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  1. Did you manage to get the anterior hip replacement?  If so, who did it and what was the cost?  

  2. I am devastated beyond belief, as are many many more, I know. He was truly a talented,wonderful, kind caring man. There will be a Mass tonight at 7pm in the main cathedral in Chapala.
  3. Totally agree; Spex, do the right thing. Let these people grieve
  4. We are interested.  We have owned McCawa and Cockatoos, but never a parrot.  Please call Ron 333 458 1980

  5. We had Katusa, the local Ajijic Shaman perform a very meaningful spiritual 'wedding' ceremony for our daughter and fiancee last December. Their legal ceremony will be in Thailand at a later date. We also had Carlos and Carlos perform for the wedding supper. They are not violin, but father/son guitar players and singers...very romantic. It was at the Nueva Posada and Michael Eager took care of the smallest details.
  6. Me too; no problem. My "new" used car plate number ended in 7. 300 pesos; was very easy transaction.
  7. Harry...I looked in this week's Reporter and didn't find anything. Do you have any further details? TIA
  8. I am posting this for a friend who is interested in making one for the event. Thanks in advance for any info.
  9. Anyone know how one goes about getting one of these constructed and then how to "register" for the event?
  10. We went last year and had a great time. The food was, of course, wonderful; It's Augustin after all. The entertainment was great and there was the added bonus of some local vendors.
  11. Searched this board but couldn't find the sleep clinic in GDL or the physician mentioned. Could you send me the link?
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