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  1. Mi Tia is a smoker looking for a particular Cigarette. They are Called D&J. She has been buying them buy the carton at a little store for years. She says they dont carry them anymore. She asked me to ask The Wise and Mighty Webboard. You know how there are areas of Guadalajara for specific things. Like Fruit, Meat, Computers, Etc. Is there an area for Tobacco or Cigarettes? Thanks again
  2. I have actually been there. When My husband was looking to buy a used bike. They said they only repair. There is another place down the street he is past the oxxo near the Guad Pharmacy. But thanks for the info. I still dont see how RVers do it. Surely they all dont have 2 people. One to claim each vehicle. And The names have to be on the title also. Surely every RVer isnt setup for that.
  3. Thanks so much for that very informative post. That was a ton of typing. I feel like I owe you lunch or something. Thanks for the link also I will dig in. I don't understand how RVers do it if they have no spouse. I've seen so many who tow a daily driver or they have a small street legal motorcycle across the back bumper. I know they do it so when they get somewhere that have something to get around other than the RV. I thought there must be some way. But they must have a person for every vehicle? They should change that for certain reaso s like what we are discussing. His wife does not drive and has no license so I guess its not going to work. The bike he is bringing is small. A 250 so he is not going that all the way here and then back hahahaha not at his age anyway... Well I'll be breaking the bad news. My husband just bought a Yamaha and was so looking forward to riding with his buddy. Hmmmm oh well... But thanks again for such an in depth reply. I really do appreciate the time you took to write all that..I gave you a click trophy but that just isn't enough. I really would treat you to lunch or something send me private message. Again thanks so much
  4. Friends of ours are planning to drive down for a Visit/Vacation. The husband wants to also bring his Motorcycle to go on some rides with my Husband. He is going to bring his Motorcycle in the bed of his truck. Is this possible? Is there a particular process for this? I assume it would be like someone in an RV with a Motorcycle strapped to the back or a Towed Vehicle. How do the RVers do it? Thanks so much for any help any of you could provide. I would like to add that I do love the fact that we have this site and the people that share their knowledge and experiences here with us. It has helped us countless times in unique situations. Thank You all Ajijicians and Chapalatonions (yes I made those up) This should be a thread of its own but......... but we really should come up with something unique for our area. I know there is Tapatios and I've heard names about other areas. I've had people jokingly say Gringolandia
  5. One of our banks is USAA. They give us excellent rates, cash back on all purchases and no foreign transaction fees
  6. Strange. I got this as a Quite Reply but in an email.here it is. "Then, there's the aches and pains that come with living a long time; one cause of grumpiness and grouchiness, but most people roll with it and keep on being pleasant to others in spite of it๐Ÿ™ƒ. Some don't." I would also agree with that. I could see the Medical aspects being a contributing factor. I would also say that everybody has a way of dealing with things, young or Old. I have seen youngins not handling things well and i have seen people I know who are in pain but as jolly as can be. I have also seen people who appeared angry but were not at all. You know the Resting Bi*ch Face. Its a personal Perspective
  7. I guess I have come across a few rude. Not to me but I have witnessed a few in a years time. The thing I seem to come across is How many are, How should I say it, Grumpy? Grouchy? or maybe its just they are unhappy. I feel confortable in that statement.
  8. There was an invoice. It had a price of 0$ for warranty exchange. But it had a $50 overnight shipping.
  9. I paid well over 16% so dont know what happened in my case. There was an invoice in my package that had what i paid for the phone exchange.
  10. I understand and ideally it is the best place. However some of the people I am talking to live in small towns not convenient to the tag office. So hence the need for what paperwork is needed here in Mexico. But thanks for the Heads up.
  11. Thanks for the good info. I appreciate that. I use segundomano and seminuevos apps. There are tons out there. It seems to be better than new. One I have looked at fir 25,000 new is 15 and less with only a few thousand km on them. They drop a great deal in price for slight use. 10,000 less fir a few thousand km is good I think anyway... Ive seen the Chinese bikes. They look like the old Honda motor but I am sure the Metals they use and the type of manufacturing techniques used by the chinese make it less quality of the old honda. I would love to have my old 4 speed trail 70(if your in the know then you would know they had the 3 speed auto and a 4 speed with clutch). That thing just would not stop running. But thanks again for the inside info. Thats very nice of you to provide that. Gave you a thumbs up. I will use it for sure
  12. You have a log if calls just like your normal cell does. There are no ads. I have used the service long before google. Google bought the company and changed the name to google voice.
  13. It was a couple of months ago. No I wasnt quoted that. I was shocked. I believe they open the packages as they are crossing borders. Thet are a private company not government so they would be held responsible for shipping illegal items. I beleive they also make good money determining some of tge items like mine. I got my phone free from a plan but i think without it was clise to 400 usd. So paying 3600 pesos was pretty substantial. They never said what the charge was. I asked around and the biggest response was import fee. I should have contested it as it was a warranty exchange not a purchase. They were shipping ne a replacement as I had sebt in a broken one. I didnt contest it. I didnt want the confrontation and I desperately needed the phone for work. I have had friends and I beleive there are posts on this board that they add a charge for checks sent here. I should say I havent ever had a check sent so I only know that from being told and reading about it. Hope this helps. I would have been better off Using Dhl or Ups directly but they had my registered address and they shipped it there. It definitely shocked me. I have also discussed opening a business with a few friends. We would only ship what needed to be shipoed using DHL and UPS. Or Fedex and Estafeta. The other mail we would scan and email. Instead of all mail coming here. If your interested or know anyone interested drip me a line if would give us an idea of interest.
  14. "The Codes" that are being referred to is a 2 step verification process. I use Cap360 and I also have a USAA account that requires a secondary verification to enter the account. You logon with name and password and they then send a text "code" of 6 digits to my "google voice" (US Cell) number which I then enter to access the account. I personally like this feature. Nobody is getting into that account (unless the bank gets hacked). You need a U.S. Cell phone. I have an absolutely free "workaround". So here is what you do. Get a Google Voice number. Its free. You will need a US number to get the Google number. Use a friend or relative. On setup Google will call and send a verification code via recorded voice to the relative or friends Home or Cell number. Its a recorded voice not a text so any phone will work. Enter the code and you have a Google number. It is a free cell number. Remember to change the settings in google voice and deactivate your friends phone number so google will not forward the calls or text to your friends or relatives phone. You can recieve calls, voicemails (they are also emailed to you) and you can send and receive text messages via Google's voice app or the google.com/voice website. There are also other apps that you can use to make calls via internet connection with google voice. I should also say Google Voice has some very neat features. You can send your google number to many phones. You can change how certain calls are handled. Old boyfriend Bam straight to voicemail. New Boyfriend bam straight to where ever I am Lol. Its like have a free personal private switchboard. I like that if I change like say cell company I dont have to worry about everyone getting the new number. I guve out the google number and I just add the cell in my google account. I can make it where you follow where ever I go. Or I can cut you off. I can even create a voice greeting to a specific incoming number (remember old boyfriend) i can tell him off. Unknown number? I can require you to announce who you are and I can accept and allow the call to come through or send you away. Many many many features. And its all Unbelievably FREE!!!!!!! Its kind of like the Old switchboard ISDN lines.
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