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  1. If this is the 2163 lima loop I would like to be in
  2. Yea I haven't been able to download it for awhile even trying to select other months. I pay online.
  3. Yes there is a group being put together on someone going to Guad and picking up medications to avoid the markup of a company that delivers here in Chapala. If you are interested pm me
  4. I had this happen with the NEW SANTANDER ATM machine at Soriana. It grinded and chewed around for several minutes. Then started over and finally quit and displayed an error screen. I could hear the bills getting together then it sounded like it was tearing up the bills. It took a couple of weeks for my bank to credit me. I have never tried it again but it's because everytime I go into Soriana it's says it's out of service. This is a New type machine where you put your card in sideways. When I tried to get at least a witness to the event they would all just say you have to put your card in differently. Finally got one to walk over and a knowledge it was not functioning. I have had this happen before in my life and both times it made me feel at their mercy. They could say you got the money even if you didnt. The other time it happened to me was in the U.S. and I had to kind of fight them over it. Luckily the ATM had cameras and after complaining numerous times my bank asked for the video and they credited my account.
  5. The manufacturer required it. I had purchased it in USA through a cell provider. Believe me I didn't want to but that's what they required
  6. A good Novela would be of a person living in a foreign country. A Disgruntled unhappy person almost about everything. One who tells everyone how they should live and how things should be done around the community. but doesnt think of leaving. Act 1 Scene 1 (Nice day with just a light Breeze coming off the water. The couple has just finished their meal in a small Mexican Town) Wife: (speaking to her husband) "How was your dinner honey I am full but maybe I'll order another drink I could use one today" Husband: (Fishing around his pockets determining the amount of Foreign Currency he has because he paid his Maid,Gardener, & Pool Man today, Trying to get the Waiters attention) "Hey Senor, Senor, SENOR, how much is our bill?" Waiter: (Excusing himself from a another table placing their order) "Si Senor, Listo por cuenta?" Husband: (Still fumbling around with the currency adding it all up and even converting it in his head to his own currency to remember how cheap he is living here) "Speak English" Fade to couple walking to Car
  7. That started A few months ago with Santander. Always decline. And Watch it because they caught me once because they changed the side where decline was. You get use to clicking a certain place and they change it. In my case of pulling several thousand pesos they got an extra $500 pesos. Imagine just that happening 20 times a day on that one ATM. I have heard people comparing the 25, 30, 40 or so pesos as a fee but forget that it's the conversion, that's where they get you. Even around town they all do different conversions. Look to see if your bank has a deal with a Bank in Mexico. Capitalone360 has one. I can't remember the name of the Mexican bank but they are all over Guad and The nearest was in the casino across from walmart or the OXXO in membrillos.
  8. I returned my phone from here to US under warranty and when they shipped it back they charged me 3500 pesos for import tax even though the only cost on the paperwork was around $50 shipping and handling charge and it was not a new phone. I Looked it up on Telcel and calculated the Tax as if it was new based on the price from Telcel and it should not have even been 3500 pesos. I Have no clue how or where they determined the fee. There shouldn't have been any but even if I had ordered a new one it would not have been 3500 pesos. I went on Amazon and acted like I was purchasing my phone. But your stuck. If you can't get someone to bring it down I would just order the AT&T version through Amazon or see if AT&T will ship DHL or FEDEX. Do not use the mail services. I could not even imagine what I would have had to go through if it was damaged in shipping.
  9. There are apps you can use. Just Google vpn and there are plenty to choose from. I use one on my phone and laptop from the same company just click and it starts.
  10. The same thing happened to me the number on the tag was 34 and on I side was 32. I haven't tried taking it back though. Probably just find so.eone that wears a 32. But being there are probably more than just us They are probably aware of this situation and will let you exchange
  11. If the house has a casita have two separate meters and split the load. I had friends that had a pool and it put them in that high use bracket and they did what I wrote above and it illuminated their bill from the higher use bracket
  12. As I said I did I can't remember his name but I even hot Vince Britton involved. Ask around if the American Legion was offered and lost out on a 10,000 dollar grant because The time ran out. The president of a Marinepilots assoc called and spoke with someone who couldnt care less in the way he spoke he wasnt interested and suggested a call to another member. I can back that up also. Ask some of your duty officers of say th last month if they got a call from Washington DC about free money as a grant to the legion I have no idea what's going on at the Legion. And I leave it at that
  13. I could definitely use it I have no printer and I need one to get my VA Compensation. They are wanting all these forms and I cannot get them done without a printer and cannot afford even a used on
  14. Our friend had it done at chapala ink and did it in multiple sessions until it was at her desired darkness. I honestly couldn't tell they had done anything until after several sessions it came out well. Make up artist or tattoo it all comes up to experience and their willingness to work with you. Either way you go that's how I would do it. So if it isn't good you can still find somewhere to get it going in the right direction. Like correcting or repairing Good one's can. I've seen some pretty bad tattoos get done over. But again if your doing your eyeliner or brows I would make an agreement to do it over several sessions.
  15. Go onto Google maps and there is a place called chapala ink also known as tattoos el negro. When you find them on the map click on the business there will be photos and a website link
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