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  1. chicamysterious

    When making a Used Scooter Purchase

    I understand and ideally it is the best place. However some of the people I am talking to live in small towns not convenient to the tag office. So hence the need for what paperwork is needed here in Mexico. But thanks for the Heads up.
  2. chicamysterious

    When making a Used Scooter Purchase

    Thanks for the good info. I appreciate that. I use segundomano and seminuevos apps. There are tons out there. It seems to be better than new. One I have looked at fir 25,000 new is 15 and less with only a few thousand km on them. They drop a great deal in price for slight use. 10,000 less fir a few thousand km is good I think anyway... Ive seen the Chinese bikes. They look like the old Honda motor but I am sure the Metals they use and the type of manufacturing techniques used by the chinese make it less quality of the old honda. I would love to have my old 4 speed trail 70(if your in the know then you would know they had the 3 speed auto and a 4 speed with clutch). That thing just would not stop running. But thanks again for the inside info. Thats very nice of you to provide that. Gave you a thumbs up. I will use it for sure
  3. chicamysterious

    Capital One

    You have a log if calls just like your normal cell does. There are no ads. I have used the service long before google. Google bought the company and changed the name to google voice.
  4. chicamysterious

    Receiving UPS

    It was a couple of months ago. No I wasnt quoted that. I was shocked. I believe they open the packages as they are crossing borders. Thet are a private company not government so they would be held responsible for shipping illegal items. I beleive they also make good money determining some of tge items like mine. I got my phone free from a plan but i think without it was clise to 400 usd. So paying 3600 pesos was pretty substantial. They never said what the charge was. I asked around and the biggest response was import fee. I should have contested it as it was a warranty exchange not a purchase. They were shipping ne a replacement as I had sebt in a broken one. I didnt contest it. I didnt want the confrontation and I desperately needed the phone for work. I have had friends and I beleive there are posts on this board that they add a charge for checks sent here. I should say I havent ever had a check sent so I only know that from being told and reading about it. Hope this helps. I would have been better off Using Dhl or Ups directly but they had my registered address and they shipped it there. It definitely shocked me. I have also discussed opening a business with a few friends. We would only ship what needed to be shipoed using DHL and UPS. Or Fedex and Estafeta. The other mail we would scan and email. Instead of all mail coming here. If your interested or know anyone interested drip me a line if would give us an idea of interest.
  5. chicamysterious

    Capital One

    "The Codes" that are being referred to is a 2 step verification process. I use Cap360 and I also have a USAA account that requires a secondary verification to enter the account. You logon with name and password and they then send a text "code" of 6 digits to my "google voice" (US Cell) number which I then enter to access the account. I personally like this feature. Nobody is getting into that account (unless the bank gets hacked). You need a U.S. Cell phone. I have an absolutely free "workaround". So here is what you do. Get a Google Voice number. Its free. You will need a US number to get the Google number. Use a friend or relative. On setup Google will call and send a verification code via recorded voice to the relative or friends Home or Cell number. Its a recorded voice not a text so any phone will work. Enter the code and you have a Google number. It is a free cell number. Remember to change the settings in google voice and deactivate your friends phone number so google will not forward the calls or text to your friends or relatives phone. You can recieve calls, voicemails (they are also emailed to you) and you can send and receive text messages via Google's voice app or the google.com/voice website. There are also other apps that you can use to make calls via internet connection with google voice. I should also say Google Voice has some very neat features. You can send your google number to many phones. You can change how certain calls are handled. Old boyfriend Bam straight to voicemail. New Boyfriend bam straight to where ever I am Lol. Its like have a free personal private switchboard. I like that if I change like say cell company I dont have to worry about everyone getting the new number. I guve out the google number and I just add the cell in my google account. I can make it where you follow where ever I go. Or I can cut you off. I can even create a voice greeting to a specific incoming number (remember old boyfriend) i can tell him off. Unknown number? I can require you to announce who you are and I can accept and allow the call to come through or send you away. Many many many features. And its all Unbelievably FREE!!!!!!! Its kind of like the Old switchboard ISDN lines.
  6. chicamysterious

    When making a Used Scooter Purchase

    I could suggest that. They said the current Tag on it now is paid through next year. I am not going alone and I plan on meeting in a public place. I really want to know all the papers needed. Bill of sale? Registration? Title? Are the differences between car and scooter?
  7. chicamysterious

    Receiving UPS

    Im not sure if I understand what your asking but in my experience I had a cell phone shipped from Texas. The package was the size of a VHS tape. They charged me 3,600 pesos. So I think it depends on what your receiving.
  8. What paperwork should I be receiving from the seller. I also assume I should request the meeting at a "Secure" location? Not that 15,000 pesos is a lot of miney but I am feeling a little nervous about getting ripped off.
  9. chicamysterious

    Transitos back in action

    I saw them the other day. They had a Bus pulled over. Thats a first for me here. Ive seen Buses pulled in Guad and Zapopan, but the first Ive seen here and they didnt just pull one. They were driving up and down Av Pepe Guizar. They were pulling just about everyone. They would release someone and immediately pull someone else. Some I didnt see any infractions. They would pull them out of the vehicles all standing on the sidewalk checking documentation. One thing that bothered me a little, They would go to pull someone going the opposite direction by doing a 3 point turn in the middle of an intersection. Sometimes they couldnt do it in 3 and it would take them 4 or 5. Stopping four lanes of traffic. Back and forth back and forth Lol
  10. I just googled "they´╗┐´╗┐ are saying there is no evidence there ever was a drone. The millions of dollars that caused" and clicked on the news tab. It lists several stories From The Guardian, Forbes, it also has The New Zealand Herald, and American Thinker. I am going through them all to see. It will take a half a day at least. I will report back and also seek advise on these. But I will need to send Interrogatories first. It also seems that several International borders are involved. It starts in The U.K. or more precisely Gatwick... what... and related articles from New Zealand, United States, Mexico. The Herald, Forbes, American Thinker and Chapala Webboard. Now thar I think of it the United Nations I think has suggested cross border international reporting standards rhat should be applied after of course making sure to adhere to local standard's. of course should American Standards be applied. Or perhaps english. oh yes Mexican because the webboard is in Mexico so the subject would change in order in the sentence. I mean to tell you I feel lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut Right down that there goin down the blacktop checkin roberts rules. Then again could just drop a small note no more they. Its Them There Quote Edit
  11. They as in Numerous news outlets. Would you like me to spend the day emailing uou all the links and videos. "They" ie numerous news outlets have posted that there is no actual photos or videos of the "Drone". There are videos out that are claiming to be videos of the drone but it has bow been proven it is not. The only current proof is from "accounts" from "unnamed" people claiming to have seen a drone. There has been one drone found in a field, not at Gatwick, but it was determined it had been there for sometime. "They" also arrested a couple bear Gatwick but "they" were released after a day and a half in custody. I am not posting here for my Writing and Reporting class. I am posting in a small Mexican towns expat board. To verify my story simply google some of the issues I state and you will find many many many articles that you may then Grade on the reporters use of Grammar.
  12. It probably just someone playing with a new Christmas Present. BUT Did anyone hear about the Gatwick Airport fiasco? It caused havoc for days around Christmas. Stranding 100's of thousands of people for days. The army even deployed anti drone tech. Now they are saying there is no evidence there ever was a drone. The millions of dollars rhat caused.
  13. chicamysterious

    Hourly wage for "domestic diva"

    The pay in most jobs in GDL is lower than here. I have a few friends who work in the tech field and they are paid well. As for Chapala they like to refer to it as Gringolandia. They were shocked at not having to pay to park at walmart their first time here.
  14. I think so. You will just dial the 10 numbers without using 1. The biggest positive I think is with cell phones no more 0144 or 0145. I was in a hotel in juarez mexico once and called a local person on thier cell. When i checked out they charged me for an international call. I said it was a local cell and they said calling 045 was international???? Go figure... Its just like in Texas a few years ago. I can remember in our town we could just dial the last 4. Years later we had to use all 7 then years after that 10. Bell said it was because they were running out of numbers with all the cell phones and had to add several area codes. I can remember areas like Houston or Dallas/Fort Worth worked with one area code. Now they both have four area codes