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  1. If anyone is looking for a dependable driver/translator, Joshua Neighbor will take you to the airport and pick you up. I have used him as a medical translator, he has taken me to the local IMSS in Chapala, and when I needed tests or to see specialists in Tlajomulco, he took me, stayed with me, and interpreted for me. He charges very reasonable rates. He has also taken me to different places in Guad, and knows his way around. To contact: Joshua Neighbor phone: 331-349-4211.
  2. Hello, I just saw your message concerning model trains (my husband and I live in the area and were looking for fellow enthusiasts), my husband has just started with them, do you know of any other place/club that has trains other than the Maquina 245 restaurant and the old train station display in the Chapala area? We have been to those and enjoy them.

  3. If anyone is looking for a driver or medical translator, there is one person I can heartily recommend. His name is Sesar Arias Ayala, he speaks perfect English, is a gentleman and will take good care of you. He has taken me to Tlajomulco IMSS hospital #180 many times, will stay with you as long as you need. He also drives people to and from the airport, should you be needing that. He has given me permission to post his contact info here: Sesar Arias Ayala Cel: (33) 3959 0825 email: skeesterloverwc49@gmail.com Sesar uses his own vehicle and will pick you up and drop you off at your house.
  4. Hello, I am wondering if anyone here in the Lakeside area uses babysitters, and how much they charge. This is for a child, not looking for pet or house sitters, thanks!
  5. I believe Rochatas in Chapala has closed permanently, not sure if the one in Joco is still open. A shame, I loved their salad and of course their desserts.
  6. I too am looking for a driver/translator to take me to and from the Tlajomulco IMSS in a couple of weeks, and then a couple of months, to pick up test results. I will pay per hour spent, pay the gas, and also take him/her out to eat, if they wish.
  7. Crazy question--you posted about a recliner, and gave the number to contact a person named Linda; can I just dial that as is? I live in Chapala,


  8. My number of postings shouldn't matter. I posted this because my husband and I had just lost our sweet dog who died, and went to a vet who sometimes has dogs to adopt, in the hope of getting one. The vet showed us a dog that had been injured in Joco and brought to him for treatment. The vet said no one had claimed the animal. There could be many reasons for that. The dog has been well taken care of and trained; my husband and I felt someone may be searching for him, but had no clue where he was. Hence the post. The dog is staying with us unless someone claims it. My concern is also that many street dogs end up getting poisoned, taken to a different neighborhood, or run over. I live in a Mexican neighborhood and see it far too often in the 11 years I've lived here.
  9. Hello, This is to ask if anyone Lakeside is missing what appears to be a part Lab/ basset hound mix. On the shorter end of medium size, medium brown coat. Very energetic, neutered male dog. Very friendly dog, good with animals and people, rarely barks. Anyone missing such an animal? It was picked up in Jocotepec and brought to a vet in Riberas/ San Antonio. I have a photo but can't figure out how to include it.
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