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  1. It this your website?   http://computerguyajijic.com/TCG/   I wrote you through your website if so.  Computer WIFI issues on Laptop.  


  2. This is all very confusing. I am resident permanente and have left and come back without doing it. The online form seems to only talk starting the process when you enter Mexico? I want to do what is correct.
  3. Does anyone know of a clock repairman in this area? Guadalajara? It seems center of one of the cogs finally wore itself into where it attached to the frame. It is a Seth Thomas and belonged my grandparents. Would really like to get it going again. I used the guy in Chapala several years ago near the bus station but have found out that he died.
  4. BBVA's website is so buggy and constantly changing. A total disaster. Half the time I cannot get in but Bingo having not changed anything I get in. I finally broke down and called support. The phone system there was so bad and the English speaking support guy had such a heavy accent I could not understand him. It must be intentional the support is so bad. I am no expert but the advice he gave me so off base I finally just gave up. Which may be their intent.
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