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  1. What is the best used car site in the Guadalajara area. I have a friend whon is moving to the Lake Chapala area and I know there is a website that lists different cars for sale because I used it when determining how much to ask for my car..Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Is there an American citizen diving across the border in late April that would have room for me, my small dog, and a couple of suitcases? Or I would pay an American to drive me and my small dog (who weighs 22 pounds) and belongings just across the border at Laredo where my daughter could meet me and pick me up. If interested please call me at 376-766-3420 or email me at jbrickman@mac.com
  3. I was just wanting to ask the community if anyone knows about the status of coronavirus in the state of Jalisco, and specifically in the Lake Chapala area. Please share any information that you might have.
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for a car rental place in the Lake Chapala area that is reasonably priced? We need a car for the month of April only. Please contact me at 331-746-1288! Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
  5. Does anyone know where I can buy a good fresh uncooked chicken?
  6. i need an expert to help me connect extenders in my home. Any suggestions would be welcome. You can call 331-746-1288 or email me at jbrickman@mac.com/
  7. I will be returning to Ajijic in mid November after having had 8 spinal fusions (from T10 to S1) and will need an excellent physical therapist with experience treating this type posy surgery. Please send me any recommendations and/or references.
  8. Does anyone have a Shaw 630 receiver in good condition that they would want to sell? Mine has become extremely erratic when playing back my recorded programs which I am afraid means I need a new receiver. Please contact me at jbrickman@mac.com or 376-766-3420. Thank you!
  9. Can anyone give me a current phone number for Smart Home? They are no longer at the Librimento shopping area and I cannot find a way to get in touch with them. If anyone can provide a current phone number and/or address I would really appreciate it!
  10. Is anyone in the Lakeside area interested in sharing their Shaw TV with me? I live in upper Ajijic and have the receiver but am not Canadian and would like to find someone who would be willing to add me to their account. If you are interested I can be reached at 331-746-1288 or jbrickman@mac.com
  11. My husband is interested in playing chess. I there still a chessboard set up in the plaza? He would be interested in joining a chess club as mentioned above. How would he get in touch with Chuni?
  12. I am going to have back surgery in mid-July. Does anyone know where I can buy a toilet seat riser and a “grabber” to pick up clothes, etc.
  13. I would like to know if anybody knows of a "true" gardener in the Lake Chapala area - someone who does not just mow your grass, but knows how to trim flowering plants like geraniums and also hibiscus. If you have one and he has time, I would also like to know what he charges per hour. Thank you for any suggestions!
  14. I am looking for a GOOD chiropractor here at Lakeside. Are there any? And I also would like to know if there is a GOOD physical therapist here as well. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  15. The App;e iMac computer has been sold.

  16. Just as a warning to all! I was in my car outside of Benno's Computer on the Librimento waiting for my husband. I had the windows open because it was warm outside and was reading my email on my cell phone. A Mexican man came up to me on the driver's side and pointed to some keys on the ground next to my car and asked if they were mine. I opened the car door to pick them up and said they were not mine. My wallet was on the passenger side floor mat sitting up next to the divider. While I was distracted picking up the keys another person apparently reached in the window and stole my wallet (they were not my keys!) Lesson learned - never have your windows opened when driving or parked and always have your car locked whether you are in it or not! These were very experienced thieves looking for an opportunity. Within 15 minutes they had gone to Chapala and used my Mexican bank debit card to the tune of 18,000+ Mexican at Soriana's. Mexican banks do not refund money when your card is used. So take heed!
  17. After having our car at Dalton Toyota for over 3 hours and accomplishing nothing, we picked up our Toyota Rav4 SUV and took it to Escalera. The problem was with our tire pressure warning light which would not go off and one of the tires needed a new sensor. Escalera spent several days trying to find the correct sensor but they were successful and now all is well. Heaven only jbiws what Dalton was doing with our car but when they told us after 3 hours it had not even been in the diagnostic section yet, we gave up. This is the 3rd or 4th time we have had such bad luck with Dalton and we will never go there again! But we would highly recommend Escalera - they did the job and did it for a reasonable price! Kudus to them!
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