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  1. Sad fact is Walmart is more than capable of not having these issues. There system updates constantly. There computer system for items in a store is only beaten in computer system by the US Dept of Defence. They know at the computer center within minutes of your purchase there is that many less in that store. They even monitor weather and if they see a Storm is going to effect an area the computer system, not the managers, automatically adjusts orders for that or those stores like shipping large quantities of batteries, water, etc. It's the same at other stores. I buy a
  2. There is a place in Tonalá that has literally hundreds. It is a big place and the the entire space outside is nothing but statues and fountains. from the small to the giant ones for buildings. It is on the outskirts of where the shopping strip is
  3. The nearest I know of is the Oxxo on the left in Membrillos as you come down the mountains leaving Chapala headed towards Guadalajara
  4. I rode a bus to go pick up a vehicle and I didn't see one person wearing a mask. I also noticed many around mercado not wearing any. In Several stores the clerk's weren't using mask. Coppell was the only one I saw sticking to a protocol. So yes I think Chapala residents are not taking it as serious as other areas. It could be because we just haven't had as many as other areas. My Doctor told me that he has had several pass away that are not included in the tallies we see. They have been home being taken care of by family and passed away before going to a hospital He suggested to
  5. I Believe that they have to close by 8pm now. The governor enacted emergency measures and if I remember it said that restaurants had to close by 8 (I notice had 7pm for some places) but could deliver until 12 for at least the next 15 days
  6. This is a retirement community. Lots of Elderly expats and Tapitios. A group more susceptible to the virus. To me the the most dangerous place inside a walmart is in line. Now that there are no bags, and the last few times I have been in there, no baggers so the line is running slower. Last night I went in after getting lots of advertising to compete with Amazon Prime Day they only had 3 cashiers operating and none of those were in the lines for disabled and when you only have a few items. the lines where backed up into the clothes Department and clearly no observation of the s
  7. Well if it had to go it was a good time Amazon is starting their prime deals. It's like the old Black Friday Deals You do not have to sign up for prime membership. And Walmart is even trying to compete. Google 2020 Amazon Prime day deals. Or check this site out I just saw a 50inch for less than 200. https://www-cnet-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/prime-day-2020-deals-available-now-25-blink-mini-28-roku-4k-300-toshiba-55-inch-tv-and-more/#ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnet.com%2Fnews%2Fprime-day-2020-deals-available-now-10-smart-plug-2-pack-28-roku-4k-300-toshi
  8. Google voice is FREE it will also be tied to your gmail and can be used via webpage or app. You will need to have someone in the US to get the verify code from google. Google calls the landline and a recording gives the code. BE SURE TO TURN OFF FORWARDING after getting your google number because everytime someone calls your new google number it will ring your friends phone
  9. From living in different parts of Ajijic sadly it depends where live. I remember having terrible internet near Walmart years ago and they came in installing fiber on libramiento and next thing you know we had excellent internet. Now where I live every rainy season it goes out. Every rain. I have tried to get them out for 2 years. My neighbors continues with rain but not mine. I have to wait a few hours after the rain stops for service again.
  10. It does that to me to sometimes. I dont know what causes it. They do something like an update or your cookies need erased. I have closed chrome explorer and reopened it, sometimes had to clear the history, sign out and in. It has comeback doing that so far. With me anyway.
  11. How did you do it? I have a couple of Govt Checks and cant figure out how or where to cash them. Ive been sent on several goose chases.
  12. Ive done it a few times and used uber. There are lots of Ubers in Guad. Lately running around Guad the wait for arrival of an uber has been just a couple of minutes. If you have never used Uber then ask your friends for their Uber referral Promocion code (everybody has one) or look online and you will get credit to cover the first ride or even a couple. Soriana had a Code for I think it was 150 peso credit and thats enough for a few rides inside Guad.
  13. I go back and forth between Santa Cruz and Ajijic quite a bit and I have noticed a lot more "Ticketing" activity (Vial Trucks, Motorcycle Transitos, etc) in Chapala and Ajijic in last few weeks that I havent seen in years. On several parts of Hildago, Libramiento, Chapala-Mezcala, and near Soriana. I was wondering what was up.
  14. My husband is the same size. You can try plaza del sol in guad several stores carried his size. Also try Marti sports its here next to food court across from walmart. They were having a pretty good sale. He picked up a pair that were twice as much in Guad. But they have limited size 13US
  15. I have a Some 100 peso coins. Anybody remember those?
  16. Dr Sam Thelin across the street from Soriana is good. You can make appointments online at Drthelin.com or you can search Google Maps and it had everything there. Click to call or website Etc
  17. I use to see unmarked saran wrapped fish in the freezer at Soriana to the left of the meat counter. it was standup freezer just past the Cakes. Wonder if thats what it was.
  18. Yes my husband just went and bought clothes there last thursday
  19. My husband is going though a shoulder replacement he is setting the reverse replaceplanent where the put the titanium ball up by your dollar bone and the socket is going on the ball of shoulder. He has gone through very many Drs some are interested in the big payday and the new car they will get. But he going a very good guy. Send me a private message and I will pass it along
  20. I'm not just speaking of that place. I'm talking about walking all over. Which I do in an area that has a painted line area to walk.
  21. I hope everyone gets through whatever happened. I have crossed there many times. I have also almost been run over by a Scooterist, 4 wheelers, etc. Several times walking. I have had a few pass by me within inches as I walk Even though there was plenty of room on the road. It scared me to death and made it uncomfortable for me to relax and walk. I have sometimes thought they were passing so close on purpose like a game. It has made me wonder how many of these accidents happen around here. And realize how quick you could be hurt. I hope they are doing ok.
  22. Again thanks for the response. It seems capitalone does know. I've seen other posts of people who use that Bank and with several different Vpns it still knows you are in another country. I have tried several V pns and it still gives me the message that I cannot use it in another country. I may be able to mail it or DHL it. It's not that big an issue for me but some Doctors or Medical personell want to use it, and why? Because they can make more they charge higher prices. But then they get stuck with the US Check. There is an Insurance type of company called AMEXCARE. I was told they
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