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  1. Does anyone know if Independence Day (or weekend) effects the normal Chapala Monday Tianguis? I would hate to drive iver for nada Mucho Gracias
  2. chicamysterious

    need tech help!

    Take it one task at a time. You are able to go to chapala.com. enter the webboard then go to the Ajijic section and then create and post and reply to this topic. All the issues you listed about your phone are easier to accomplish than this. If you dont get help. I can help in many ways. Meeting for say coffee somewhere or via email one issue at a time or I could make a video for each issue and post it on youtube for you to watch. But I am pretty sure you will be using calling someone on speaker while using the camera to take photos of text messages your sending... Millions and millions have been doing it for years now. Its all doable. So give a shout should you need it.
  3. chicamysterious

    need tech help!

    My husband uses a Samsung on T-Mobile. He loves it. You need to be specific on what your issues are.
  4. chicamysterious


    Eating ghost peppers? I do I do
  5. chicamysterious

    Plastic Bags

    The only one i know of is a recent one for Jalisco and its not in effect until 2019. It also includes straws and styrofoam
  6. chicamysterious

    Looking for good redneck breakfast

    Dios!!!! You are making it so dificil for me to please mi esposo!! LOL He loves my (and mi Madre) cooking, so he says, but he was reminded of his country upbringing when he read this post... he keeps bringing it up. Asking my mother... when he mentions things a few times over a few days I know he wants it.... He said his mimaw ??? would get up early early in the morning and make a big breakfast before they hit the fields as the sunrise .. I am trying to find a recipe for drop biscuits?? And a cream gravy with sausage?? in it?? Keeping mi gringo happy..... The route to his heart is through his stomach sometimes... and the bonus is I get neat for the kitchen
  7. chicamysterious


    We moved a bunch of boxes from storage and we brought some unwanted guests with them. I have tried several basic insecticide from Soriana and also CYNOFF (it seemed to help a little) from Toms Hardware. Need something a little stronger. Prefer a spray or powder I can mix with water. What is available Lakeside and where can I purchase it. Thanks so much in advance for any help you can provide
  8. chicamysterious

    I am fed up to my eyeballs with Bank of America

    My husband had BOA for sometime. They use to have a deal with santander. He now uses Capital One and Capital One 360. They have a network of ATM's here. There was one across from Wal-Mart at the casino and one over the Mountain in Oxxo at membrillos. Many others you can lookup. What he loves the most is No Foreign Transaction Fees with either account. He use to get so angry at the 3% foreign transaction fees along with the terrible rates for dollars to pesos. He says the rates gets now are somedays better than whats listed online added with the no transaction fees. He has a couple of Capital reward cards that give him cashback. They give different percentages for different things. On one I know He gets 2% for gas and groceries and 3% restaurants. I thinks its called capital one SAVOR. Anyway, he handles the U.S. banking for us and I handle the Mexican. He has changed accounts in the past like BOA when they change rules or something else that disturbs him. He keeps up with points etc. Once a year we fly ti U.S. to see his family and we have not had to buy the tickets in years. We also usually get a rental car for a week. We get free nights in Hotels etc. He does a good job for us and gets all kinds of things. He us amways getting double or triple points, getting points for more than one account on one transaction, Like Hilton honors or National Car Emerald club, Camino Real. He has even found things here like 7-11 even. etc. etc. etc. So Capital has been good to us. GOOD LUCK, I am sure that others will have suggestions. Some bank is always doing something to get customers By the way He found a neat way, I think anyway, to check currency rates. For example. Go to google.com and in the search bar type 1 usd to mxn and google will show what 1 dollar is in pesos.
  9. chicamysterious


    It is not good to hear so many problems. My husband thankfully has not had problems with his Military and VA checks but he will soon file for SSN. It seems, to me anyway, that the little people pay for what others with so much have caused in laundering and such. Yet I continue to read stories of all these offshore things still going on. I hope that they would put a bigger burden on those people. Withholding a SSN payment because of fear of laundering is ridiculous.
  10. chicamysterious

    Nicotine Patch

    My husband used the Gum in the U.S.and jt also is unavailable here.
  11. There is also Oh Shirt on the Chapala Mezcala Hwy. Its on the curve on the left hand side. Its before the Chapala aero club
  12. chicamysterious

    best way to get to and from Guad. from Ajijic,

    One of the big buses with Chapala on it. In the center of Ajijic at the bus station. Or at the side Black Coffee or at the Chapala Bus station. Its 50 pesos and goes to the old Bus station In Guad.
  13. chicamysterious

    Eye opening ATM experience

    I have seen the same thing. I was with a friend in El Paso texas when his nephew called and asked to be bailed out. He had an unpaid traffic ticket and got pulled over. So my friend offered to meet up later but I said no i want to see this. It turns out there is an ATM in the jail. Hahaha so he went to get out money and as it spit the money out an officer said something to him. He turned to see what the officer wanted and bam it sucked the money back in. Luckily i did choose to go because i loaned him the money to get his nephew out. He called the bank and they said they would make sure he was not charged he wasnt. Now another incident i had was the machine not giving any money but acting like it did. It was not an ATM from my bank and it took over 2 months to get my money back. My bank told me that if they said I got the money there was no recourse. It was a mess. They claimed i got the money. Like i said it took several months to get it back. Ultimately we requested photos from the ATM and they returned my money. I always wondered how many people got ripped off by them. I was trying to get 200 dollars and i wasnt going to let it go but wondered how many who only tried to get a few bucks just gave up. But it was interesting to find out i was at their mercy and that its not like requesting money back from fraud or returning an item etc.
  14. chicamysterious

    Text messages from UNOTV

    To affirm what Ferret has written. It does work. It may take up to 48Hrs as it did with one friend.. However most of the people I know who have done it said they recieved one more messages after sending the stop text and not a peep since. The most irritating thing I found was how they would send out these messages at the most bizarre times from 1 to 3 in the morning. How someone in their marketing department didnt get fired over that ill never understand.
  15. chicamysterious

    Makeup tattoos

    If you go to google maps and search Tattoos El Negro It will show you where it is of course but if you look at the photos there are some the show the many different makeup he does. He also speaks perfect english