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  1. Does anyone have a Shaw 630 receiver in good condition that they would want to sell? Mine has become extremely erratic when playing back my recorded programs which I am afraid means I need a new receiver. Please contact me at jbrickman@mac.com or 376-766-3420. Thank you!
  2. Can anyone give me a current phone number for Smart Home? They are no longer at the Librimento shopping area and I cannot find a way to get in touch with them. If anyone can provide a current phone number and/or address I would really appreciate it!
  3. Is anyone in the Lakeside area interested in sharing their Shaw TV with me? I live in upper Ajijic and have the receiver but am not Canadian and would like to find someone who would be willing to add me to their account. If you are interested I can be reached at 331-746-1288 or jbrickman@mac.com
  4. My husband is interested in playing chess. I there still a chessboard set up in the plaza? He would be interested in joining a chess club as mentioned above. How would he get in touch with Chuni?
  5. I am going to have back surgery in mid-July. Does anyone know where I can buy a toilet seat riser and a “grabber” to pick up clothes, etc.
  6. I would like to know if anybody knows of a "true" gardener in the Lake Chapala area - someone who does not just mow your grass, but knows how to trim flowering plants like geraniums and also hibiscus. If you have one and he has time, I would also like to know what he charges per hour. Thank you for any suggestions!
  7. I am looking for a GOOD chiropractor here at Lakeside. Are there any? And I also would like to know if there is a GOOD physical therapist here as well. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  8. The App;e iMac computer has been sold.

  9. Just as a warning to all! I was in my car outside of Benno's Computer on the Librimento waiting for my husband. I had the windows open because it was warm outside and was reading my email on my cell phone. A Mexican man came up to me on the driver's side and pointed to some keys on the ground next to my car and asked if they were mine. I opened the car door to pick them up and said they were not mine. My wallet was on the passenger side floor mat sitting up next to the divider. While I was distracted picking up the keys another person apparently reached in the window and stole my wallet (they were not my keys!) Lesson learned - never have your windows opened when driving or parked and always have your car locked whether you are in it or not! These were very experienced thieves looking for an opportunity. Within 15 minutes they had gone to Chapala and used my Mexican bank debit card to the tune of 18,000+ Mexican at Soriana's. Mexican banks do not refund money when your card is used. So take heed!
  10. Does anyone know of someone in the Lakeside area that I can contact to have my patio and terrace power-washed?
  11. We are considering using Smart Home to set up a security system at our home, including motion sensors and window contacts. There would be a horn outside which would blare for two minutes and a call to the company. I have heard that you do not want the police to come (not trustworthy?) but someone from the company. Presumably the horn would scare a thief anyway. But my main question is - has anyone used Smart Home and therefore have an opinion on the efficiency and trustworthiness of the company?
  12. Thank everyone for your help. I did get someone to come out and the contacts to the dish had gotten some dirt inside. He replaced the contacts and all is working fine.
  13. Does anyone have a Shaw satellite dish for sale? I have the receiver but right now the network is down and in speaking with others who are on the same account who are getting reception, I am wondering if I need a new satellite dish.
  14. Does anyone know of a service lakeside that will respond to a pendant or wrist button? In the U.S. there is "Life Lock" where a single older person can wear something that allows him or her to seek immediate help if he cannot get to his phones, such as if he takes a fall, has a heart attack, or some other medical emergency, by pressing the button on the pendant or wrist. Is such a service available here?
  15. Can anyone recommend retirement homes that offer independent living, assited living, and memory care? I know about Cosa Nostra, but that is the only one that has been highly recommended to me. Are there any others that you would recommend?
  16. We just had the most wonderful experience with Vanguardia Honda located at the Gallerias Mall. We made an appointment for 10:00 AM - they were waiting for us, offerred us water or something else to drink, showed us the rear-view camera they were going to install, and told us the car would be done at 2:00. They gave us a ride to the Gallerias Mall and when we returned the car was ready, including washing and painting a small blackmark on the front bumper. After our experience with Dalton Toyota we were really pleasantly surprised. Ask for Franco - he speaks English and is extremely polite and very courteous. I would highly recommend this dealer!
  17. We are looking for a used Honda Fit, automatic transmission, in good condition with relatively low mileage and well maintained. Please contact us at 376-766-3420 or 331-746-1288.
  18. After having our car at Dalton Toyota for over 3 hours and accomplishing nothing, we picked up our Toyota Rav4 SUV and took it to Escalera. The problem was with our tire pressure warning light which would not go off and one of the tires needed a new sensor. Escalera spent several days trying to find the correct sensor but they were successful and now all is well. Heaven only jbiws what Dalton was doing with our car but when they told us after 3 hours it had not even been in the diagnostic section yet, we gave up. This is the 3rd or 4th time we have had such bad luck with Dalton and we will never go there again! But we would highly recommend Escalera - they did the job and did it for a reasonable price! Kudus to them!
  19. I have a beautiful large Kelim rug that has a stain in one corner. I tried Spring Cleaning across the carreterra from the Bridge Club and they could not remove the stain. Does anyone know of someone else who I can try?
  20. All we got when we signed up in Chapala was a piece of paper with our names on it and showing the expiration date of the program (based on the expiration of our FM3). It is not something that can be laminated, so how do we get our cards? In answer to the person who questioned our eligibility for the program, we are both over 75 and cannot qualify for ANY OTHER insurance here in Mexico,. To Barbara Habacht: any other information you might have for us would be appreciated, such as the contact information for a translator who can assist us with the rest of the process. You can email me directly at jbrickman@mac.com
  21. We just signed up for Mexico's free health insurance, called Seguro Popular. We have been told that we now need to register with a hospital in Guadalajara and that we need a Mexican who knows how to walk you through all the complications of doing that. Does anyone have the name and contact info of someone who can do that with us?
  22. My husband returned from Los Angeles on a United flight yesterday and left his Samsung tablet on the airport bus that took him from the airplane to the terminal. He did not discover it until he got home. We promptly called United, who connected us with Guadalajara Lost and Found. Lo and behold - it had been turned in by some very honest person! We have had so many positive experiences like this that I felt I needed to post another "thank you" to Mexico!
  23. I am attempting to do an End Of Life Directive for Jalisco, Mexico, and need some recommendations for a reliable funeral home for cremation and shipment of ashes to the U.S. Thanks in advance!
  24. I am trying to compare two medical evacuation companies - Sky Med and MedJet Assist. My partner (82) and I (78) are interested in subscribing to one of the above emergency evacuation plans to the U.S because we have either Medicare or VA services there. Does anyone have any feed-back that would be helpful to us in deciding which plan to use?
  25. I am trying to find out if anyone has had experience with either Sky Med or MedJed Assist. My partner (82) and I (78) would like to be evacuated to the U.S. for medical care in case of a serious medical emergency because we have Medicare and/or VA services. The above are the two plans we are considering. Does anyone have any feed-back on either or both of these plans?
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