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  1. I'm not just speaking of that place. I'm talking about walking all over. Which I do in an area that has a painted line area to walk.
  2. I hope everyone gets through whatever happened. I have crossed there many times. I have also almost been run over by a Scooterist, 4 wheelers, etc. Several times walking. I have had a few pass by me within inches as I walk Even though there was plenty of room on the road. It scared me to death and made it uncomfortable for me to relax and walk. I have sometimes thought they were passing so close on purpose like a game. It has made me wonder how many of these accidents happen around here. And realize how quick you could be hurt. I hope they are doing ok.
  3. Again thanks for the response. It seems capitalone does know. I've seen other posts of people who use that Bank and with several different Vpns it still knows you are in another country. I have tried several V pns and it still gives me the message that I cannot use it in another country. I may be able to mail it or DHL it. It's not that big an issue for me but some Doctors or Medical personell want to use it, and why? Because they can make more they charge higher prices. But then they get stuck with the US Check. There is an Insurance type of company called AMEXCARE. I was told they are a go between the Mexican Mexico's get paid by amexcare and amexcare takes a cut. So I've heard from some friends in other places not here in Chapala. I have also heard that others here have said they have no problem with the App photo option but different banks not capitalone. I am looking into opening a different bank account As always Appreciate the post though.
  4. No it's not Tricare. Mine is "service connected" injuries so it goes through the VA FMP if you know what those initials stand for. They for some reason do it different. I always thought the VA was The VA. But that Department will only mail a check and it depends but it can take 2 to 3 months to get the check. If you dial their number FMP The first thing the computer system answering says is something like the current payments being proscessed are for November to December bla bla bla. I suppose that is the first thing said because so many call looking for their checks. It's after all that you can speak to someone. But I appreciate the help LOL no problemas... Some think I was dropped someone. Twice
  5. Just saw on NBC news which you can watch on YouTube. Just search "NBC News Full" and there will be several of Nightly News. I think it's the one on the 28th that's speaks about long beach port now having half the traffic and that half the long shoreman have been laid off. But if you watch several they also talk about the biggest drop in the dow since the financial crises a few years ago. I think it was around 1200 point drop. They have for several nights spoken about the effects now and possibly future. Have a watch if you don't read the news.
  6. Somebody going to write the Washington post about using the word "shutdown" And once again I am SORRY if I misspoke or oops mis wrote? Not English lit major. They weren't worried about that in the military
  7. And if anybody is interested here are links to Washington post, Rueters, and Verge One is Seattle Times but rueters had an article also. Oops I think I did put the rueters here also Well I was going to write what you could Google but do it how ever you like. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/02/25/us-companies-so-far-are-surviving-chinas-factory-shutdown-next-few-weeks-are-crucial/%3foutputType=amp https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.seattletimes.com/business/u-s-companies-so-far-are-surviving-chinas-factory-shutdown-but-the-next-few-weeks-are-crucial/%3famp=1 https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN20J15Y https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2020/2/7/21128307/coronavirus-outbreak-tech-industry-production-supply-chain-delay-impact
  8. I think how I think. You aren't going change that to late for that now And I even in a separate post after your message I made it clear it was an opinon and that should have made it clear enough. And it looked like someone else had already posted it was they thought an opinon so I wasn't the only one. Then it got into a fish named Eric. I say how I say and if it's wrong in your eyes then have me reported or something. I am not a English major and I could be very wrong in how exactly I say something but going off on somebody doesn't really help well in my case anyway Do you own or work in a store around here? That's what I Would like to know.
  9. Thank you I did see that and I forwarded it also. Thank you for taking the time to do that and send that to me. I so grateful I really really do appreciate it. I am little taken back by all the help people are doing. Searching, copying, posting. Taken their own personal time and used it to help a stranger. Thank you again
  10. Well again sorry you took it that way. Would you like to keep telling me?
  11. And yes that was our next move. I was going to see if the signing over could be done some how. But again Thanks for the Info. I really do appreciate it
  12. Thank you go solar I will pass that on I just sent it to the person who just got one via whatsapp. We will see. Appreciate the help
  13. Yes I think was Intercam that I went to with a friend. I couldn't swear to it but I do think it was Intercam he was cashing a personal check and did. It even had a bank name on the check that was bought out by another us bank. That's what he was worried about because the printed check had the name and logo of a bank that didn't exist but they went by the routing number and account number and I guess the bank that bought it out took all that over. We were there for awhile but it was sorted and he got his money. But I have asked around to some of the Doctors and they have said the same thing that there is something about US Treasury check. And that I don't get. That's almost as good as a cashiers check in my mind
  14. Well sorry you feel that way. The last two words are "you think?" And they are according to the news and a few friends I have in Danang Vietnam, Chaing Mai Thailand, and South Korea. Sorry if it has offended you in some way but that's what I said.
  15. Really? Because I had a person send their bill direct instead of me paying. They got a US Treasury Check and they said they tried intercam and they said no. They are mexican not american. They said they have tried banamex etc. I just couldnt believe you cant deposit a Treasury check. and that makes it hard for me. If I can find someone who of course calls and they (US Veterans Admin) says oh yes we will pay you for treating that person for that thing. It makes it where I dont have to pay upfront. They say ok I will just bill them and then they cant get their bank to accept it. Or so I was told. So Intercam will take a US Treasury check???
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