments, bringing Canada in as an unrelated country to this subject, I will tell you that all the touchy feely emotions are rendered irrelevant because the US, America (if you will), is a country and society of laws, and the plain, unabashed fact undisputed by any legal authority, is that crossing into the US illegally is a crime. All the smooze, touchy feely emotions etc is a mask to cover the reality of that fact that there is essentially an "invasion" of illegals into the US - which is increasing in an attempt to swamp, overcome if you will, the border security. NOTE: On a specific note, Frum was attached to the Bush administration - not really a proforma validation of Conservatism, maybe a member of the Republican establishment, but not Conservatism I can assure you. PS: Here's something most folks don't know, the legal immigration system in the US was mostly shut down from the mid 20's until the early 60's - for one simple reason, to allow assimilation of incoming non-Americans. I assume you live in MX, I lived there, let me assure you the current "crop of immigrants" has little or no interest in assimilating into the American culture. They are there, by their own admissions, to access a "better life" etc. In other words, they seek the easy life, the milk, the gold and are unwilling to follow the previous generations path that came to America to find those same things, but learned the language, that assimilated into the American culture and knew that doing so causes a rising tide that floats all boats including their children and prodigy.
  3. Often a divergent point of view allows a person to arrive at the truth, especially when those divergent views appear to come to the same conclusions. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/05/us/crossing-the-border-statistics.html Or https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/us-has-hit-breaking-point-at-border-amid-immigration-surge-customs-and-border-protection-commissioner-says/2019/03/27/d2014068-5093-11e9-af35-1fb9615010d7_story.html?utm_term=.3fdf18e5da00 I presume these sources are acceptable.
  4. None so blind as those who will not see, nor so deaf as those who will not hear. Often the truth is shocking.
  5. Maybe, or maybe not? https://www.breitbart.com/border/2019/04/30/video-111-central-american-migrants-cross-arizona-border/
  6. I didn't get the memo, what is the official age of Prune-juicers? I just rolled over 76 last week, do I qualify?
  7. Yeah, I was a world class genius at age 15 also - look at how I turned out.
  8. Ah, of course, silly me, Pangloss being a fictional character means that "climate change" is also from the fictional world - now it makes perfect sense, thanks.
  9. Ok Angus, my question is the same, who determines that this "climate" is exactly perfect at this moment in time and it shouldn't be changed?
  10. I've watched from a distance (about 1K miles) where the wind chill was 13F degrees this morning. As I observe these discussions I always wonder why it begins with the automatic assumption that at this moment in time the temperature is perfect, it shouldn't be allowed to go up/down? Who gets to determine that and demand that everyone else fall in line and believe - exactly who is that?
  11. He'll love the Rocky Mountains - from now on.
  12. I lived there for 7 years and we've had this discussion dozens of times and I've yet to begin to imagine how anyone is at some of those low levels. My casita was empty during the summer and even then it was more than some of these quotes and all that was running was a porch light and a wireless modem. Good luck.
  13. Lakeside, it wasn't the warts I had a problem with, I expected that, but having to pay through all the orifices was the pain when it was obvious they not only didn't care, but were proud to do stupid things in the name of providing "service". I've never minded paying for service wherever I go and whatever I do, but the CFE? - that was the ultimate affront to my sensibilities.
  14. Having lived in lower Riberas below Mirasol for 7 years I can tell you that yesterday was, of course, Sunday, they aren't going to do zip on a Sunday, next, Riberas is the red headed step child of the N shore, ever notice the folks up on Gobblers Knob (upper Chula Vista) always have power, only once in 7 years did I ever see them go dark - you have to ask why? Two or three words come to mind, incompetence, corruption, no interest in customer service for starters. I personally rewired/connected the incoming power to my casita from the pole after they tied it to a tree - in front of the jeffe and when I hollered at him he smiled and got into his pickup and drove away. I've documented a number of times the equipment burned out over that period in Riberas as opposed to my tenure NOB the last 4.5 years when 0 (zero) has burned out and only on two occasions for less than an hour has power failed. Two nights ago we had the most vicious lightning storm I've ever seen, over 252 cloud to ground strikes in 10 minutes - never a flicker of power or a surge. And to rub a bit of salt into the wound, I receive power from a Co-op at about $0.11/$0.12 per KWH (it goes DOWN if I use more, what a concept). I realize that doesn't fix your problems or make you feel any better, I'd suggest Distillers Tequila available at Walmart for around 1100 pesos (costs $35 up here?) PS: Happy New Year
  15. giltner68

    Gas Prices

    Marble Falls, TX is $1.95 today.
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