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  1. Did you manage to get the anterior hip replacement?  If so, who did it and what was the cost?  

  2. I am devastated beyond belief, as are many many more, I know. He was truly a talented,wonderful, kind caring man. There will be a Mass tonight at 7pm in the main cathedral in Chapala.
  3. We are interested.  We have owned McCawa and Cockatoos, but never a parrot.  Please call Ron 333 458 1980

  4. Searched this board but couldn't find the sleep clinic in GDL or the physician mentioned. Could you send me the link?
  5. A word of caution. We bought a large amount of whole almonds and after eating a goodly amount of them, discovered that they had worms (little white ones, about 1/4 inch long ) crawling through them. We went back to tell the owner about it. We were not asking for money back, just wanted to let her know that there was a problem, but she didn't seem to want to know or acknowledge our concern. Up until this point, we were frequent customers.
  6. We switched to Santorini (21 pesos) a year ago and my frequent tummy troubles have become much less frequent.
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